Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 4


Fan fiction part 4.

Sanskaar is sleeping on the sofa and swara on the bed.

In the morning Swara comes from the washroom with wet hair she flips her hair backward and drops of water falls on sanskaar.mhe wakes up says good morning Shona, Swara says good morning but also tells him not to call her Shona again since only her ma and dida can call her that. Sanskaar keeps teasing her about Shona.

After getting ready sanskaar comes behind Swara and puts his hands on swaras belly, Swara closes her eyes and whisper to sanskaar what he’s doing as he put his head near her ear. He then takes out a pin that was sticking out of her saree (somehow there was a pin their, I myself don’t know how I just made it up).

As he starts going Swara holds his hand and says thanks, sanskaar just smiles at her. After having fixed the car by calling a mechanic they leave home.

However at home sujata creates a scene saying my son is sharing a room with a random girl. Dg says it’s not like it’s the first time they are sharing is it, sugata the shuts up. Later onwards gadodia family arrives, ragini and laksh look at each other.

In the car Swara and sanskaar are chatting about random stuff when they arrive. When trying to take her seatbelt Swara struggles and sanskaar helps her. They both have an eye lock

Promo: Abhi ask Swara wether she likes sanskaar she says just a little he gives her a weird look and she says ok maybe it bit more than that, he again gives her that look and then Swara finally says fine then I LOVE HIM she then realises what she said.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. I liked this one ,especially the promo…continue…

  2. Swara confessed her love. This should happen in swaragini serial. Nice

    1. you could have said whats bad abou it then calling it crappy

  3. She hate’s swasan mumina, but don’t worry more votes are for swasan, I luv u r ff very much yaar, it’s way better and appealing than the real swaragini.

    1. i meant minnie hates swasan.

  4. Oh it was fabulous mumina..loved it?

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