Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 5

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Part 5

After arriving at maheshwari house dg asks if everything was alright, Swara and sanskaar say yes at the same time and everyone looks at them and they feel embarrassed so ragini says lets go home now. Just when Swara remembers she had left something so she goes to get it, sanskaar says he will go help her and goes. Swara looks for her bracelet, just when someone taps on her shoulder and she gets scared and hugs the person it’s none other than sanskaar. She then pulls away from the hug and sees the bracelet in his hand and asks where he found it he lies and says it was in the draw (he was actually keeping it with him in his pocket).

She tries to take it from his but his runs away from her and gets onto the bed and they play chase. Just when Swara was about to get it she falls on top him and they have a eye lock.

Downstairs everyone thinks why they are taking so long. Ragini decides to go and see what they are doing, later laksh also decides to go. While they are going ragini slips and laksh holds her and they have a eye lock when laksh helps her get up they see swasan coming.

After taking everyone’s leave they go home. At home they go see abhi, abhi greets everyone and gives invitation to a beach party in Goa to Swaragini. Both Swaragini ask their parents if they may go and their parents allow them to.

Afterwards in swaras room Abhi tells Swara that he has invited sanlak inside Swara is happy that sanskaar is coming but acts like she don’t care. After talking about random stuff he asks Swara wether she likes sanskaar, Swara replies yeah just a little, he gives her a weird look and she says ok maybe more than that abhi says really, Swara finally says OK MAYBE I LOVE HIM!!!???

Swara realises what she said and gets shy. Abhi has a mischievous smile on his face and he says well when are you going to tell him. Swara yells what why should I say I’m the girl he has to say. Abhi says you always to about equality but any ways leave that let me tell you how to make him say it, one word only JEALOUSY.

Promo: Swara is wearing short jeans with a white sleeve less top and ragini is wearing similar clothes and sanlak are mesmerised seeing them.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. next part . Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Hey !
    I luv ur ff
    Its amzng
    If u want u can write ur stories on wattpad!!
    Its an app where u write ur own stories and any one can read it

  3. Hey!
    I luv ur ff
    Its amzng
    If u want u can write ur stories on wattpad
    Its an app where u write ur stories and anyone can reead it
    Plz do write there also..

    1. Yeah…please write on wattpad…it is an awesome app.

  4. Waiting 4 next part….
    Loving this fanfic

    Keep going . ..all the best
    [email protected]

  5. I am a swalak fan….and I just love them…..bt still I like ur ff….its quit interesting… I loving it

  6. Nice story I luv ur ff

  7. Hey, Even I want to write story not abt swaragini.Pls tell me how to post ff on tellyupdates

    1. You have to go to the contact page and do it ??☺️

      1. Wat v hav to wrte in contact

  8. Hw much time ll u tak more t update next part

  9. Good going dear..loved it

  10. Seems swara is incomplete without sanskar. Made 4 each other. I think they both should unite in real life also. Update soon nxt part also if u r free

  11. I’m not sure whether or not you have read part 4 it’s the part where sanskaar puts his hand on swaras belly through the gap,on her saree

  12. Ek dam superb yaar !! Mumina

  13. Hey Mumina plz update da next epi sooooooooooon
    Cant wait fr it n juz gettin desperate

  14. Great doing ff
    But there are so many eye locks….please try to reduce it…

  15. Plz next part.

  16. Very nice dear ..cntne it…

  17. very gud mumina
    Next chapter plzz
    Eager to read……very xcited 4 next chapter

  18. Next part
    Very excited to read
    Plzz update fast

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