Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 110

Hey guys, I really really appecriate ur suggestions and dont ever think that I will mind ur ideas…….And yes I know it has become boring so dont wry I will write some amzing and fun loaded episodes ?…..And dont wry now that I am in holiday, I will write regularly I promise…..I love u all my fans…..

Recap:Ragini returned MM.

Ragini cries seeing her room.Laksh comes and hugs her from behind.
Laksh:Ragini,Main janti houn, maine tumhaare saath jo kuch bhi kiya,mujhe maafi nahi mil sakti…I am sorry Ragini main tumhaare bina mar…….(Ragini,I know I have done so much wrong with u and dont deserve forgiveness….Punish me but dont leave me….I will die without u…)
Ragini shuts his mouth.
Ragini:Laksh….I know u did wrong and I have forgiven u….And please from today we wont talk about it….Now everything is gonna be fine.
They hug.Anjali comes and their hug breaks.Laksh asks Anjali to go to Parineeta as she has called her.Ragini tries to stop Anjali but Laksh holds her.Ragini scolds him a lot.He kisses her to stop her from talking.She gets surprised.She gets shy and turns.He pulls her closer and they have a liplock….Music plays…..She runs and he runs behind her.Her saree pallu gets stuck and she asks Laksh to leave it.She turns and laughs seeing her saree stuck in a nail.Laksh smiles and removes it from the nail.He dorns her pallu.
Ragini:R u taking advantage of the situation?
Laksh:Sort of!
Ragini:arent u ashamed to flirt with a married girl!
Laksh:For ur information ,this married girl is my wife and nobody has right to romance with mera baccha except for me.
She smiles and hugs him.

Anjali comes to Parineeta.
Anjali:Chachi,Did u call me?
Anjali:Papa is saying nonsense.
Parineeta understands and stops Anjali.She asks her to play with Muskaan and smiles seeing them.She too plays with them.

Swara comes out of washroom with her wet hair.Parineeta comes and asks Swara to send Kavya with her as she is playing with the children.Swara sends her.Sanskaar comes.
Sanskaar:So my wifey is finding excuses to stay with me alone! To romance.
Swara:Shut up Patidev! I am not interested in romancing with u! I want to romance with some hot and handsome guy.
She turns to go.Sanskaar holds her hand and pulls her closer.They have an eyelock.
Sanskaar:So now I have become ugly! Ok Let me show u my hotness a bit!
He leans to kiss her.She smiles and pushes him on the bed.She laughs.He gets mesmerized seeing her.Her hair blows.She goes to the window.He hugs her from behind and romances with her.

Its morning,Everyone do breakfast.
Laksh:Maa,please pass me the jam!
Annapurna:Ragini,serve this boy the jam.
Ragini serves him.Laksh tries to speak to Annapurna and she taunts him.Everyone laugh silently
Annapurna:God has given everyone hands and feet, know how to use them….
Laksh:Maa,please pass me the paratha.
Annapurna forwards his hand and makes him take it himself.Laksh asks Ragini to explain Annapurna.
Swara:Ragini,Dont come between them,let them fight then they will reunite.
Ragini:Swara is right maa,I wont come between u……

Doorbell rings.Ragini turns and gets happy seeing Jhanvi.She runs and hugs her.Sumi has brought her.Sumi and everyone smiles.Anjali also hugs Jhanvi and kisses her.Swaragini plays…..
Ragini:Maa, did Dadimaa….
Sumi:She is angry right now, She will be alright, dont worry.
She blesses her and goes.
Ragini:Anjali beta, play with Jhanvi but be cautious ok….She smiles seeing Anjali pampering Jhanvi.She looks at Swara and they remember their days.
Ragini:U were right Swara…Our children will be just like us!
Swara hugs her.Swaragini plays…..Kavya and Muskaan play with Anjali and Kavya.
Laksh goes to Annapurna and hugs her apologizing to her.Everyone look on and sign her to forgive him.
Sujata:Jiji,Now forgive him, he is a child!
Annapurna cries and hugs him.She smiles and twists his ears asking him to be careful.They all laugh.Sanskaar winks to Swara.She shows him thumbs up.

Its evening,Swara is in the temple.Kavya comes to her.
Kavya:Mumma,why do we pray God?
Swara smiles and takes her in her arms.
Swara:Because it is He who created us.And when we pray to him,He accepts all our prayers.
Kavya:Just like Anjali has a sister,Even I want a brother!Will He give me a brother if I ask for one?
Sanskaar comes there.
Sanskaar:Actually beta,This is in the hands of the parents…
Swara:Sanskaar u…..
Kavya:Then I want a brother till my next birthday.
She kisses Swasan and goes to sleep.
Swara looks at Sanskaar.
Swara:Kya patti para rahe the Kavya ko?(Why were u fooling Kavya?)
Sanskaar:Its not fool, if she wants a brother so…..
He gets closer to her.She smiles and says u r in temple.
Sanskaar:Wht is this God? Even u came in between me and my wife.
She beats him and goes..

She comes to room.He closes the door and blocks her way.He pins her to wall and comes closer to her.
Sanskaar:What if we fulfill Kavya’s wishes? Even she is alone in her cute room, we must get someone to sleep with her naa…….
She smiles.He kisses her.She runs but slips and falls on bed.He gets closer to her and they get intimate…..Music plays….

Its morning,Ragini is going.Swara asks her where is she going.Ragini says to Baadi Mansion.swara says she will accompany her.They both reach Baadi Mansion.Dadi opens the door and gets angry seeing Ragini.Ragini says Dadi maa and tries to say something but Dadi shuts the door on her face.Ragini cries and knocks the door.Swara consoles her.Dadi shouts nobody will open the door and if anyone does,He/She will see her dead face.Dadaji scolds her and opens the door.He wipes Swaragini’s tears.
Dadaji:No one has ever made them cry and nobody has the right to….(looking at Dadi)
He hugs his grandaughters.

Precap:Swara gets dizzy and faints.Everyone get shocked and rush to her.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,again I tell u, I loved it when u gave me suggestions….and please comment how it was….hope u liked it……..Love u lots guys…..

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