Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 31


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Here we go..
At MM house..
Sanskar in his room getting ready for Neha’s get together party..
He is wearing a white shirt and black pant. He looks so handsome..
He is standing in front of mirror. He sees swara in the mirror(his imagination).
Swara looking at him from the mirror. Her cute smile, her childishness, her smartness all came together in his thoughts.
He decided to propose her today itself. That’s why this special care about his appearance.
Nithi entered the room..
Nithi : bhaiya.. Have you got ready to the party..
He turned and nodes.
Nithi looked at his appearance surprisingly. She got a hint..
Nithi (happily) : bhaiya.. Are you going to propose swara?!
Sanskar surprised how she knows that.
Sanskar (surprisingly) : how do you know?!
Nithi : The tejas in your face, shine in your eyes, care in your appearance told me this.
He blushed.. (Awww.. So sweet)
Nithi : All the best bhaiya..
He smiled..
At Gadodia house..

Swara is getting ready..
She is standing in front of mirror. She looked her image thinks about her first meeting with sanskar and the day when he gave her flowers, when he hugged her at the hospital all those incidents came into her thoughts.
Ragini came there.
Ragini : Are you ready swara..
Swara turned. She is wearing a sky blue color salwar.. She looks so pretty in that.
Swara : Ragini I don’t know whether I should go to this party. I mean.. I don’t want to go there..
Ragini looked her like what actually running in her mind.
Ragini (teasing tone) : oh.. Someone told me that not to be so possessive..
Swara looked her with a fake anger.
Swara (strong tone) : I’m not possessive..
Ragini looked her ” oh.. You are not possessive then go to the party”
Swara pretends to be cool. But actually she is not..
Swara : oh.. Of course I will go to this party to show you that I’m not possessive like you.
Ragini smiled her self that she knows swara don’t like that Neha..
Swara made a angry face and moved..
Sanskar came to pick swara.
He entered..
Shekhar (surprisingly) : sanskar beta..
Sanskar take blessings from Shekhar.
Shekhar : Do you want to talk with Swara..
Sanskar looks on. He don’t know how to say that he came to pick her for a party..
Sumi came from kitchen.
Sumi: Shekhar.. Sanskar and swara were going out..
Shekhar smiled and looked sanskar..
Sumi called swara..

Sanskar eyes are searching for swara.
Shekhar and sumi noticed this and smiled.
Swara came..
Sanskar feels like his breath and scope of this life means more whenever he see swara..
Swara looked him. After she realized her love for sanskar she have never thought much about this thrilling tension and all that as she got him so easily. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t respect love.. She loves him but she herself not realized the depth of her love.
Sanskar and swara excused themselves and left.
Sanskar opened the car door for swara.
She looked him and get inside the car..
He placed himself in the driving seat and started the car.
Both were silent..
Sanskar switched the music system.
” Hum terae bina abu reha nahi sakthae ”
Swara looked sanskar. He feels that.
They reached Neha’s home..
He parked the car.
Swasan together entered the house.
The house was fully decorated with flowers and lights. Lot of girls and boys are there.
On seeing sanskar many girls were so excited and and hugged him.
Swara was totally angry to see all this.
Sanskar wished all. Finally they moved to Neha.

Neha : wow.. Guys I’m very happy to see you here..
She hugged sanskar and swara.
Swara pretended to smile but Neha noticed this.
Neha made an announcement. ” Hey guys.. As we all know our sanskar most eligible bachelor now engaged”
She pointed swara” This is swara gadodia, sanskar’s to be wife ”
Swara looked everyone.
All the girls and boys clapped and congratulated swara.
But many girls showed their jealous on seeing swara. Swara observed that clearly but felt proud to have this feeling.
Sanskar observed her happiness in her eyes…
Sanskar surrounded by his friends so swara left alone.
Neha went to swara.
Both Neha and swara looking at sanskar.
Neha : swara.. I must say.. You are really lucky.. Sanskar is really a very caring person.. He deserves all the happiness in the world.
On saying this Neha can’t hide her feelings for sanskar which swara doesn’t failed to notice.
Swara : you like him na?!
Neha : not only me.. Many girls in our college liked him..

Swara felt very happy that all the girls usually have when they find that their husband or boyfriend followed by many girls but they deserved him.
That proudlyness visualized in swara’s eyes.
At London..
As Rathan signed a new deal with Maheshwari company they have decided to make a meeting.
Rathan thought that he must go to Mumbai to meet DP, so that he can meet his son too.
Shailu called sumi and informed that they are coming to India in two weeks..
Sumi informed Arjun and all the family members..
At party..
Swasan spended some nice time their and left.
At car..
Sanskar wants to talk to her, he wants to express his feelings to her.
Swara : so sanskar.. I just came to know that you have many female following..
Sanskar shaked by this sudden question.
Swara want to see what he will say. She is just curious to test him.
Sanskar : no swara.. Nothing like that.
Swara looked him blankly.
He wants to see what swara feels about this. He looked her.
Suddenly a crashing sound heard..
Sanskar lost his balance.
His car hitted a tree.
He opened his eyes. The first thing came into his mind is swara.
He looked her.

She is unconscious.
He got so tensed..
“swara.. Swara.. Please open you eyes ”
He tried his level best to get her to conscious but no..
His eyes filled with tears..
Screen freezes.

Precap: swara at hospital..

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Credit to: Adithi

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