swaragini a story of love 2


Hi all this is Isabella back with the update and i decided ragsan and swalak coz my other ff is also swasan ? Is it ok? And if you like my ff then pls pls comment

The door bell to maheshwari house rings and an elderly lady opens the door
She is our ap
Ap – yess what do you want
Ragini – ―hello aunty we have just moved in the next house so we thought we could introduce ourselves to our new neighbours
Ap- ohhh ohk beta and pls come in i will just bring coffee
Swara- aunty tea pls
Ragini – aunty hot chocolate for me pls
Ap – hahahahaa so sweet girls ohk sure even my sons have the same wait
She goes inside and brings four cups two having tea and two having hot chocolate
Ap- u have while i call my sons sanskar laksh come on teas ready
Ragini has one cup
Ragini – wow aunty this is perfect you know what i will have the other one too
She reaches for the other glass when a deep voice says
Voice- noo dont drink my cuppachoco
Yess this is our sanskar he is strict but loves hot chocolate

Ragini – umm is this yours can i have atleast half okay not half but one fourth
Sanskar – god you just had one cup na then let me have mine
Swara- oh my god is this laksh ?show off?
Lucky just comes down and takes tea but he spits it out hearing showoff
Lucky – ouch umm swara billi bose ?
Swara – oh my god i am so happy lado u remember lucky right
Ragini – yess you used to talk abt him being a great showoff and flirt na? Nice to meet you mr showoff
Lucky smiles at swara and ragini and later realises they called him show off he is horrified while sanky chuckles
Ragini – yess you not at all nice to meet you Khadoos heartless monkey
Sanskar – you shut your mouth okay miss wild cat
She scowls
Ap – oh you all know each other how nice this is sanskar my elder one and that is the hero lucky
Swara- i am swara and she is ragini my sis. Ragini leave it we will buy lots of chocolate s on our way back and yess 5 stars my fav u know lucky i will get some for you too and you sanskar
Lucky – no he doesn’t have them
Ragini and swara – what WHAT you dont have chocolates
Ragini – then why you have hot chocolate

Thats bad
Swara – bye aunty we will leave now will see you later lucky and sanskar
Ragini – yeahh ok bye
Sanskar -hope not to see you again ms wild cat and sweet sister bye
Ragini sticks out her tongue
The episode ends there

So guys how was it
And yes you can always imagini swara in place of ragini for swasan fans cant u
This solves the issue

If u like it then pls pls comment

Credit to: Isabella

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