Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 16


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Here we go…
At MM house..
Laksh is so tensed. He is thinking about what swara will do. This is not the right time to inform his parents about his love. So only swara can save his love.
Nithi thinking about Arjun. She feels like nowadays Arjun is also interested on her. But she is not sure about this.
Sanskar looking through the window feeling fresh air. He smiles himself thinking whatever happened within a day..
When he and swara sitting in a garden he asked about her future and she suddenly replied that she will marry him. He smiles remembering this.
At gadodia mansion..

As swara accepted sanskar’s marriage proposal gadodia family decided to inform this to Maheshwari family..
At swaragini room..
Ragini is happy about whatever happened. She lost in her thoughts about Laksh..
Her eyes started shining as her heart is filled with Laksh. She felt lot of feelings at same time.. Love, happiness, thankfulness, nervousness all came together filled her heart.
Arjun is thinking about nithi… He feels that what swaragini told is true. Yes he started loving her.
This is somewhat a different feeling for him. He never felt like this before. A full of butterflies flying in his heart. He lost in her thoughts.
Swara, is at lightly confused state. But she is clear with one thing. She likes sanskar very much.. Ragini’s life is very important to her. So it won’t be so difficult for her to marry sanskar and also falling in love with him.
She looks Ragini and arjun.. Both are lost in their thoughts..
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini turns..

Swara : u should tell about my decision to Laksh. He will be so tensed.
Ragini looks her and thinks.
Ragini : it’s OK swara… Let him know when our parents inform their family.
Swara looks her.
Ragini (happy and kidding tone) : let him wait for some more time..
Swara smiles.
They both look arjun who is still sitting like a statue thinking about nithi.

They started teasing him..
Sumi called MM family..
AP received the call…
She informed that they are OK for sanskar and swara’s relationship.
AP became very happy about this..
She informed all the family members..
Sanlak and nithi came there.
DP : sanskar.. Swara’s family accepted. Are you happy now…
On hearing this Laksh and nithi became very happy. Laksh wants to dance but controlled himself..
Sanskar had a different feeling.. He feels happy but he can’t understand why he is feeling happy..
AP : sanskar..
He came to sense.
All are looking him for his reply.
Sanskar : huh badepappa.. I’m happy..
They became glad to hear this.
Sujatha (happily) : now.. We will make this marriage very grand..
AP : sujatha… But first swara should complete her studies.

DP : yes.. We told them that we can do this marriage after her studies. So we should wait for two more months..
All agreed.
Laksh immediately left to his room. He can’t control himself. He started jumping on the bed.
” thank you so much swara.. U gave back me my love ”
Nithi went to his room and find him jumping on bed.
Nithi (happily) : so bhaiya… Credit goes to me and swara na?! So we need a treat.
He runs and hugs her.
Laksh : oh sure… A very very big treat. Thank you so much…
Now Laksh is feeling like flying in the sky.. His heart feels so light..
Nithi is happy to see him like this..
Sanskar in his room thinking about swara. He said ” so at last swara, u achieved you future plan”. A smile came in his face…
It’s morning…
Swara and nithi have their exam. But Laksh don’t have college. So he asked sanskar to drop nithi as he is going to meet Ragini..
Swara getting late for college. Arjun offered her to drop in college.
Nithi and swara entered campus at the same time…
Arthi looks each other.. Nithi feels love in his eyes. She can’t trust her eyes. Is that really love in Arjun’s eyes. She got confused..
Sanskar and swara looks each other..
Both feel little embarrassed. Don’t know how to face each other.
Swara smiles. Sanskar too smiles. They both trying to avoid eye contact.

But nithi is starring at Arjun and not ready to leave.
Swasan notice this..
Swara : nithi… It’s our exam.. Shall we go?!
Nithi smiles at Arjun and leaves with swara..
Sanskar and Arjun looks each other. Then both leave to office…
Ragini and Laksh at a restaurant…
Laksh looks her like no one can steel her from him.. She blushes. Ragini :Laksh.. Stop starring me like this..
Laksh : Ragini.. Really I was thankful to your sister..
Ragini : yes Laksh.. And also nithi..
He nodes.
Suddenly he thought of something and asked ” why didn’t you called me yesterday and informed me that swara accepted”
Ragini looks him and smiles.
Laksh (fake anger) : so you thought to make me wait…
Ragini( serious tlne) : huh.. How can I trust you that you really love me or not?! That’s why I didn’t informed you to see what you are doing..
Laksh looks her deep. He hold her hand ” Ragini, if you even have a small doubt in my love that I have for you, I can go to any extreme to prove my love”
Ragini felt bad that she should not teased him.
Ragini (ripening tone) : Laksh loves was just joking..
Laksh : but I’m not joking Ragini.. I LOVE YOU.. This is true and no one can change this truth.
She felt happy about this and rests on his shoulder.
It’s evening..
Sanskar’s office..
Arjun goes to sanskar’s room..
Arjun : sir, I have some personal work. So shall I leave now..
Sanskar looks him differently. He partially understand that where he wants to go but no sure.
Sanskar : Arjun no need to call me sir any more.. Call me sanskar…

Arjun looks him surprisingly..
Sanskar nodes and smiles..
Arjun : OK sir.. Sorry sanskar..
They smiles and Arjun leaves..
He went to swara’s college.
But only Nithi is standing there waiting for Laksh. As Laksh told her he will come and pick her up.
She looked arjun. He moved towards her. As there is no one nearby her heart beating so fast.
Arjun : hi..
She smiles.
Arjun : where is swara?!
Nithi : she left..
Arjun thinks this is the right time. He should talk but don’t know how to start..
Arjun : oh.. I came to pick her up..
Nithi looks him surprisingly. He don’t come regularly to pick her and also their house is at walkable distance..
Arjun understand that he is talking unnecessarily.
Nithi : do you want to tell me something?!
She felt like he is going to propose her.
Arjun :Nithi…
His words jammed.
Nithi completely feel a good sign.. She is feeling happy without any reason . She can feel that this day is going to be a big day in her life.

Arjun looks her deep. He don’t have much nervous to propose as he feels she won’t deny.
Arjun : I…
Nithi looks him. She can’t control herself.
Both said “I LOVE YOU”…
Arjun looked her surprisingly..
Nithi looked him happily.
Arjun : you..
Nithi : yes…
They hugs..
Screen freezes…
Precap : swasan moments…

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Credit to: Adithi

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