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“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song”

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

The project broke and I was Framed ……
But how could I fall down when ,I was so cautious About , the project and my movements…….
I fell yeah I fell badly………
for a first few minutes I couldn’t make out what had happened but, I SOON FIGURED OUT WHAT HAD HAPPENED…..
I saw , one of my group mates scarf,yeah her scarf entangled,that scarf that she wouldn’t even let out an end out of her jacket or sweater that it’s end could loose a thread,
How cum that VVIP scarf just got out from her custody and entangled in, my legs, as if begging me so save his life from her,
And also my laces whom I double checked before getting out of my car and also before taking the project……..

Now they all changed colors like, not like a chameleon because it’s quite slow but something faster than that may be a color splash on them…..
They shouted loudly OMG! What have you done our project our hard work…….
What will we display for the competition now?
I just stared at them speechlessly…………
They the ……….. cant say anything to them , all my fault I took them wrong , I accounted them less,
Well what can you expect from people who can just give you an invisible plaster for their selfish motive , I mean they can even make you Dea………… infront of everyone just to fulfill their motive
I murmured not fair , I didn’t do that and they heard it and made a mockery out of me , created a show for the other participants, which in turn invited our teacher …….
I kept quiet to avoid any more drama and sweared not to ignore them when they just plan against me infront of me in signals and think I don’t know…..
Well no-one is not so dumb not to understand your play you think you are so clever huh but , I know it all but just ignore it to avoid an unnecessary fight, I just pretend that I don’t know anything but I know all you know even those silly jokes you cracked on me, those indirect sarcastic comments you passed on me etc…..and thought I didn’t know…..
Well it’s not m dumbness but yours, it’s my patience , my goodness …….
Anyways getting back to present………

I got up and looked at sir , he looked angry,
I was very scared now…..and I started sweating ……..and was unable to speak anything….
He stood silent and looked at me …..
Well there is a word called shame , which have a very deep meaning if thought about but…….not at all meant for my friends,
They didn’t wait for sir’s reaction and began accusing me ,blaming me and just proved me the real culprit……..
I would have been framed as the culprit till he interfered ,
My love my soul mate, also their haste to prove me the culprit made sir doubt them….
❤He ♥ spoke and said that it they shouldn’t blame anyone like this as it’s a human error mean a human mistake not done intentionally ,
Sir agreed to him and gently patted on my back and said ‘its ok my child’ I can’t explain how reliving was it……
But my friends were so keen on proving me wrong ..
They produced I mean tried to produce false evidences against me and ,succeeded to an extent ,
But his <3 interference again saved me……
And sir told us that he is going to take our name back from the competition as, if ……
I looked at my friends and no sign of guilt on their face …………
And I saw them smirking
Those mean people………

They made those sad faces and said what else could be done sir , when someone spoils our all hard work…….♥He♥ said it’s not her fault and she didn’t do it intentionally……
They looked at me and said you may defend her as much as you want buty the truth is she did it and the truth couldn’t be ignored,
Everyone will blame her , and if you support her then you loose all your……..

ENOUGH……..enough is enough shouted ………
What do you mean by our hard work , and he loses his ,……..
And I charged towards the muffler girl and she stepped back, and all others stood infront of her as if they were her shield………
I again raised my voice and said SHUT UP! YOU…..
And he <3 held my hand and stopped me ….
Sir asked me to calm down and clarify the matter ……
I told him all ,that they(group mates) didn’t even touch the project and all was done by me with my family’s help……….
They never did their part, took the money contribution and also broke my……….
All looked shocked for a moment and there was silence for a moment,
The silence was broken by a man carrying a model in his hand and he enquires about a group-mate to which he nods and hands over the model to us and leaves…..
That time I just looked at the model and he <3♥ hit me lightly elbow just a lightly and carefully, as I looked at him and made a why face gesture , he moved his eye pupil towards my group ,it was a signal from his side to me that I should look at my friends faces….
I looked at them and saw evil smirks on their faces,
And then they all bounced back at me and turned the tables and told sir to look at the model as they have done their part and I was lying, as I haven’t done mypart and took project from………….. and etc,etc…

And sir stared angrily at me and I looked down ……
*** To be continued….

Next Update:Being Clever…..

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  1. Hey guys this tym i hav put hearts with ge r hero so he of sir nd hd r hero dsnt cnfuse 🙂

  2. Yea puting hearts is a good idea …. Richu

  3. Y my another comment has not been published .. .

    Yuck these vicious circle and their deeds …. PLZ richu not able to tolerate PLZ lessen their deeds frm nxt epi ….
    Want more of {he&she talks and situations and Mr. Rep and hero’s past story abt his parents and his junior bro}

  4. How can sm1 be so mean

    nd yeah di plz show his <3 past story nd thr lv nd also mr rep nd her <3 sis…..

  5. Thnx a lot drz devga and dia nd i wil try best ki rep aur sisy ka tanka bhid jaye kisi tarah 😎 aur ma sweeties ye toota project hai hi isi liye taki hmari hero heroine bat kar sake aur pas aa sakein aur jahan tak sabak ki baat h woh toh milega hi un chuchundron ko 😛 i mean vicious circl wil pay 4 d deeds bt i havnt decided how 😐

  6. GUD NEWS :i think today nyt Eht and Nauc r cmng bak frm haavai trip togethr so may b i update them togethr in 1 pg nd i hav scribled a few pages in ma copy abt smthng if i get tym i will type it nd post pls read nd cmnt
    nyways were r ma othr dear cmntrz misin?may b bcz i post nyt they didnt gt the stry nd it shifted to sm othr page
    Lol tc by

  7. Wow they r back frm haavai trip …. Grt let them come

    1. hmm they r coming back 4m their trip hope they reach soon to take part till the next chapter update
      RUBI , KEERTI, ANANYA, AALIYA , JWALA , SINDHU etc srry frgot ny names were r u missing???
      nd hayathi ni think u left this stry think u found it boring ma dr

  8. Wowwwwwwwwwww richa…..u r a awesome writer….I read this one….it sounds interesting….even though didn’t read other parts….will go read them all….but can a give me a quick short summary?…plzzz if u can….will help a lot….and info abt characters….love u from my heart…???
    One lovee?


  9. Superb richu ….. Luv ur ff like anything…and sorry for the late comment………..

  10. Thnx ameena nd krishy itz ok dr u came na nd ameena i wil try to giv synopsis til today eve as during day tym i hav classes

  11. Ok dr ameena the
    story is as follows 😀 ️ ♥️ ♦️ ♣
    i havnt given any names just he & she
    ©️ ®️ ™
    hero & heroine are in same clg and cls nd the story starts with a small accident btw them when the heroine when the heroine is late and they bump into each other and r heroine sprainr her ankle and ends up with a plaster but is helped by r hero to hospital and with notes and her friends didnt even bother to ask her well being , but notice her wen he sits nxt to her on her return bcz they wanted to befrind him as he is mr cool of the clg ,and take her for the xcuse of her plaster which hav already been cut off and thus v cme to knw the selfish nature of her friends bt she let thm go nd ask him to join grp.
    All is messed up wen he is blamed for a stealth hav taken place on teachers day also blamed 4 insulting teachers nd rustictated but r heroine takle all odds nd medler grl nd with the help of h4s step bro gets him bak but the culprit is his real bro so he get broken nd nw this project matr 😎

  12. Also a resturant matr aftr the teachrday epi pls read that wen hr parents cm to knw abt thm tab jada acha rhega d emotiöns

  13. he is always her saviour. n the small gestures u used in this were too gud. but make them talk like a normal talk or having a convo. it would be good to see.

  14. ️ ♥ nyc to c u manha♥ yup they talk normal durin project werk 🙂 ndt dr 4 sure i remembr u ©u sun

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