Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 12


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Sarika Shah and Sameer
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Recap: Flashback..

Laksh Adarsh and Pari reaches MM.
AP: Kya bacho? U all look worried..
Pari: nothing maa..
Sujatha: jiji Shekhar ji called nw he said tht pandit ji gave marriage dates..
DP: is it?
Sujatha: haan bhaisa..Shekhar ji ws telling there is a very gud muhurat after 2 weeks.
Laksh: what 2 weeks?
RP: Haan beta….
Laksh goes to his room angrily. Pari and Adarsh follows him.
Ragini is sitting in her room and is crying hard.. Vansh sees her crying..
Vansh: mumma wat happen y r u crying?..mumma pls tell did i do anything wrong?
Ragini hugs him.
Ragini: no mere bacha u didn’t do anything…
Vansh: Mumma..
Ragini: Dukku u go and sit outside i’ll come nw..
Vansh: pakka mumma?
Ragini: pakka..
Vansh goes.
Ragini: why god y r u punishing me and my child lyk this y did u brought him infront of me..should i cll papa and tell..no if papa comes to knw tht he is here then papa will kill him..i hv to be quiet.
Dadi comes into Ragini’s room.
Dadi: ladoo..what happen hw r u nw?
Ragini: haan dadi nw i am 5n.
Shekhar: Ragini beta we hv fixd the date for Varsha and Laksh’s marriage.
Ragini: oh..wen is it?
Mishti: 2 weeks later.
Ragini: 2 weeks..oh den i wnt b able to attent it.
Dadi: y?
Ragini: woh v hv to leave in 1 week.,.
Dadi: but u said..
Ragini; haan but nw i decided to cancel tht deal.
Shekhar: still u can stay here for sm more tym na Varsha wil b sad if she knw this.
Mishti: haan beta ruk jao na..
Dadi: haan pls pls.
Shekhar: pls…
Ragini: acha ok ..i’ll stay.
Shekhar: gud girl.
They all goes from there.
Ragini: i am sry…..i am hiding all this from u….
Laksh is restless.
Laksh: bhaiya bhabhi..i agreed for this marriage bcoz i thought my Ragini and my child id no more in this world..but she ws infront of me nd my Vansh..he ws also…No bhaiya i cant do this wedding ..no i cant cheat her ..i cant hurt her anymore.
Adarash: but Laksh we cant conclude anything coz v still don’t knw if Ragini had married anyone else.
Laksh: what do u mean bhaiya?
Pari: han Laksh Adarsh is right..what if Ragini’s father made her marry smone..and Vansh is their…
Laksh: no hw c she marry smone..
Pari: exactly hw u were going to marry Varsha
Laksh: but thts different i didn’t knw if she ws alive..
Adarash: so is the same wit her ..even she hasn’t seen u after tht ..so..she may have..
Laksh: no bhaiya ..this cant happen..
Pari: hey what abt Varsha and Laksh’s marriage?
Laksh: i don’t care bhabhi ..even if Ragini is married i don’t wnt to have this wedding…and i knw Vansh is my son only.
Adarsh: lets find it out Laksh…
AP: Laksh….
Laksh: ji maa…
Laksh Adarsh Pari comes down.
Laksh: ji maa..
AP: beta Amit is coming tomorrow..
DP: so u should pick him frm airport ok.
Laksh: ji papa…
Adarsh: maa..
AP: haan..kya hain beta.
Adarsh: woh ladki joh hum GM mein dekhi na woh kaun hain?
AP: ladki..oh Ragini..
Pari: haan wohi…
AP: She is Ragini ….and the lil boy who played wit Sanam is her son Vansh..
Pari: so she is married…
Sujatha: haan but she didn’t tlk abt her husbnd much isn’t jiji.
AP: haan parvathi ji told they r divorced or living lyk tht.
Laksh looks at Adarsh and Pari
Sujatha: but Vansh told tht his father comes to see him smtyms..
Laksh Adarsh and Pari r shocked..
Laksh: she married smone else…
AP: what? U knw her?
Adarsh: no no hw wil he knw her.
Sujatha: but she is a very nice girl…
Laksh; maa i hv some work i’ll be back at ni8..
Laksh goes.
Adarsh and Pari also makes some excuse and goes wit Laksh.
In the car.
Laksh is driving Adarsh is sitting beside him and Pari at the bck seat.
Laksh: hw can she do this to me?
Pari: Laksh u left her.
Laksh: i didn’t..bhabhi i thought it ws her who…but forget it ..she could hv contacted me na..
Adarsh: what rubbish laksh do u think a girl lyk Ragini will come pleading to u.
Pari: Laksh i think v should not interfere in her life..see she have moved on ..chachi told na even Vansh told tht his father comes to meet him smtyms..
Laksh: what if he is lying?
Adarsh: but y would he lie..?
Laksh: i don’t knw ….
Pari: Laksh u hv already hurtedher a lot she is completly shattered nw if u again come to her lyf then she may..
Laksh: u mean i hv to stay away from her bhabhi?
Pari: yes Laksh what ever happened with her is intolerable for any women….
Laksh; yh its me who destroyed her..
Adarsh: laksh pls she moved in her lyf nw its ur turn u hv to marry Varsha..nd move on ….
Nxt day
AP: Laksh ..see u r getting late u hv to pick Amit ..
Laksh: haan maa i am leaving..
Laksh leaves ..
Laksh reaches airport.
Voice: bro Laksh..
A man comes and hugs Laksh.
Laksh: hi Amit..long tym..
Amit: yh bro…
The man is Amit ..character played by Vatsal Sheth.
Laksh: comes lets go.
Amit: hey bro u r getting married wont u let me meet my bhabhi…
Laksh: we will go there in the evening
Amit: come on bro…
Atlast laksh agrees..They reach GM.
Amit enters..
Laksh introduces everyone to Amit..
Laksh: Amit this is Varsha…
Amit: hi Varsh i mean Varsha bhabhi…i must sy u r very beautiful..just lyk Swara bhabhi…
Laksh’s eyes searches for Ragini.
Atlast Ragini comes with Vansh.
Amit also sees Ragini.
Amit: oh ho..who is tht..
Dadi: she is Ragini…
Amit: Ragini hmm nice name..
Ragini sees Laksh but ignores him..
Amit comes to Ragini….
Amit; hi Ragini i am Amit.
Ragini: hi ..I am Ragini…and this is my son Vansh.
Amit: oh u r married?
Ragini: yh…
Amit: and ur husband..
Ragini looks at Laksh
Ragini: i am divorced…
Amit: oh ho…
Amit: hlo young man.
Vansh: hlo….
They have a chit chat..
Laksh and Amit leaves…
Amit looks at Ragini…
Amit(in mind): Ragini……so beautiful u r ……

Precap: Amit’s bad intentions on Ragini…will Maheshwari family and Gadodia family knw abt Ragini and Laksh?

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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