Prem Kahani (Intro and Part 1)

Friends pls support me I was just trying it a little bit.
Swara:she is a hot looking&modern girl,she wants to become a supermodel&also she is a guitarist,she don’t believe in marriage she hates arranged marriage
Ragini:she is a mectured girl,traditional type girl.she is the twin sister of swara.she always do whatever her parents says.
Sanskar:he is a playboy.he doesn’t believe in love.he thinks only we have one life v hav to enjoy it as much as we can
Laksh:he is a decent guy,he is currently doing maheswari’s business.he takes the business to the next with in a short period of time.but laksh has a habit that he never take or wish to have 2nd hand things he needed only 1st hand.

Parinetha is the cousin of swaragini.shekhar and shomi are chachu&chachi of parinetha they are taking care of her since childhood.bcoz her parents are no more

Shekhar is a bank employee&shomi is a CLG lecture..they are happy with 3daughters,Dada,dadi,dida.
Dadi,dida are making embroidery for the outside people and Dada is doing real estate as side business..
Being a middle class family swaragini also helps parents.
Every morning swaragini used to teach guitar&sitar..on weekends ragini used to teach traditional dance..evngs pari&ragini has tuitions for some children
They leave happily.
Suddenly one day adarsh has seen parinetha in frnds marriage he attracted towards her due to her beautiness& beautiful heart.adarsh approached parinetha family with marriage proposal they both got married…
Parinetha came to maheswari mansion she misses swaragini&maa papa everyone a lot…
As the days goes on swara got seat in music college Kolkata…she decides to leave to Kolkata and stay in hostel so that she can enjoy there a lot…but her parents refuses her to stay in hostel…bcoz they want to make her to be with parinetha.
Swara decides to stay in her Didi’s house…
Swara sees laksh she thought that he is so charming and he is so sweet by nature…
Parinetha observes it and asks ap why can’t we get swara married to laksh??
Ap says it is a nice idea I will talk to shermistha ji..
But swara says I want to talk to laksh 1st.
Swara:laksh we don’t no anything about each other how can we get married??if we don’t like each other after marriage what we will do??
Laksh:swara pls don’t waste my time say frankly what u want to sat
Swara:1st we will date with each other then if we like each other then we will go to marriage….
They both told to elders we need sometime to think…
They both starts dating
One day it was raining heavily…swara is wearing jeans&tee their car got punctured due to this …they both decided to walk it is feb13th night 10clock
Swara is completely wet she is looking so beautiful he can’t wait more…
He grabs swara by her waist…and kisses her so hard.. They both had a liplock…swara then sees a old house …she told laksh shall we go there..
They both went there…they saw all the things there bedroom everything.swara takes her dress and makes her hair also wet..she wore a shirt which there in the wadrobe…she is looking so s**y laksh can’t wait more…then they think to intimate their love.they intimated their love that night &next morning they were back to mm.
After a week swara does not like laksh bcoz he is concentrating only on her work not on her.she said to parinetha she doesn’t want to marry laksh..she says she hates him..she told that she is going to us to fulfill her dream
Ap hurts very bad. She told her decision that they can make ragini married to laksh…
Arranged as fast as they can they didn’t ask ragini about her wish .
Raglak got married

Precap:Sanskar throws plate bcoz ragini kept food to him..he sighs her angrily..he says I hates u all the time,previously&now also

  1. Why sanky got angry i think ragsan are lovers

  2. toooooo gooood!!!!!!! swathi.
    what r the pairs???
    i think swasan n raglak… coz u comment on my ff which is of swasan n raglak…
    wish u all the best

  3. Wait what going on ??
    Swalak in love
    suddenly raglak got married
    why sankaar to angry with ragini ??

  4. I think rags and sankar loves each other
    Rags married lak thats why he is an

  5. So who are the pair pls make swalak and ragsan

  6. Pls make it swasan n raglakk

  7. I m confused wid ur ff
    who r d pairs

  8. confused. .pair’s..?

  9. Omg
    Too fast in storyline
    U can write at least 5 to 10 episodes upto now..

  10. yaar y did u made swasan and raglak 🙁

  11. it is superb. ..I think the pair is swasan n raglak. ..plz update soon

  12. Swalak got intimated but he married that girl’s sister ragini ??? Ragsan fight??

  13. plz make awasan pair

  14. I think ragsan were lovers

  15. pls unite ragsan

  16. Nice ff plz clear the pairs

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