Swaragini – Me and My best friends Season 2 (RagSan) EPILOGUE

Hey everyone!!! I’m here with Epilogue.  Thanks for reading and commenting on last chapter.  Hope you like this one too.

Me & My Best friends 


Third prson’s POV
(After 2 months)

No one would have ever thought that two strangers who just met would fall in love each other , Ragini and Sanskar were totally strangers when they met and now here they are deeply in love with each other.

Sanskar got his dream job as a wildlife photographer in India and Ragini is also focusing on her career. They both are more than just lucky to have each other and a understanding family who have agreed to their relationship.

Sanskar’s POV

Calm down !!! No way… how could I just Calm down … it’s our two months aniversary  tommorow and I haven’t even decided what should I gift her… I know this is really stupid… I know I am stupid… she would have decided everything but here I am … totally confused about the gift..

I was sitting on my bed fidgeting with my fingers when I heard a knock on my door. I walked towards the door and opened it and found Ragini standing there ,Dressed in a black and white jumpsuit , her hairs were open and  flowed over her shoulders . Her lips seemed as if they were rose petals.

That smile on her face was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And don’t even get me started on her eyes… her eyes were deep as great body of water . How could anyone be this beautiful….

“I know I’m looking very nice but at least let me come inside the room”. She said laughing.

God!! Again I made a fool of myself .

No.. I wa..I was just..” I tried to gather words but I failed as usual.

Mesmerized??”. She laughed completing my sentence.

Yeah.. I was truly mesmerized.

“Nope..nothing like that.. now come in “. I said trying to sound cool.

“See I brought us ice cream “. She said pointing at the ice cream in her hand.

“Oh.. I love ice cream”. I said taking one from her hand.

“Is there anything else in this room that you love?”. She said looking at me with wide eyes.

“No.. I just love ice creams And ice creams loves me”. I said trying to tease her.

“Well then bye ,we’re not meeting tommorow “. She said frowning and walking away from me.

“I love you”. I grabbed her hand ,pulled her closer to my chest and then whispered in her ears softly .

“I love you too”. She said hugging me .

“But my first love is ice cream”. I said laughing.

“Stop it”. She said pouting at me .

“Aww.. see you look like a baby again ?”. I said cupping her face.

“You’ll always be my baby”. I said hugging her.

“Always?”. She asked hugging me back.

“Always.. promise”. I whispered in her ears . I didn’t see her face but I know she was blushing hardly.

“I should go now… see you tommorow”. She said pulling back from hug and holding my hands.

“Yeah.. tommorow”. I said kissing on her forehead.

She went to her house and here I was sitting in my room smiling at all the moments we spent together. Those were the best moments of my life .

But then I suddenly remembered that I still hadn’t thought of a gift for her. And then a smile appeared on my face as I finally had  a wonderful idea.

Third person’s POV

That night neither Sanskar nor Ragini had a good sleep , because they both wanted to know what’s their surprise so they kept texting eachother whole night but none of them got to know anything.

The next day they met at 7PM outside Sanskar’s house.

“Atleast tell now , what’s my gift ? Please.” Ragini said pouting at Sanskar.

“I’m not going to tell anything Sweetbaby , your pout isn’t going to work everytime”. Sanskar said laughing.

“Don’t tell but..”. Ragini said but was interrupted by Sanskar in between.

“Let’s go now , we are getting late”. Sanskar said pulling her inside the car.

“Where are we going ?” She asked again.

“You’ll see”. Sanskar said smiling at her.

Sanskar stopped the car in front of a hotel . It was a familiar place.

“Remember this place.. We had our first kiss here”. Sanskar said looking at Ragini.

“Hmm.. how can I forget”.Ragini said recollecting the memories of their first kiss and how she left him there alone.

It was the same place but the difference was that park in front of hotel was decorated beautifully today.
Ragini was really surprised because she thought they were going to have a simple dinner somewhere .

She hugged Sanskar and whispered ‘I love you’ in his ears.

”Your surprise is not over yet”. Sanskar said smiling.

Both of them got out of the car and then Sanskar took her to park Which was decorated with red lights. And then Ragini Saw a heart made of flower petals in the centre of park.
Sanskar held her hand and took her there.

Ragini was still surprised.
And then Sanskar sat down on his knees and took a ring out of his pocket.

Ragini’s eyes widened in shock. Happy tears rolled down her cheeks.
And then Sanskar took her hand in his .

“I love you Ragini….will you be mine forever ?will you marry me Ragini  ?”. Sanskar asked looking at her face trying to read her every expression.

Ragini hugged him tightly and then brought her lips close to his ear and whispered Yes in his ears .


So this was the end.  I know this was really bad since I hadn’t planned to write an epilogue  . Well still I hope you like it.
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Please check my other story ‘Its complicated’ if you want.(its not on RagSan)
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