Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 18)


Title:swaragini new(ch-18)
Credit to: unknown

Marriage day
Swara and ragini are getting their makeover at different rooms. They are each with a beautician. Swara and ragini are ready gorgeously. Swara in red bridal saree and ragini is in reddish brown bridal saree. Their face is covered with chunari.
Sanskar is wearing a peach and red kurta. Laksh is wearing blue and red kurta. They get on the horses cor baraat. All leave to gadodia mansion where the wedding is arranged.
A dark area is shown a girl is shown tied up to chair. She is in bridal dress. The face is shown it’s ragini. A clapping sound is heard. It’s kavitha in similar dress with makeover as bride. She tells ms. ragini gadodia you can never become Mrs. Ragini sanskarmaheshwari as i am gonna take your place. A laughing voice is heard leaving the room.
Gadodia mansion.
Baraat sound comes swara in her room is super exited. The grooms take their place in front of havan. The brides are brought down with face covered. Sanlak are mesmerized seeing them.
Brides take their place. Some initial puja is done they are asked to take the pheras. Their dresses are knotted. Flowers are showered on the couples. Sumi lies her head on shekar crying. Seven pheras are taken and bonded they are bonded in seven heavens they are bonded in their seven lifes they are bonded on very seven steps they are bonded now.
The couples sit for further puja. The pandit ask the groom to fill the maang of bride.
Laksh lifts the chunari of swara and notices her blushing. He fills her maang she smiles. He also makes her wear the mangalsutra. The diamond chain placed beautiful to her heart. The swalak marriage is over.
Sanskar opens the cover of his bride and is shocked he sees
Ragini with bandaid in her head. He asks what happened to her. She tells she will tell later and ask to proceed the ritual. Sanskar fills her maang and makes her wear mangalsutra.
Ragini goes to fb
It’s her room she notices her beautician is kavitha and grabs a blade and hides to her dress. All of she feels her eyes blackout. Her next vision is a dark room notices her hand binded. She takes the hidden blade and cuts her hand free. A creak of door alerts she acts as if she is hurt. She sees kavitha in her dress her blood boils. As kavitha started laughing victoriously ragini grabbed the chance and held kavitha’s hand and twisted it. In scuffle ragini gets hit. Later ragini pushes kavitha she falls unconscious. Ragini runs from there to her home to here.
Fb ends

All are senti…..(to be cont)
Let them cry i take a break.

Credit to: unknown

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