Ek anokhi kahani Episode 44

The episode starts with ragini and laksh room.
Laksh enters and open gungaat from ragini face and gets shocked to see rags face as she is trying to stop her laugh by closing her mouth with her hand.
Laksh:-what happen why r u laughing.
Rags:-i used to watch this type of scenes in movie and used to think bullshit.
But even now i am sitting like that so couldnot stop laughing. And gets up from bed and about to go.
Laksh:-smiles and gets up and hold her hand and asks where r u going.
Rags:-to change laksh.
Laksh drags her close to him and placez a hand on back of her waist which is visible out from her dress.
Rags closes her eyes and shvivers because of his touch on her body.
Rags :-wat r u doing lucky let me change and come.
Laksh:-no need to change .

Laksh:-u are asking me why ok then i will show u instead of telling and opens her blouses laces.
Rags feels like she get a shock and pushes him and about to go.
Laksh pulls her thread and her blouse finally opens and now her back is visible to him
Rags realises and goes near wall and stands to hide her back.
Laksh walks towarda ragini.
And finslly he comes close to her and removes her chuni from her head .
One by one jewellary.
When he about to remove that chain rags stops him and asks him to no.
Laksh:-comes close to her ear and says u only said when these two chains meet it will come message and for this night the chains will definetly meet that why and removes chain.
Rags gets shy and hugs him.
Laksh places a hand on her side waist and removes her lehnga .
Rags clushes her shirt and hugs him tightly.
Laksh kisses her on neck and ragini also kisses him on his eyes.
He lifts her chin and they both have a french kiss.
He lifts rags and takes her to bed and he lays on her soon they consumate their marriage.
Arjun and sheena on their phone.
Arjun:-i am missing something.

Arjun:-my kiss.
Sheena:-arjun are u mad.
Arjun:-kissing u and loving u is maddnesd then i am mad.
Sheena:-kisses on her phone.
Arjun:-i dont wat wirless kiss i want a kiss which have a senses between us.
Sheena:-wait then.
Arjun:-shall i come to your home.
Swara removing her jewellary.
Sanskar comes and hugs from back and says i miss u.
Swara:-where i went to miss me.
Sanskar:-from these three days we didnot spend time or night together and lifts her in her arms.
Swara:-sanskar i need to change clothes.
Sanskar:-oh come the thing we r going to do their is no need of it.
Swara:-closes his mouth and blushes and says shutup yar.
These both spends some time together.

Shaurya payal and dev durga are sitting together.
Dev brings juice for her and makes her to drink.

Payal and durga are watching shaurya and dev suspicially.
Shaurya:-wat happen why u both r seeing us like this.
Durga says i hope u both r ok.
Dev:-actually we thought something thats why we r free.
Shaurya:-see commonly rags will stay inhospital untill evening thats mean she will stay with us in working hours .
Dev:-by evening she will go to her house.
Shaurya:-thats neans we r not going to miss her right so no need of being sad.
Dev and shaurya hugs each other and says wow wat a brain.

Payal and durga laughs .

Precap:-rags first cooking
Arjunhelping her

  1. superb…no more words i love ur both ff…

  2. Arjun is super cool Devar
    and shaurya and dev r superb

    MIND-BLOWING episode


  3. So lucky so romantic

  4. superb… now it is more interesting arjun n rags devar bhabhi relation n rags supporting arjun in teasing laksh na

    1. Yes sure they will tease him

  5. Plz tell me d name of ur SanRag ff

  6. pl update a big epiii

  7. Superb episode dear

  8. Marvellous i can’t wait to see devar bhabhi bonding

    1. Thank u and u have to wait for tomorrow

  9. i love dev shaurya and ragini’s relation…….. so much love and purity….. especially that were shown during rag’s wedding and engagement time..

  10. I really loved & enjoyed dev & shaurya part awesome awesome awesomeness

  11. awesome….. Again new thinking and idea u got
    ….. How rags was keeping her hand and laughing etc …. U r awesome

    Continue…. Thank you Sindhu

  12. Plz some durga nd dev scenes

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