swaragini – pain behind the smile (short story) episode 6 part-1


hi everybody…i am back big big sorry for late but was busy as always..so without wasting time let’s shart the story…


both were sitting opposite to eachother and trying to ignore eachother but here the boy frightened a little as he was afraid of darkness.the girl understand this then she looked all over the storeroom and thought something…

“what are you doing with this paper and pebbles ?” asked the boy seeing her antics with pebbles..

“I’m cooking..can’t you even see what I’m doing” exclaimed the girl

“well, all i can see that is your hand dancing with pebbles..” exclaimed the boy..now the girl got much angry with his reply but tried to be calm as mush as possible ignoring the boy’s reply and again started rubbing pebbles

“here is the lighter” said the boy handing her the lighter.the girl got surprised but more angry to see this..

“where did you find it?” the girl asked trying to be normal

“in that desk.” the boy said pointing at a old table which even has desk.

“did you know it was there?”asked the girl again

“no but i thought it could be there so after searching found it.” said the boy innocently.now the girl anger reach to the peak and start yelling at him

“you ungrateful man..can’t you see I’m trying to lightening this thing rubbing pebbles from one hour now my hand are paining that because of you as i thought you are afraid of dark and you are givingme this lighter now..” yelled the girl loudly

“but i thought you are dancing with those pebbles” said the boy faking innocent.the girl got numbed listening his statement and understood there was no point yelling at him..he never will listen to her..stubborn that’s all what she was thinking about the boy and silently fired this paper for which there was little lighten in that storeroom but enough to see eachother faces..they stayed silent for sometime until boy broke the silences

“aren’t your family worrying about about you?” the boy asked

“no..i live alone here ” the girl replied and asked “what about your family and your mom, aren’t they?” the boy expression changed listening the word family specially the word mom…this was noticed by the girl then she remember about the boy story as her friend told her

“sorry.i know about your mom but I’m glad atleast you have another mother” said the girl trying not to upset him saying about his mother so thought to change the topic bringing his new mother topic

“you think I’m happy” said the boy looking at her curiously what exactly she thought about him a happy going person which he is not..

“yeah..you are lucky you have everything even mother which you don’t have but still you have ” said the girl looking at his eyes and trying to figure out what exactly he mean..is he actually not happy with his life but he always looked happy so is he pretend to be happy infront of the world? the girl thought in mind

“wow..you are saying i am lucky having a mother who is actually a step-mother” the boy exclaimed stretching the word step-mother..now the girl understood he has some problem with his new mother and it was natural she thought

“atleast you have one..see me i don’t have anyone you have father also..i don’t even know whether my dad is dead or not” said the girl her eyes got watered remembering this but soon compose herself..the boy felt bad talking like that with her even she was in same condition like him this made him realise that he was right about her even she also pretend infront of everyone but truth was something else…

screen freeze with crying face of the girl and thoughtful face of the boy..

precape: revelation of the boy’s past

thanx for reading and comment if its good.many many thanx to them who did comment..sorry if there is any grammatical mistake and typos
take care and be happy

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