Swaragini a story of love 3

Hi all here is my update for today ……Isabella here hope you all like my ff and i am really glad for your comments so keep commenting pls
So here we go

Swaragini leave for their jobs while sanskar and laksh come to their car
Lucky -bhai i have to shoot an ad commercial so i will meet you at night
Sanky- ohk and shit i had an interview at 10 am at daily mail oh god i will leave now
Lucky – i pity the reporter bhai is camera conscious
At daily mail
Shanaya is raginis boss
She is played by ankita bhargava
Shanaya- Ragini you are ready to take the interview aren’t you
Ragini – yes mam i am sure i will do my best
Shanaya -ohk good best of luck but the person has not come yet
Sanskar enters
Sanskar – i am sorry for being late shanu
Shanaya -yeahh its ok sanskar bhai but pls dont be camera conscious
Ragini – oh god you are camera conscious
She thinks something and then smiles at sanky
Sanskar is at a loss to understand why she is suddenly so sweet
Sanskar to himself-oh god the wild cats acting sweet kya hoga mera
Ragini -did you say something sanskar ??

At hospital
Swara is working when a nurse comes
Swara- whats the matter
Nurse-mam there is one patient he is injured but he is asking for you
Swara -kk strange am coming
She goes to see laksh injured
Laksh -thank god swara pls pls help it is paining ahhh ahhh
Swara. -what how did this happen
Lucky -shooting for an ad the bikes brake failed and i fell
Swara -ohk i will see dont worry u will be alright
At the interview sanskar is getting restless and answering in an awkward manner
Ragini sees this and points out to sanskar to drink coffee he unwilling takes a sip but it is chocolate
Sanskar -miss ragini you …
She cuts in the middle
Ragini -lets continue so do you think that emotions are waste

Sanskar -yess absolutely true emotions are a hirdle to success so is your heart and hence where there is love there is no sucess
Ragini – hmm ohk so thank you so much mr maheshwari
The camera goes off air
Sanskar and ragini come out
Sanskar -so you changed the cup right
Ragini-yess bcoz i always feel that chocolate makes you happy and helps one to be confident
Sanskar -woww
Shanaya-bhai you were awesome all thanks to ragu
Ragini – its k yaar now where’s my prize
Shanaya -here
And she gives her 4 5 stars ragini laughs
Sanskar is shocked to see someone laugh so carelessly
Ragini gets a call
Swara – hi lado listen lucky is in the hospital he is injured his phone is switched off so i cant reach his bro sanskari or whoever but u go to his office a d bring him here pls
Raguni -ohk shona bye
She looks at sanskar and takes his hand and rushes out
Sanskar-what is happening dont touch me
Ragini-idiot ur lucky is in hospital and yiur phone is unavailable so shona told to bring you quick
Sanskar hears this and sits down ln ground
Ragini slowly puts her hand on his and says
Ragini-sanskar come on go
She removes her hand but he takes it
Sanskar in a pleading voice -pls come with me miss ragini pls
Ragini-what umm yeahh ohk come lets go

Episode ends there

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