Swaragini – Royal Love episode 22


Hello friends sinin here. I am sorry for late. But i tried to post yesterday but it showed error… Again server maintance….
Many of you said that Ragini is given more priority sorry for that but it was necessary for ragsan encounter and Laksh knowing the truth..and now it’s Swara time..

Ayaz : Sanskar ! Where are you lost… I’m observing from that time..any problem ?
Sanskar : no….ayaz you go back i want to stay alone..
Ayaz : are you sure ?
Sanskar : yes..now go
Ayaz goes confusedly.

Sanskar point of view
I didn’t understand what had just happened ? I heard a girl pleading….and it remained me of kusum..how she begged and i was being a animal..i just tried to help her to reduce my guilt.. But to shock me…..she was Ragini… My childhood bestie Ragini…. I had to leave her just for swara….she was in a bad state.. She even fainted…but i was happy cause she recognized me….i couldn’t even talk to her…Laksh and pitaji hide this fact…i want to go and meet with her….but that Swara will also be there…and i don’t want to see her face….Wait… Is that my Pari..!!??

Swara is searching for Ragini badly. Only God knows why she is feeling something bad has happened with her…she is not here..oh why i let her come alone…
Suddenly while running in crowd a lady pushed her she lost her balance and was about to fall…….but a person holds her in his strong arms.
She looked at him. He was the fluter…he was looking with concern….
She was about to say something when a man pushed him but he protected swara…..and bought her in a lonely place while protecting from crowd.

Pratap brings Ragini in the tent. She was shivering. He became very tensed and ordered to call the physician…
Lali tried to remove her wet dress but she was not ready. Ragini said in semiconscious state ” don’t come near me..stay away.. Jijji..jijji…soldier !
Physician : yuvraj.. Kindly ….i need to check her…and please call bari kumari..she needs her most..
Pratap goes outside . Laksh waiting there . he was walking tensely.
Pratap : Prince Laksh ! Thank you very much for your support.
Laksh : no..don’t say like that…how is she now !
Pratap : physician is checking her.. She is continuously calling Swara and some soldier….
Laksh became shocked then happy.
Pratap : guard..light a mashal and give signal to Swara.

The guards waves the mashal

Sanskar and swara are in a isolated place. Sanskar is admiring her and observed that she is very tensed. Where swara is still restless about Ragini.
Sanskar : are you ok pari ?
Swara : yes..but thank you
Sanskar : im you’re friend… You can share with me…
Swara : my sister is missing… I need to find her.
Sanskar : don’t worry you’ll find her.
Swara : thank you fluter… You’re a very good friend of mine…
Sanskar : wait i have something for you..
He gives her the packet.
Swara : for me ?? But it was not needed…
Sanskar : com on…. You just said…im your good friend.. It’s just a token of friendship.
Swara smiles and takes the packet.
Sanskar : pari.. Actually i want to say something… Its very important…
Swara : yes…go on..
Sanskar : you know… I was not like this.. I was a bad and arrogant prin…
Swara : stop ! Its signal for me…i need to go.maybe my sister have returned.
She goes but Sanskar holds her hand.
Sanskar : pari i want to talk with you.
Swara : not now tomorrow evening at Yamuna ghat..ok ?
Sanskar : ok..please wear my gift.
Swara nods and goes hurriedly.
Sanskar : oh pari …l cloudnt….say im the yuvraj of mahismati… But I’ll surely say tomorrow and propose you too..

Swara went inside the tent. The maids and physician were surrounding ragini and she was in a bad state still not letting anyone come near her.
Swara sat near her and placed her head in her lap.
Ragini : jijji ! They… Men …
Swara : sush…no one id here. No one will come.
Swara (strictly) akant !(privacy),
All maids went outside and swara changed her dress into a night gown type dress. The physician came and examine her
Physician : she fainted due to shock.. And.
Swara : and what ?
Physician : she was beaten….
Swara eyes became red in pain and anger.
The girl whom anyone never talked rudely was beaten !!
She careressed her and made her sleep. She went outside where pratap and Laksh were standing.
Swara : what happened with her ?,
Pratap tells everything what he saw and how a man saved her….
Swara :(strict and oderly tone) guard! I want those blo*dy men…alive at any cost !
Guards : as you say bari kumari
Pratap goes and tries to find the savior also
Laksh : how is she ?
Swara : better… You want to see ?
Laksh : no… Actually we meet before
Swara : when !where?
Laksh : i the fair…
Swara : she didn’t said and even you ….
Laksh : actually we both didn’t knew our identity..
Swara : meaning ?
Laksh : she knows me as soldier…
Swara : ohh so you are the soldier!!
Laksh : yes.

Precap : Sanskar revealing his identity and proposals… Ragini Laksh fun… And ….

I tried to add more swara. So please those who are satisfied or want less or more please let me know….

Credit to: Sinin

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