Swaragini : my side story (episode 12)

Hello guys ,Shrilatha is back.Currently I am writing 5 ffs 4 ragsan and 1 raglak stories .
Ok so now I will start with this.

Sanskar holds ragini in his arms and runs to the nearby hut.
An old woman opens it and looks at them suspiciously.
Old woman: who are you beta.
Sanskar:maaji. Our car got punctured and its raining. Please help us.
OW: Who is she?
Sanskar looks at ragini .He knows old woman will not let them inside if she comes to know that they do not have any relation.
Sanskar: My wife.
Old woman seemed a bit relaxed
Old woman: Please come inside.
Sanskar carries her inside one room and makes ragini lie on the cot.
OW brings some blankets and sanskar covers ragini with them.
Ragini starts shivering again ..Sanskar holds her hands and starts calling her name.
OW: Looks like she is feeling cold.Wait I will make kaada so that she recovers otherwise she will get fever.
Sanskar nods.
OW goes inside.

Sanskar sits next to ragini and holds her one hand in his hand and with other he caresses her head.
Ragini was shivering more .Sanskar gets nervous ..He goes to her feet and starts rubbing them.
Sanskar: ragini please get up..nothing will happen to you.
Old woman who just comes inside sees him holding ragini’s feet.
OW: what are you doing? you should not hold her feet .
She is your wife.
Sanskar: She is my wife that is Why I am doing it.
OW: I have seen husbands treating their wives badly but like you touching their feet.
Sanskar: That is wrong and that is not how I see my ragini.She is not half in me She is me.If she is not there then there is no meaning for my breath.She is precious to me and with difficulty I got her and I will make sure I will not let anything happen to her even if it means giving up my life.
OW was overwhelmed hearing to this.
Ragini’s heart was also whelmed listening to this though she was unconscious still she could hear everything
OW: She is very lucky to have you in her life.
Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar: you don’t have the faintest idea how lucky I am to have her.
OW blesses him and goes .
Sanskar takes the kaada and makes ragini have it slowly .spoon by spoon and he sits next to her.
And the he makes her lie down and arranges a bed for himself on the floor.suddenly ragini starts having panic attacks and her body starts twisting and she starts struggling.,She gets visions of those days when she was drugged .She starts shouting sanskar’s name.
Ragini: Sanskar save me please.Please save me.

Sanskar panics listening to her and comes to her.He holds her but she was out of control and was sobbing uncontrollably

He comes close to her and she immediately hugs him and cries.It was evident that she was unconscious but the pian that she was going through was wrenching his heart.
He lied next to her and held her close to his heart and wrapped his arms protectively around her as if he didn’t want any pain to harass her any more.

Both slept in that condition only.

Next morning ragini was lying on Sanskar’s chest and he was still hugging her .the old women who came to take something noticed them.
She smiled looking at them and came close to them and took kaala teeka and applied to both of them.
OW: May god bless these two and they remain together forever.
Ragini gets up because of this and looks at her position and gets up suddenly and starts adjusting herself.She looks at Sleeping sanskar and oldwoman and she gets embarrassed
OW: how are you beta?
Ragini: I am fine.
OW: you will be ofcourse you got such a caring husband who will never let any pain come to you.
Ragini gets confused.
OW: Your husband is a gem.
Ragini looks at sanskar
OW: you are lucky to get him
Ragini looks confused.
Old women explains everything about last night.
Ragini looks emotionally at sleeping Sanskar.

OLD woman leaves.
Ragini goes to the sleeping sanskar and caresses .
Ragini(in mind): why do you love me this much Sanskar. If you shower your love like this I am not sure how can I control myself.I love you sanskar but I cant tell you this.
Sanskar moves slightly
Ragini moves away and wipes her tears.
Sanskar gets up and looks at sanskar.
Sanskar: are you fine now.
Ragini nods.
Sanskar: why were you crying.
Ragini: I was not crying
Sanskar: you can hide your love from me but not your tears.
Ragini looks at him.
Sanskar: what happened?
Ragini: Can we go please.
Sanskar nods.
Ragini leaves.
Sanskar: I know ragini you are not ready for any relation now.but don’t worry soon I will win your trust.
They were ready to leave .
Old woman comes to ragini
OW: ragini beta you are like daughter to me.Please accept it.
Ragsan look at the beautiful red saree in her hands.
Ragini: maaji what is the need for this.
Ow: this saree belongs to my daughter .She is no more.Now I can see her in you.Please wear this and go.
Ragsan look at each other.

Finally ragini complies and comes out wearing red saree.
She was looking like bride.(its the same saree which ragini wore when her truth came out..)
She comes to sankar
He keeps on looking at her.
Ragini looks at him and raises her eyebrows
Sanskar : yes I do I want to marry you.
Ragini: what?
Sanskar comes to senses .
Sanskar: I mean lets go.
OW: wait first fill her maang.Suhaagans should never leave their mayaka with empty maang.
Ragsan are shocked and look at each other
OW: Sanskar beta do it.
Left with no choice sanskar takes a pinch of sindoor and looks at ragini.
Ragini gets tensed.
Sanskar fills her maang while ragini closes her eyes..
Marriage mantras start playing in the back groundragsan look at each other and are lost in each other..

Swara is seen pacing up and down with tension.
Sujatha: Swara what happened why are you tensed.
Swara: Mom..Chachiji wo I am waiting for ragini.and sanskar.They didn’t return yet.They were supposed to reach yesterday
Sujatha: My son and DIL are missing why are you tensed.
Swara: DIL? she is my sister and ragsan are not married.
Pari : so what swara ..soon they will be married and ragini will be DIL of chachiji. haina chachiji
Sujatha: you are right pari.
Swara: I am sure ragini will never agree to this marriage as she still loves Laksh.
Ragsan just come and look at them.
Ragini: I don’t love laksh swara..

Everyone look at them and are shocked as ragini was looking like a bride in red saree and sindoor and ragsan were looking like newly weds.

Epi ends on shocked face of Swara.

Precap: Finally new entry…

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