Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 2


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In my FF there will be 2 more characters..
Swaragini have a cousin brother Arjun who is staying with gadodia family because of his work. His family is in Mumbai. He is the one working in sanskar’s company.
Laksh having a younger sister Nithi who is studying with swara and best friend of swara.

So here we go..
Laksh who is doing masters in a college is not so passionate about music but he use to pay music for his college cultural. As his friends compelled him to participate in the music audition he too came for audition.

It is a very big auditorium where Ragini is waiting for her turn for audition. She is a bit tensed. There are a lot of competitors waiting. Ragini is sitting in a chair tensly biting her nail.
A boy came near her and said “excuse me”
She turns and the boy is stunned on seeing her. Such a beautiful girl.
Ragini : what?
The boy “Hi, I’m Laksh”
She looks on. He pointed a empty chair near her and asks “shall I sit here”. She nodes and turned.
But Laksh is still looking at her. He found that she is nervous.
Laksh (softly) :are u nervous?
Ragini turns and nodes no.
Laksh :it’s OK this is just an audition.
Ragini don’t want to talk to him as he is a stranger. But she thinks how this guy is so cool.
Laksh understand what she is thinking and says “I’m not interested in this. I just came as my friends forced me”
She looked him for a while and turned.
Sanskar is in his office busy with his laptop.
Arjun knocks the door excuse me sir.
Sanskar :come in..
Arjun :sir, these are some important files u have to sign. Shall I keep it here?
Sanskar nodes without taking his eyes off from laptop.
Arjun leaves.
Up to sanskar Arjun is a hard worker. He joined there 6 months before. He use to do his work sensibly. Sanskar like hard workers.
Swara and Nithi in their college canteen.
Nithi always use to talk about her brothers sanlak. So swara know something about sanlak but she didn’t met sanskar. As Laksh is of the same college she knows him as Nithi’s brother and as a good musician and also a good friend.
Swara use to talk about Ragini. Since arjun came to their house she started talking about him also. Nithi somehow attracted by arjun just through swara’s words still she didn’t met him.

Precap:raglak audition.. Nithi arjun meeting..

Hope u guys like it. Guys suggest me that who can play the role Nithi and arjun? They are going to be paired up.
Thanks for reading. Please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi

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  1. So cool dr

  2. i think nithi character is suitable for aastha (shrenu) ipkknd ebp and arjun character is suitable for abeer

  3. Very nyc yaar..

  4. Nice but there is no swasan scene plzzzzz show some of their scenes

  5. nice. .
    mishkat and kanchi.. (aur pyaar ho gaya)

  6. i like astha from IPKKND EBP and arjun from naagin hero rithivik

  7. Dev and durga or abeer and meher

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