Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 63

Chapter 63
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Sanskaar drives and Karan is in OT. Akriti walks around restlessly and Sanskaar tries calming her down. Parvati is concerned for Swara as well as Karan. Akriti sees her.
Akriti: Sanskaar, I don’t know what happened up and what Ragini did. But looking at u both makes me feel that you found Swara I don’t want you to wait here more. You go. I’m here with Karan.
Sanskaar: But Akriti
Akriti: Sanskaar you did a lot for me. Now it’s my turn. You go and get Swara back. Go!
Sanskaar: Okay. But takes this phone. If u need anything call me immediately
Gives a phone. A ring falls from his pocket. Sanskaar doesn’t see it.
They leave. Akriti sits on the chair with a thumb and remembers whatever happened. She cries and sees the ring on the floor. Holding it she cries.
Doctor comes.
Doctor: He is safe but not in his senses. It might take time to make him conscious.
Akriti: Van I meet him
Doctor: Yes
She goes in.
Laksh sees Ragini crying and goes to her
Laksh: Ragini…
She wipes her tears. He keeps on asking what happened
Ragini: Laksh, you here?
Laksh: Im sorry Ragini. Sorry for whatever I did. Please forgive me. Pls. I came here to take you back. Will you come?
Ragini: Of course…
Laksh hugs her.
Ragini thinks: Thank God Sanskaar didn’t say anything to them.
AP comes and asks her why didn’t she say about swara to them.
She gets shocked and says: Maa, I was going to tell them today but then i forgot
AP: How can you forget such a big thing. I can’t believe this
Ragini: Sorry maa
Laksh: Maa, leave this. Whatever happened it happened. Now Ragini come lets go
Shekhar: One minute
They see Shekhar Mishti standing in front.

Ragini: Kya hua papa?
Shekhar: Vahi toh mein puch raha hoon. Kya Hua? You never told us about Swara. What is Laksh saying?
Ragini: Papa, Voh voh mein
Shekhar: What Voh voh?
Laksh: Papa, let her say
Ragini: Papa, actually we came to know about swara a few days back. But we didn’t find her. So I thought of giving you all this as a surprise. So…
AP: Ragini, I don’t know why you did this. But this is surely not done. How could you do this? Surprise?
Ragini: Maa, I am sorry.
Shekhar: Theek hai. Now this is over. Jo hogaya so hogaya! Now Laksh, call Sanskaar and ask where are they?
Ragini feels like stopping them but knows that now its no use. Still thinks of doing something
Sanskaar Parvati drive and reach Swara’s house. Sanskaar desperately shouts Swara Swara but no-one opens the door. A lady comes. Parvati asks for swara
Lady: Swara? Voh toh abhi abhi gayi?
Sanskaar: gayi? Where?
Lady: Airport
Both are shocked!
Lady: Arre don’t take tension. She just went to drop Sakshi. She’ll come back
They are relieved.
Sujju is in MM waiting for Everyone to come. Kritarsh come. Aryan runs from behind and hugs Sujata. She smiles and plays with him. They smile and Adarsh goes in.
Ragini and all wait for Sanskaar to come. While Shekhar is still puzzled why Parvati said “Upar jo thaari…”
She knows that Swara will come soon and expose her. She in the kitchen and purposely drops a few glasses. All come there. Mishti starts collecting the pieces. Ragini too does. She slightly jerks her and Mishti gets hurt. Shekhar panics
Ragini: I’ll get the first aid box.

She runs out. She removes the wire of the landline and hides it. Then she goes up in her room. She sees everyone’s phone kept there except Shekhar’s. She takes all the phones and hides them in the cupboard.
Then taking the first aid kit she goes down.
Thinks: Now they won’t have any medium to communicate. But I need to get papa’s phone.
Shekhar gets Mishti out. He does her dressing.
Shekhar: Mishti come up. Rest for a while
Mishti: Im fine Shekhar. Don’t worry. It’s just a scratch. It’s fine
Shekhar agrees.
Akriti sits beside the bed and holds his hand.
Akriti: Karan, I know you are angry but don’t do this. You gave me pain but now don’t leave me like this. You know na I can’t live without you. Then why are you torturing me again. Please wake up. Please shout at me again. Say that you don’t love me. Please wake up! I love you!!! I love you like anything
……(cries) See if you won’t get up then I’ll also go from her. I won’t talk with again ever in my life. Karan. Wake up please…. (keeps her head near him)
After some time, his hand moves a bit. She sees this and immediately gets alerted. Karan opens his eyes and says: Akriti…..
She gets happy and hugs him.
Akriti: Why were you doing this? Are you mad? Why did you tortured me so much?
Karan: You know what, the moment I was hit by the car, I just hoped that somehow you come to know and the moment I open my eyes I see you beside me… ♡
Akriti smiles : If you really wanted me to come, then why did you took so much time?
Karan: Just to hear that I love you
Akriti: pagal… Smiles and hugs him
Karan: I love you too….
Akriti asks the doctor for his discharge and the doctor says: Take care of him. I’ll get the pprs ready..
Akriti: Just few more minutes, then we’ll go and start our life again
Karan: What about swara Sanskaar?
Akriti remembers Sanskaar and says: Oh shit. I forgot.
She tells everything. He gets tensed
Karan: Where did they go?
Akriti: Idk
Karan: Call him
Akriti does but the call doesn’t connect. Karan gets discharged. Akriti drives and reaches GM.
Sanskaar gets impatient as swara doesn’t come. He gets up and starts walking here and there. Parvati asks the lady how much time. She replies: I don’t know how much more it will take!
Sanskaar gets fed up: Which airport has she gone?
Lady: Domestic
He leaves…

After 2 minutes, someone comes out from the room.
Lady: I did whatever you said, but SWARA why are you hurting him now? Sanskaar came to take you and you are running away from him?
A fb is shown where Sanskaar rings the door bell and Swara sees him through the eye hole. She doesn’t opens the door and asks the lady to lie about Swara being there and let them go after some time..
Swara: I’m not running. It’s just that I don’t want him to know about me now.
Lady: But why?
Swara: He is living with someone else since a month. Even if he came here now, What’s the use?
Lady: I don’t know about that. But what I saw today clearly told me that he wanted to meet you desperately. He wanted to see you, take you back… Today his eyes were searching for his Swara
She doesn’t react…
Laksh sees Karan and asks what happened? He gets angry seeing Akriti….Ragini sees her and stares .
Karan says everything. No one accepts Akriti but Karan is stubborn and says: She is no more that bad girl now. I love her and will live with her. That’s it
Laksh: But Karan, she is the reason why Swara Sanskaar got separated she is the reason why we all are here in this condition. She was with Lavanya from the beginning and even today she might be with her. It’s her plan again…
Karan: No Laksh….
Ragini cuts him and says: Vahi toh Karan. She is reason behind all this. It’s because of her Sanskaar and you fought. She separated SwaSan and planned to break Sanskaar and yours friendship. And you are trusting her again. Karan have you forgotten the sleepless nights she gave you. The pain which she gave you..
All see at Ragini and the way she taunts at Akriti
Karan: Ragini I have given her the same amount of pain and tears. And she has changed now. You might not believe but this is the truth.
Ragini fails again in creating misunderstanding. She planned to keep KarKriti separate so that Akriti is busy behind Karan and doesn’t interfere in her work

Next Part: Sanskaar calls everyone but no one picks up. SwaSan meet. Karan decides to get married. Sujata reaches GM

Planning, patch up, eagerness to find the love!!
Perfect description for Ragini, KarKriti and Sanskaar

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