SWARAGINI Rishta Khatta Mittha (Chapter 3)

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Swara hold her tears and return home . she tells sumi and Ragini that she hasn’t been selected in Round 2. She goes to her room and closes the door she takes out her diary and starts writing that music is her dream and she cannot live without it but she will have to do this for her family. She cries heavily. She takes out her mobile and starts searching for the jobs finally she got a job which suited her. And notes the time for interview. Ragini and sumi worries for swara.

Next day in the morning. Swara gets ready for interview and informs sumi about it . she goes to the office and registered her name. And sits there ( as there was a big line) finally her chance came and she goes inside the cabin she sees DP and sanskar sitting there. A word came from her mouth ‘sanskar’. She gets nervous and sanskar is shocked seeing her. DP says to sit . swara sits. The interview begins. DP gets impressed seeing her intelligence and certificates and He says that she can join from tomorrow. Sanskar is left shocked. Swara says thank you to DP. After coming out she tell ‘that idiot sanskar is my boss OMG’. She tell sumi sekhar and Ragini and they get happy.

Scene 3
Next days she gets ready for office. Ragini wishes her Best of luck. She leaves. Swara reaches office. She sees that office is decorated very nicely. She finds her childhood friend Sonia there and ask her that what she is doing here.
Sonia says that she has been working there since last 2 years. Swara asks her about the decoration. Sonia tells that its for welcoming sir. Sonia tells that after one year he is coming back from New York. Swara asks her his name but Sonia leaves. She sees her table and smiles. A man tells her that DP has called her . she goes to DP’s cabin. DP’s gives her a File and tells her that this is previous month file and she will have to check it. She agrees. On the other side a guy is seen entering the office and everyone welcoming him. He says thanks and tell then to get back to there work. He is laksh. He started flirting with a girl but suddenly he gets mesmerized seeing a beauty coming from DP’s cabin. Yes she is swara. He goes to her . she sees him . He says Hii baby. Swara gives him a look. He tells sorry sorry Actually I don’t know your name sweetheart. She again give him look and goes from there saying to herself that what type of man he is uff. Laksh smiles.

Precap: laksh help swara. Sanskar thinks about the moment when swara was falling and he had hold her.

Credit to: Aditi


  1. manisha

    Hey wat about ragini aditi in this fanfiction also both the guys fall for swara onlyyy pls think about ragini also and don’ t make her character negative yaar plsss

  2. aditi

    Hii manisha ,ragini is not negative in my ff and after some time you will see her love story with. .. till then enjoy.

  3. Aditi

    Hii guys thank you for comments but let me clear that soon you’ll be able to see someone falling for Ragini . and both San and lak will not fall for swara. And the final pairs are ….. I will not tell you. keep guessing

  4. Aditi

    Hi guys tell me that is there any swalak or raglak or ragsan fan. So I can update the next part by keeping that in mind.

  5. Angel

    Hey aditi.i posted 2 parts of blsmng love.and sent the 3rd part twice but its not still published.its been 3 hours.plz guide me wt to do…

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