swaragini a story of enduring love episode 1

Hi guys i am back with my new ff and i promise dat this one will be intresting…..


Swara: an independent women but hates her father. She loves cars bikes and speed..is a joyful person
Ragini: swara’s twin, she too is an ambitious person and also hates her father and loves swara and is just like her.

Both swaragini are modern and smart they are no less than boys..
sumi: an independent women who loves her daughters but want to get seperated from her husband
Shekhar:an alcoholic person who is like a burden to his whole family specially swara..

Sanskar: a cheerful pearson who is a big flirt in college but is an apple of the eys for his family
Laksh: he is younger brother of sanskar but is exactly opposite of him he is little shy and a book worm.but belive in love
Dp: sanskar and laksh’s father a very understanding person
Ap: there mothers a loving lady with a modern mindset.

The plot of my story revolves in mumbai.

Chapter 1
A black sports car running in high speed is seen and behind it a red sports car trying to compete… it is an open area..the cars r still racing when the black one reaches d endline the red car stoped little behind it but the black one stops with a jerk and the door opens. A girl in black jeans white top tied little above the navel, black shades and black heels with open hairs that have locks at the end is seen she is our swara.
Swara: u lost d race again. I told not to challenge me you will lose.
The door of the red car opens..a girl in a white jeans royal blue crop top white french cap and royal blue heels is seen she have medium length brown hairs with blue highlights…she is our ragini.
Ragini: swara don’t get exited u just won due to your luck but nxt time i will win…just wait and watch…
Swara: we will my ladoo.
Ragini:(angry) how many times i will have to tell you u that don’t call me ladoo…yrr it dosen’t suit my swager personality..
Swara: ok chill rags i was just joking lets go home mom must be waiting for us.
Ragini: ya i totaly forgot that today is dat ummmm some kind of function right ?
Swara: ya let’s go
Ragini: ya cool
They drives throught the busy streets of mumbai in a harsh speed and reach home in 15 minutes.just when d were about to enter they saw sumi standing at d door waiting for them.
Sumi: where were u both ? (angry tone)
Swara: vo ma we were umm just ummm( thinking wat to say as sumi dosen’t like them to race)
sumi: u two were racing again right ? How many time will i have to tell u that it is dangerous and not for girls..

Ragini: maa there is nothing that can harm ur darling princess and yes we r diffrent and there is nothing we can’t doo so sumi tension maat lo
( swaragini sometimes calls sumi by name to tease her).
Sumi(in a pleased tone) : ok my daring and darling princess come and have lunch as they function is already over and u both are late.

( swaragini and sumi had their lunch. They talked whole afternoon then at evening swaragaini went shopping for their first day at college and came home late and almost suddenly colapsed on their bed and slept).

Precap: introduction of our heroes

Guys plzz tell if it was nice plzz as i rellly want ur advice and comments to continue this ff and yes as my exams are comming i’ll update late

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  1. Its but plzzz make pairs as Swasan raglak

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    plzzzz i love swasan dont make swalak or ragsan plzzzzzzzzzzz its my request to you plz…
    and yeah i like your ff keep writing i want swasan plz…. 🙂

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  11. Please make it Swasan and raglak

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  13. Sry as i can’t reply to every one but thanx for ur appresiation and i will revel d pairs as d story procedds promise till then keep reading

  14. Yu r a gud writer hats of u 2 hav a amazing talent

  15. nice start and raglak plz

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