Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 7

Hi everyone………. this is the 7th episode of my ff…………. once again thanks a lot everyone and also silent readers………

In Banaras.
Viplav returns to his house. He is shocked to see the house decorated. Dadaji comes outside and sees Viplav standing there. He rushes to him and says finally you are here. Viplav asks about the decorations. Dadaji says I have a surprise for you. Viplav looks on. Dadaji calls Kanak. Kanak comes and hugs him. She asks him to come with her. She asks him to get ready fast. Viplav asks but what is going on here? Kanak says we will tell you, now come fast ok.
Shalu comes to his room and finds him upset. She asks him to cheer up because after two days it’s your marriage na? Viplav is shocked hearing this and asks what? Without informing me. Shalu says you will definitely like the girl because it is Panchi. Viplav asks Panchi? Shalu says yes, I think they have arrived. I am going. Viplav thinks no this will not happen. I have to talk to Dadaji.

In downstairs.
Dadaji welcomes them. Kanak and Dadi do the aarti of them. Shalu comes there and hugs and says Panchi bhabhi you are looking very pretty than earlier. It is revealed that Panchi is actually Dhaani (it’s her childhood name and everyone calls her by that name and also Viplav is Chottu.). She smiles. She takes blessings from all. Shalu asks her to come with her. They go from there.
Dev asks where is our damad? Viplav comes downstairs. He comes there. Dadaji introduces him to them. Dev says Chottu have changed a lot. Dadaji says Panchi too and asks Viplav don’t you remember them? Your marriage is fixed when you both were small and I know my Chottu never say no to this. Dev smiles.
Dhaani is seen along with Shalu. They come to Viplav’s room. Shalu says this is bhaiya’s room. Dhaani looks around. She sees a childhood photo. Shalu was about to show Viplav’s photo to Dhaani. Just then something fall on Dhaani and her dress gets spoiled. She asks where washroom is. Shalu shows her. Kanak comes there and asks Shalu to come with her. She says bhabhi I will come after sometime and goes.

Viplav thinks that I can’t tell truth to Dadaji because everyone is happy with this alliance. And if I said some relations may come to an end. But I can’t forget Dhaani also. He decides to disclose all truth to Panchi. He sees Shalu and asks where Panchi is. She says bhabhi is in your room and teases him. He thinks its good no one will be there.
He comes to his room and finds nobody there. He leaves from there. Dhaani comes out. She feels Viplav’s presence there. She gets happy. But she thinks no it is my imagination. She thinks about him and hopes he would be here. Dhaani gets teary eyed. It’s all over before the beginning. Now I have to focus on my future and that is Chottu. But why my past, Viplav is not leaving me? Whether I also started loving him? She finds an album there which Shalu brings there early. She turns it and sees childhood pics of Viplav but she is not actually giving any importance. She is thinking about Viplav. She turns the page and it is Viplav’s grown up picture. She doesn’t see that. Shalu comes there and asks oh bhabhi are you seeing my handsome bhaiya’s pictures. Dhaani closes without seeing it. She asks her to come. I will show your room. They leave from there.

In night.
Viplav is still trying to call Dhaani but phone is still switched off. Dhaani also thinks about Viplav in her room. Both looks at moon through their windows. A small breeze blows. Tu chahiye song plays…….. They both feel that they are very near, very close to one another. But both are unaware of the fact that actually they are getting married. Viplav thinks to talk to Panchi.
He comes in front of her room and was about to knock the door. But Kanak comes there and says Chottu before marriage bride and groom are not allowed to meet. You both have whole life to talk and spend time with each other. So go and sleep. Viplav says but maa….. She says go Chottu. He turns and starts walking to his room. Meanwhile Dhaani comes out of her room and sees him going from there from behind. She can’t see his face. They both go to their room and lies on bed. But both were sleepless………..

PRECAP: Viplav sees Dhaani in the temple. He gets surprised and happy and says Dhaani in Banaras!

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  1. OMG! What an epic episode!!!
    Haaeeyyy! ❤ Excellent episode laxmi!!! Applause ? keep writing yaar! xx

    1. oh thank u mahira keep supporting

  2. Maria (wasranu)

    As usual u are awesome and ur ff too. Just loved it. Post the next one soon okay?

    1. yeah maria

  3. Lakshmi it’s superb. U r doing a great job. Keep writing

    1. u too louella

  4. was checking this cover pic in fb…and was smiling looking at Mishal…you put the same pic

    1. oh really ?????

      1. Yes Lakshmi…was gazing at Viplav AKA Mishal

  5. This was beautiful unexpected twist ….chhotu and panchi….loved it

    1. thanks dear u are also rocking

  6. excellent ji ummmmmm eally interesting dear
    egly wting 4 next

    1. sweety ji thank u

  7. Super episode very interesting pls update next episode soon

    1. sure vavachi

  8. Nice episode…
    I loved it…

    1. ashq ishq thanks

  9. Wow sujie nice continue I m loving it

    1. Sorry I mean laxmi, actually I was reading urs and sujie’s ff together that’s why

      1. its ok joyee
        sometimes hota hai

  10. Wow laxmi interesting story. Though in last episode had wished if dhani’s engagement is with viplav n my wish is true;just insgine how good vidhani would feel when they would come to know of their marriage

    1. renu how can i seperate our vidhaani

  11. wow very nice Lakshmi. Good going.

    1. porkodi nantri

  12. Wishes came true!!! Loved it thoroughly. Totally exciting episode..its interesting that till now they don’t know whom r they marrying… Good…
    Song 4 this situation-
    “Zindagi me ki hai kaisi sazishen,
    Poori huyi dil ki woh farmaishen,
    Mangi dua mein tujh tak ka pahunchi,
    O parwar digara,
    Kaise suni tune Meri khamoshi,
    O parwar digara..
    Yeh fitoor mera laya mujhko hai tere kareeb…”

    It was destined for vidha to b together 4ever… Thank u Lakshmi 4 an awesome episode.

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