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Some relationships are like tom and jerry. They argue and disagree all the time but they still can’t live without each other and our relation was just the perfect example.

‘You know what I shouldn’t have informed you about this party.’ pointing a finger towards Twinkle, I looked straight into her eyes.
‘What is your problem Kunj?’ she hollered holding my collar.
‘How many times have I told you not to wear this kinds of dresses.’ I said indicating her knee length mock neck dress. ‘Everyone were staring you as if you were an alien.’ ‘That’s non of my business. I can wear anything I like; that’s my right and no one can snatch it from me; not even you.’ she continued ‘If you are done with your lectures then I am going.’ She took a step front to leave but I caught her wrist and stopped her.’You are going back home.’
‘No I am not. Who are you to stop me?’ She contradicted.
‘Your memory shouldn’t be this weak. I am your husband.’ pulling her towards me. ‘So what if you are my husband.’ She said as she pushed me. ‘I am not your private property. I have my own life.’
‘Twinkle I am warning you for the last time go back home.’
‘I am not scared of you and your warnings.’ she said as she turned around to leave.
‘Just wait and watch what I do.’

Next scene
Twinkle was dancing and moving her body with the beats whereas some boys were seeing her and passing filthy comments. My blood was boiling. I wanted to punch them but I was helpless. I pressed the glass in anger due to which it broke n I ended up hurting myself. Blood started flowing down my hands.
Twinkle noticed this n She walked towards me n caught my hand. ‘What have you done…’ I never thought that she cared for me. She made me sit on the chair. ‘Couldn’t u be careful.’ scolding me, she took out a handkerchief from her handbag n slowly tied it around the wound. She tightened the knot. ‘Ow!!!.’ It hurts. ‘Sorry…sorry…jyada dukha toh nahi.’ I could see her tensed face.
I just shook my head n kept staring her.

@sarna mansion
Twinkle was peacefully sleeping on the bed whereas I was lying on the couch. I was unable to sleep. I looked at the handkerchief kept beside the couch n smiled. She did care for me. I looked at my bandaged hand n smiled. I slept thinking about her.

Next morning
The sun rays hit my eyes but I still didn’t wanted to get up just then I felt someone over me. I immediately open my eyes. ‘Twinkle…’ ‘Actually I stumbled on the carpet and fell over u.’ she said biting her lower lips. This was the first time I saw her from so near.’Tu kitni moti hae…mere upar se uth’ ‘Haww tumhne mujhe moti bola…kis angle se may moti lagti hu..’ I moved a bit and we ended up falling down from the couch. ‘Har angel se.’ I said as I tried getting up but she pushed me and sat on top of me. ‘Kya kaha tumhne.’ ‘Moti mujhe baaksh de.’ making faces. ‘Sadu sarna tujhe toh may..’ hitting my chest…

To be continued…(But after 24 sept)

Note: Tom and jerry will always keep on fighting but still they are incomplete without eachother and same is with twinj…they argue and disagree all the time but they still can’t leave without each other…TASAN E ISQH rewind…

This is a story full of tasan…only with the view to rewindvthe TEI memories I am back with an fs..ya fs though I discontinued my previous one n I promise to end it this time…but need ur support…

Lots of love…

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice and I always love their cute fight scene but twinj do care of each other. And do post soon

  2. Nice episode… Do post soon ?

  3. Twinj2000

    That was amazing
    Thank you for making us revisit tei memories
    Twinj cute nok jhok

  4. Fenil

    Awesome start.

  5. The fights were soo cute and the possessive kunj was sooooooo cute

  6. Kiya1234

    Superb episode plz post

  7. Amazing epi post soon dear

  8. awesome start!
    keep writing
    post next

  9. Baby

    aaku ♥
    it was sooo cute ♥
    loved it ♥
    nice start ♥
    lods of love ♥

  10. Presha

    Loved it …
    Love u..
    Post soon

  11. Amazing ??

  12. Awesome start aaku
    Amazing loved it
    plz continue dear
    post soon dear

  13. Aaku awesome Amazing title
    And I’m so happy to see you back
    Loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  14. Amazing fantastic episode
    Made me remind of my twinj their nok jhok.
    Missed them a lot?? but thanks for outshining their memories
    Loved it
    Post asap

  15. Suno re suno…
    Ek pagal wapas ayi….
    Pehli baar kisi pagal ke wapas ane se main itna khush hun……….
    Khushi ke mare roba agaya …
    Listeb aaku tum agar isbar is ff ko discontinue karoge naa to ………. AYESHA MENTAL HOSPITAL me tumhara swagat hain……….
    Yaha tumhe shocks pehle shocks milenge…..
    I’m warning u….
    Is baar end kiya naa to tumhari khair nahi……….
    The fs is awsm going
    full of mysteries ……….
    Now no nakhre ……….
    Post asap……….
    Love u ritvik arora ki lover……….
    Sry for late cmnt
    Insta pe milte hain……….

  16. Anusha


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