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In Veda, there is four types. Rik, yajur, sama and Adharvana. In Adharvana Vedh, It’s fully deals with black magic. And About marriages, there are eight different marriages. In which Kandharva and Rakshasa Marriages are different. Kandharava Marriage is marriage of two lovers by taking only nature and some friends as witness and Rakshasa marriage is abducting bride by defeating or killing bride family mens and marry her forcefully,then Prasaucha marriage similar to Rakshasa Marriage but in which Bride is married by groom by making her unconscious or paralysed, which was treated as worst one and didn’t hold important position in society. That type of marriage is considered as sin and then Vyugas. Each and every war plot are based on Vyugas in which Chakra, Padma and Karuda vyugas are important. Kruncha vyuga is the most dangerous one than chakra vyuga.
Theme:Sleepless night

Tantrek’s POV
Finally the day reached, which I waited for so long. I am going to get more powers by giving That Rajkumar Sanskar as prey to Kalimaa. No one knows about me fully even Samrat Rajat. No one is in their world who can compete me in dark magic.
” Mea Adarvana vedh ko Raj ho” I shouted. Yes, mea Adharvana vedh ko raj hoo. But I need more powers . Kalimaa, you blessed me with guessing future of others and other siddhis. I can guess anyone’s future. But the thirst of powers is increasing inside me . I searched about the ways and I get to know about this Sanskar, it’s his mistake to be born in shiv amsh. I tried to steal him but he escaped because of his sister who is born in Vishnu dev ka Yoga roop. I made Samrat Rp believe that she is threat to his nation and made her abandoned. But still someone was protecting him. I wanted to made pooja’s to find about that. I went to Sathagam and to get help from Samrat Rajat, I made Rajkumar Arjun fall in disease and then I cured him. Samrat Rajat belived me and I saw Adityavarma who is living with the name of Aparajith. Both Sanskar and Aditya born in same amsh.haan Sanskar born in Rudra amsh where Aditya born in Veerapatra amsh. I decided to give Aditya as prey but Samrat Rajat saved him by making him unfit for giving as prey. I continued my pooja’s and found Rajkumari Swara who is born in Maa Paravati ka Amsh. Only she can kill him because her horoscope only saves this Sanskar till . if anyone tried to kill Sanskar, their end will be fixed. I planned a trap and now everyone falled in this trap. I will give this Sanskar as a prey when Ashwine nakshatra starting point . not a single minute before nor after a minute by his Sagatharmini hands but before that I have to do important pooja.
“ha..ha..ha.. I am going to get my powers” I said loudly and laughed.

In Tanishkant palace,
In Mantralosona,
Aadi is walking here and there.
“Rago maa, why are you announced me about Yuvraj Pattabishek? What is the need of this now?” Aadi asked Ragini while Ragini and Sahil sees each other and then chuckled which makes Aadi irked more.
“am I saying any joke, Sahil?” Aadi asked sternly as he can’t ask Ragini with anger tone.
Sahil walked towards Aadi.”ohh mera bhaisri, why are you having this much anger? One day or another day, you have to take this responsibilities naa.”
“ but why this much hurry?” Aadi asked Sahil but indirectly asked Ragini.
Ragini signs Sahil to be quiet and sees Aadi’s eyes directly.
“what’s your problem in this, Aadi?” Ragini asked.
Aadi sees down.” You know Rago maa. I don’t want to take that throne. It’s yours. I can’t sit in that throne which belongs to yours” Aadi said last sentence by looking directly into Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini smiled little bit.” It’s not mine Aadi. it’s yours. I am just ruling this desh in your name. now you returned and I have to give your rights.” Ragini said while holding her last finger with Aadi’s last finger.
“ but , it’s not a correct time. Even Swara didi is not with us now and another side, we have to face that war”Aadi said.
“it’s correct time , Aadi. After this war, your Rajyabishek will be done while Sahil will take as Senapathi. For that, your yuvrajabhishek is needed now ”Ragini said clearly while Aadi is looking her shockingly.
“Rajyabhishek…” Aadi and Sahil asked unison in shock and Sahil sees Aadi’s shocked face.
“haan… Rajyabhishek hoo… throne is remained as heirless for morethan a decade. I don’t want to continue this situation and now I don’t want any arguments on this”Ragini said and walked out.
Sahil touched Aadi’s shoulder which makes Aadi comes to reality.
“is Rago maa said anything about rajyabhishek or am I heard wrong?” Aadi asked Sahil which makes Sahil smiles a bit.
“Finally I am going to see my bhai as Maharaj. Maharaj Adityavarma…”Sahil spelled and hugged Aadi in happiness.
“it shouldn’t be happen”Aadi said to himself.
“Arre Aadi, do you said anything ?” Sahil asked while breaking his hug.
“no Sahil. I am going to check Sagatham endpoint. Always be with Rago maa and take care of her”Aadi said and comes out of mantralosana.
In the forest,
“do you know the way to go that Tantrek place?” Uttara asked to Aadi mens.
“yes, we know. It’s in this forest itself. It will take half day . but it’s fully safeguarded with Nishag soldiers”Aadi men replied.
“Mahishmati loyal soldiers…” Laksh asked.
“they are kept in jail now” another men answered.
“bhai, you take two mens with you and go to the jail, where Mahishmati loyal soldiers are kept. They will hep us in war and I will save Rajkumari Swara and Sanskar”Uttara said.
“but I can’t let you go alone. It’s dangerous”laksh said while worrying about Uttara’s safety.
“and you want to confirm Swara’s safetiness “Uttara finished while Laksh looked at her emotionally.
“Bhai, now our both desh in danger. When Nation is coming infront of us, we shouldn’t give importance to our feelings. Mahishmati soldiers , only trust you not me. I will give my life to save your behan Swara and mitra Sanskar If needed.”Uttara said.
“I want my both behans safely”Laksh said while looking into one of aadi men and he nod positively. Laksh starts to walk to Nishag while Uttara rides her horse towards Tantrek place.

In Tanishkant,
In Ragini’s room,
Ragini sees the map and thinks about her vyugams.
A maid comes inside.
“Rajkumari ka pranam! Senapathi wants to see you and said it’s important”Maid said .
“say him to meet me in Mantralosana with Mahamantri and Sahil”Ragini said and walked towards Mantralosana.
In Mantralosana,
“Sathagam sena is going to attack us tomorrow. just now his messanger sent this cloth through arrow”Senapathi said, gives the cloth and looked Ragini’s face for answer.
“where is Rajkumar Aditya?” Ragini asked.
“Di, he is in other end point. Samrat Dp and Rp accepted to sent their sena to help us. He will arrive at battle place with their sena”Sahil said.
A curve shown in Ragini’s face.
“Mamasri, you take care of Sathagam endpoint and others listen me”Ragini explained about her plan.
Senapathi and Sahil are shocked but Vishnu remained as expressionless face.
Moon starts to rise in sky and it’s rays starts to fall inside Mantralosana.
“ Senapathi, do as I said . we have very less time”Ragini said and walk outwards. Sahil follows her .
She walk towards the nearby river and takes two pots of water in her hand and head. Sahil takes one pot from ragini. both walk towards Kalasamhara Moorthy temple.
Ragini sits in the middle and puts her hand together.
“ohh! Durga maa, I am going to face this war . Sathagam sena is very bigger than us. I hope on you . you will never let bad win you always save this tanishkant as you always do “Ragini prayed to Durga maa.
In Forest,
“Maa Atharvana Kali, I am going to end this pooja. Just some moments…”Tantrek said and smiled wickedly and holds his hand before the Goddess Prithyangara devi (she is the goddess who have lion head and third eye, she is born in Lord Shiv ka kroth agni )
Swara and Sanskar both wakes up with heavy headache. Tantrek goes infront of them and hypnotizes them after drenching them in pure haldi water(turmeric water)
“go to that cave and wear this”Tantrek gives a sandal red clothes to both and points the cave. Both takes it in their hand, go to the cave and wear this, comes out.
In Tanishkant,
“Jai hoo Maa Bhairavi koo”Ragini exclaimed and put the water in sand and mixes it.
In Forest,
“Jai ho Maa Atharvana Kali koo”Tantrek said while putting holy ghee in yagna in forest.
Swasan comes infront of Tantrek. Tantrek puts dilak in Sanskar’s forehead and takes the plate which have garlands.
“Take this in your hands and put in each other neck”Tantrek ordered. Swasan both turns towards each other and exchanges their garlands .
In Tanishkant,
Ragini starts to make weapons in Maa Bhairavi hands.
Sahil plays doll. Maa bhairavi sits in a lion and having bow and arrow which names a sarang , Sudharshan, panchanyam, angusam, Kedayam, Gadha, Sword, Mazhu and lastly Trishul and Abhaymutra in one hand.
Ragini starts to sculpture Maa bhairavi’s face .
In Forest,
Moon stands in midsky .
Swasan sits before yagna while Tantrek murmured mantra’s.
“Stand and start to take phera’s”Tantrek said and Swasan starts to take phera’s.
Uttara and other mens reaches the place and starts to fight with Nishag Soldiers.
Ragini is finished the sculpture of Maa bhairavi and opened Maa idol’s eyes and puts Turmeric in Maa bhairavi idol.
Ragini takes the dagger and slits her thumb finger lightly and puts the tilak with her blood as a big round while Kavya sits beside her and put Trimark with Vibhuti. A lightning shown in sky .
“Maa Bhairavi ko Jai ho… jai jai Maa Bhairavi” people chanted while Ragini takes the pots in which was coal is burning.
Om om rudratharini…Mahishasura marthini…
Om om thakshinakali…
Om om durge…
Om om neeli.. thrisuli… bhairavi..mathe…
Ragini starts to take Aarti while chanting maa Bhairavi’s names.
In Forest,
Swasan take pheras while Uttara and others defeated Nishag soldiers who safeguarded the place.
Swasan sits after taking pheras and Tantrek gives Sindoor to Sanskar.
“Fill Vadhu ke Mang with this Sindoor and put this Mangulsutra in Vadhu’s neck”Tantrek said and Sanskar stand , bend, take swara’s veil in one hand and then filled Swara’s mang with Sindoor. Aditya men enters the place , sees Tantrek, failed to notice Swasan and throws his dagger towards Tantrek, which slited lightly on Sanskar arms and stabbed Tantrek chest. Sanskar puts the mangalsutra in Swara’s neck while a drop of blood falled on Swara’s mang. Both locks their eyes unknowingly . A long tear escaped from Swara’s eyes.
Ashwini Nakshatra period started.
Tantrek throws Sword towards Swara.
“Kill him”Tantrek exclaimed.
Swara catches the sword and raises her hand. One of the Aadi men pushes her, Swara throws her sword towards Sanskar neck. Uttara entered the place and throws dagger towards Swara’s sword which hit swara’s sword, in Momentum it falled on Tantrek head and his head cutted and falled on the fire, while headless body falled on floor. Sudden wind blow in that place with high velocity. Uttara and others hide their eyes with their hands as they can’t see . A dark smoke appeared from Maa Atharvana Kali which surrounds Tantrek headless body and his body disappeared in air even Ash didn’t left.
Swara and Sanskar falled unconscious as they freed from Tantrek clutches. Uttara walked towards Swara and sees Sindoor and Mangalsutra, hides it from Aditya’s mens by using Swara’s hair, takes her in his hand.
On Other hand,
Ragini kept the fire pot under Maa bhairavi’s idol and takes the shell horn which was kept under Kalasamharamoorthy and blows loudly as the start of war. Aditya reaches the place.
“Hara Hara Mahadev…” Ragini said louder . “Jai jai Bhairavi maa…” Soldier said loudly and raises their sword in Air.
Kavya takes Aarti plate in her hand and put Dilak in Ragini head, then Sahil, Atlast Aadi. Vishnu stands with Armour, Shield and Sword in a plate.
Ragini bends towards Vishnu and takes his blessings, Sahil and Aadi follows Ragini. Vishnu smiles , Kavya puts Armour in Ragini’s shoulder, Vishnu gives Sword and Shield to Ragini.
“Vijay Bhava Putri”Vishnu blessed. Aadi takes Axe in his hands while Sahil takes Gadha in his hands.
The trio turns towards Soldiers” Tanishkant ka Jai ho!” The trio said in union while Chandra stands beside Ragini and roars.
“Tanishkant ka jai ho!” Soldiers replied with enthusiasm.
“Rago maa, I will join at battle place with Mahishmati and Mayankpur soldiers “Aadi said and Ragini nods.
In Nishag,
Arjun, Rajat , Nishag and Ganthanam Maharaj stands before Kalbhairava’s idol.
“Jai jai Kalabharava..”Arjun said louder while others followed him.
Arjun puts the Aarti plate before Kalabhairava’s idol and Rajat slits his forefinger lightly and puts the dilak in Arjun’s face.Arjun touches Rajat legs.
“Vijaybhava Puth”Rajat said and gives Bow to Arjun. Arjun put his head on bow and then takes it in his hand.
Arjun turns and pulls the string lighter and then releases it which makes a huge sound in that place. Soldiers raised their sword and jawelins in air and chants.
Arjun looks his sena which is looking like an ocean.
In Forest,
“The war is going to start soon. I heard both the sounds”Uttara said in tension.
“is any news from Rajkumar Lakshya or other mens”Uttara asked worriedly while Swara rested her heads on Uttara shoulder unconsciously and Uttara one hand holds Swara and other hand holds her horse. Sanskar is kept in another horse.
They all heard a huge sound of horses . Laksh comes in his horse while some soldiers are following him in their horses.
Laksh stops before Uttara and looks Uttara and Swara with moist eyes. Uttara also looked Laksh with an unknown relief.
“Sanskar..”Laksh asked questioningly and Uttara points unconscious Sanskar who is resting on horse. Laksh releases a long breath.
“There are 500 soldiers now with us. But Sathagam army is more than Lakh” one of Aditya men said.
Uttara rides her horse before Mahishmati soldiers.” The courage and braveness defines the Victory not the count. We will fight until our last breath to save Mahishmati and Tanishkant from enemies cluches. Death in war battle is the best death than anyother. Mea Tanishkant Senapathi Putri UttaraNarayani isse chand ka sakshi mang leye sankalp cheye . I will save My Tanishkant or I will die by putting myself in fire” Uttara takes her dagger and cuts her palm, as a sign of promise which makes Laksh shocking from core while others looking her amusingly for her patriotism towards her nation which creates a positive vibrations towards them.
“Uttara..”Laksh muttered Uttara name in shock as he can’t imagine such a situation.
“we all promise that we will make our Mahishmati free from enemies and traitors clutches or else we will die by stabbing ourselves in Battle field itself ”Soldiers said in union and raised their swords.
Laksh looks Aditya mens and signs to follow them.
Uttara looks Laksh and then said,”Bhai, you go to battle field. I will take this both to Fort”
One of Aditya men put Sanskar in Uttara’s horse and tied him with Horse.
Uttara caressed her horse.”we have to go soon. Go fast” Uttara whispered in her horse hears and her horse whinned loudly as understanding and runs fastly.
Laksh and his soldiers marched towards battle field .
At the point where Mahismati, Mayankpur and Tanishkant meets,
Aditya forms Kruncha vyug(form of bird in which it’s wings are longer, similar to Karuda vyuga but different. In its Maharathi’s safeguards soldiers when Soldiers count are lesser than opposition side)
Aadi’s POV
Finally the day has come which I feared . still, I wish Shiv ji, why he let to raise such a situation in my life. I want to fight against my mitra Arjun who gave shelter to me, raised me as his own brother; Samrat Rajat treated me as his own son and teached all the arts which he known. He never differentiated me and Arjun .But now I have to fight against them. still I can’t belive the messanger’s message and his cowardness. Sagatham soldiers are known for his braveness and dignity. They are so self controlled. May be that messanger from Nishag or Ganthanam. But I am sure in one thing , Nishag and Ganthanam wants this war. That’s why they make an illusion that Sathagam king is very bad infront of Tanishkant. Now I am here . I know about Arjun each and every move and how he will think. I made war plans to defeat Tanishkant and find out all the weak places, strengthened it with weapons and other strategies. He made his soldiers to come nishag through tunnels, and now he will attack us here while Rago maa is expecting them in Sagatham end point. He will keep them busy with his past of sena and he will enter the nation through this end point .now Rago maa is in another side Sagatham end point; I already strengthend it with Garudabhanam.
(At Sagatham end point,
Sagatham soldiers runs to attack fort while there is no Tanishkant soldiers are there. Suddenly , so many arrows thrown on air which makes a shape like Garuda and falled on ground in the same shape just infront of Sagatham soldiers. The same manner Arrows thrown which built the Garuda higher. A arrow with fire in it’s end fall on this stack of Arrows which made a huge fire as Arrows body parts made up of Fueled log)
Garudabhanam will safeguard Sathagam endpoint more than a week and also my Rago maa and Sahil. My mens will definitely keep safe Swara di . I will ensure their safety and I will die in Arjun’s hands as a punishment of betrayed them. my vision suddenly blurred and I wiped my tears.
“ I am sorry rago maa…” I murmured.
“For what Aadi?” I heard Rago maa voice .
I turned there Rago maa and Sahil is standing with sena and smiled to me. now Am I dreaming?
“you didn’t dream anything ,Aadi” Rago maa said while caressing his face which was shielded and locking her last finger with his last finger.
“Rago maa..” I choked. Now what I do? I have to fight against my Arjun and Sathagam Maharaj for saving my own people.
“you made me everything difficult Rago maa” I said subconsciously.
“then, Make it simple”Rago maa said while seeing Sagatham sena which is marching towards us.
“Don’t hurt Sagatham Samrat or Yuvraj . I want them alive”I said. I don’t know how she came here. I know about Rago maa . she still thinks Samrat Rajat is the king who sent that culprits to our nation but I only know he is not like that. Even he did, he never did with whole heartedly.
“why? Why you are showing this much concern on them?”Sahil asked me.
“because once I was their Senapathi” I said. I don’t want to carry any secrets now.
“Senapathi Aparajith!”Rago maa asked shockingly.
Ragini’s POV
“Senapathi Aparajith!” I can’t come over the shock. I expected that he was a important soldier. But he was their senapathi.
“And Arjun is my mitra and Samrat Rajat is my gurudev. It’s my duty to save them along with our nation” Aadi said. I tighted my grip in his last finger as I can’t believe the truth. He wants to save that womanizer king .
“Rago maa, he is not like that. Sagatham soldiers are known for their dignity as Samrat Rajat.” He said but I can feel some kinda proud in his voice. I suppressed all my feelings with my questions.
An eagle sit in his shoulder and he take a chit. He smiled by reading the chit but his smile faded away soon.
In Tanishkant palace,
Sanskar is still unconscious while Swara starts to wake up by holding her head in another room.
“Rajkumari, you are in Tanishkant palace”Uttara said which makes Swara smile little bit. She tries to stand but falls. Uttara holds her when she half bent. Swara sees her mangalsutra which make her shatter.
Swara holds her mangalsutra in her hand and runs towards the mirror, sees herself in mirror and sidelines her hair strands which hides her mang. A sindoor filled mang is clearly shown in mirror and Swara touches her mand and sees Sindoor in her hand shockingly.
“Am I MARRIED?”Swara asked herself and walks back.
Uttara looks Swara with concerned.
“ you and Rajkumar Sanskar married each other when you both are hypnotized by a Tantrek”Uttara said while holding Swara’s hands.
“married when not in sense…”Swara asked with pain in her voice.
Uttara nodded while turning her face as she can’t see Swara’s pain.
“but why?” Swara asked while clutching her mangalsutra.
“Sagatham Samrat announced a war against Tanishkant for giving prey, they kidnapped Rajkumar Sanskar. When we saved him, I saw you both married while hypnotized by that Tantrek. I killed him and freed you from his clutches. But I don’t know why he made you both marry” Uttara said while tightly hugging Swara inorder to console her.
“This marriage is a sin .. just a sin…” Swara said while breaking Uttara’s hug.
“Rajkumari Swara..”Uttara looked Shockingly.
“Paishacha marriage didn’t hold any position in our society. If the truth will be revealed, Rago di and Samrat Dp will bend their head towards Samrat Rp to make them accept me eventhough Sanskar is friend of Laksh bhai . May be he use this situation to take revenge. Till now I don’t have any trust on bhai’s friendship with Rajkumar Sanskar No it will not happen, I will never let this happen. I will never let Rago di and Durga papa to bend before Samrat Rp”Swara thought and wipes her tears.
She enters the room which have little pool and takes a bath. She wraps a saree stands before a mirror. Her hands automatically touches sindoor and put it in her mang. Swara looked shockingly her image in mirror. A faint smile shown in her face with a lone tears.
“No Swara… it’s not correct” Swara said to herself while she tried to take her Mangalsutra. Swara sit on the floor being helpless, while Uttara words ringed in her mind”Sagatham is going to attack Tanishkant today”
She swallows the air and suppressed all her feelings inside her. She stands before mirror , hides her mang which was filled with sindoor, with her hair strands, then hide her mangalsutra in her dress.
Swara come towards Uttara while she is in complete warsuit.
“Rajkumari , still you are not well and it’s our nation problem and also send you to your nation carefully , it’s our duty. So please…”Uttara pleased which she didn’t till now.
“ I am not only Mahishmati ka Rajkumari Uttara. I am also Rajkumari of Tanishkant. Mea Swara vani, Maharaj Rudraveer ka dusri putri ho. Mera desh ka Surakshith mera kartivya hea”Swara said while pressing a brick in her room wall. A secret way opens, Swara goes inside. A bow which was placed before Maharaj Rudraveer Portrait.
Swara kneeled before portrait.”Pithasri, give me the strength to cross this hard time “
Swara hold bow tighter and takes it in her hand, puts the string in another end of bow.
Swara comes out and sees Uttara in war suit.
“Do anyone knows about the marriage?”Swara asked Uttara.
Uttara nods no.
“then, no one will know about this further”Swara said in ordering tone.
“it’s not correct Rajkumari Swara. laksh bhai and Rago maa will definitely help you to get your rights”Uttara said while try to understanding Swara’s expressions.
Swara looks Uttara directly into her eyes.
“you know Uttara what a Rajkumari will do if she knows she is a black mark of her nation’s pride”Swara threatened which makes Uttara shock.
Swara takes a long breath” See Uttara, this marriage didn’t have any meaning. Even Rajkumar Sanskar don’t remember this like I am. Let it be”Swara said while walking Uttara stop her .
“then, why you still wearing this Mangalsutra and sindoor?”Uttara asked as she don’t want to let Swara’s life miserable one.
Swara looks Uttara with a faint smile.” I am also a girl Uttara”. This hidden feelings behind words and smile hits Uttara ,which makes her take her hands.
Swara takes her horse Shubangi while Uttara takes her horse and rides towards the battle field.
In Battle field,
“Aadi, what are you talking? Are you saying di’s decision is wrong?”Sahil asked with anger.
“ I didn’t say Rago maa is wrong, she is absolutely correct. That culprits king is a bleedy womanizer . but it’s not Samrat Rajat” Aadi said.
“what are you trying to prove , Aadi as they are innocents”Sahil asked sarcastically as he can’t accept the truth about Aadi
“I will tell at the end of this war, if time permits”Aadi said with a smile while Ragini is looking at both of her choti’s who is standing like cat and dog for the first time .
“Arre can you both can’t see the sena which is marching towards us?” senapathi asked .
“Senapathi, I want to see all the maharathi’s now itself” Aadi said with a smile as he changed his war plan.
The next moment, all the maharathi’s marched towards him.
“ you have to save our soldiers being in wings and don’t harm Samrat Rajat or Arjun and don’t hesitate to harm others especially nishag and Ganthanam kings. Rajkumar Laksh will interfere in chakravyug , halves the chakra, you start to close the wings and make enemies soldiers stuck in wings”Aadi ordered and Maharathi’s gone towards their position.
“Rajkumar Laksh is here “Ragini murmured and Aadi heard this as he is standing near to her, smiled little bit.
“Rago maa, you will take in neck position and Sahil, you will take in body. Senapathi, you should accompany me as we both are eyes of this Vyug”Aadi gives instruction .
“then, what’s our position?” A voice reached them.
Aadi turned and sees Uttara with Swara in their chariot.
“Uttara, you should accompany Rago maa and Swara di, you should accompany Sahil, go fast” Aadi hurried.
Swara and Sahil move towards chest position while Ragini walk towards Aadi.
“Aadi walks towards Uttara and holds her hand tighter.” You shouldn’t make that promise, Uttara”
“Chipkali is better”Uttara said and releases herself from Aadi’s hold.
Aadi releases his hold while seeing Ragini gaze which expresses an unknown pain.
Ragini orders her sarathi to take towards her position and Uttar follows her.
“ I know Rago maa, I hurt you but I am sorry but hiding about my past Rago maa. Forgive me if you can. I promise you I will tell everything once the war will complete”Aadi said to himself.
Aadi and Senapathi takes eye postion in their Kruncha Vyuga and marched towards Sagatham sena.
Both the sena’s stands opposite to each other.
“Pithasri, I feel Aparajith is here”Arjun said who is standing in the middle of chakra vyuga.
“even, I feel that Arjun. may be we are missing him. “ rajat thought .”Arjun, it’s time to war . concentrate on war”Rajat said strictly.
Arjun takes Sangu in his hand and blows it. Aadi takes his Sangu which was kept under Kalsamhara moorthy idol and named as Panchanyam, blows it.
Soon, Aadi’s sena entered the chakravyug in the same position. Both the sena fight furiously.
“how did they know we are going to attack this point?” Arjun asked while Nishag and Ganthanam Maharaj nods no.
“ it becomes tougher that I thought. I wish you to be with me Aparajith”Arjun thought and said to himself.
“ I will save you and Samrat, Arjun. even It’s needed I will stack my life”AADI said to himself.
Laksh entered with his sena in nag Vyug (Soldiers formatted themselves in Snake formation) and cut the chakra into two halves while Aadi’s sena closed the wings of their Kruncha vyug , blocked half on enemies soldiers.
The pain in swara’s heart slowly converted into Rage.
“they are responsible for your miserable condition”Swara’s mind continuously yelled which makes her kill enemies soldiers with her arrows.
Swara pointed her arrow towards Arjun.
“Di, don’t harm Sagatham Yuvraj. It’s Yuvraj Aditya’s order”Sahil remained Aadi’s order which makes Swara shock.
“what are you saying?”Swar asked .
“even I don’t like this. But it’s throne’s order”Sahil said while attacking enemies soldier.
Sun is going to set in a hour.
Laksh fights furiously with Sathangam Upasenapathi while an unknown soldier shoots a arrow towards laksh.
Ragini sees it while fighting with Nishag senapathi , injures Nishag senapathi , throws her sword towards javelin and shouts”Laksh..”
Laksh kills Sathagam upasenapathi and turns by hearing Ragini’s yell”Sahi!” Laksh murmered.
Javelin falls near laksh . Laksh smiles to ragini while stabbing a soldier who is coming to attack him.
Ragini looks Laksh without blinking her eyes .
Nishag king sees Ragini throws his Javelin towards her from her backside. Laksh sees it and shouts “Sahi!”
Ragini turns with a jerk and falls on ground with shock.
“Aadi!” Uttara voice echoed in the battle place as she see Aadi , who is standing in battle ground with stabbed Javelin, which is half in front and another half in back, in his right shoulder.
“Aadi..”Ragini muttered in shock .
“Aahhh!”Aadi winced in pain while taking the javelin out and stumbled.
Ragini holds Aadi in her hands , takes the Kavash which holds his face , to make him breath easily.
“maa…”Aadi said while looking Ragini and pants.
Ragini sits in ground with thud while Uttara runs towards them.
Ragini looks a nine month child which she holding in her embrace.
“maa…” little Aadi said and smiled , kneeled towards Ragini.
Ragini runs and hugs him in happiness.
“Aahhh!” Aadi yelled which makes Ragini to realize her surrounding. She feels hot blood in her shoulders. She raised her head in which a enemy soldier is lying lifelessly in the point of javelin which directly pierced his heart and javelin another end is in Aadi’s right hand which makes his shoulder bleeding badly.
Arjun holds his chest as he feeling an unknown pain.
“what happened Arjun?”Rajat asked being safe in Chakravyuga’s middle.
“Pithasri… I don’t feel good. Something bad is happening. I feel someone is very close to heart is in pain”Arjun said looking lost while Nishag Maharaj marching towards Ragini and Aditya.
“Aadi..”Ragini yelled in louder voice and throws her armour , takes her saree pallu which she was tucked, torn it and bandaged it in Aadi’s right shoulder.
Swara and Sahil sees Aadi and Ragini who is in ground in the middle of battle field and Uttara who is killing everyone crossing her way with her Axes .
Swara and Sahil turned towards Ragini by hearing her yell and sees Laksh and Uttara marching towards them fastly.
“what is happening there?”Swara asked worriedly.
“something wrong”Sahil said and ride his horse towards Ragini and Aadi fastly along with Swara.
Swara reached first and sees Aadi who is standing with the support of a Javelin, his bleeding shoulder and run towards him.
“Aadi…”Ragini hold him by her hands to stop with moist eyes.
Aadi smiled faintly.
“ I promised to myself Ragomaa , I will save mera desh along with my family till I am alive. and still, I am not dead and more important, I am the head of this war. I could be here until the war is completed”Aadi said while looking Arjun .
Ragini looks Aadi with pleasing look and worried to see blood oozing while Swara and Sahil turns with the rage in their eyes, starts to kill every enemies without mercy.
“Aparajith..!” Arjun muttered while he is seeing injured Aadi. “Pithasri.. there is Aparajith. But why he standing like this? What is he doing here?” Arjun asked openly.
“no something went wrong”Arjun said and asked his Sarathi to drive there without thnking. Rajat worried about Arjun’s safety as there are so many Taniskant soldiers , asked his sarathi to drive there.
Nishag and Ganthanam kings arrive there in their chariot and hundred of soldiers, and jumps with their sword.
“Ha..ha.. ha… all the heirs of Tanishkant is here. Our work is become easy.”Nishag king laughs wickedly and sees Ragini with lustful eyes.
Laksh sees Nishag and Ganthanam kings from far and increase his speed to reach them.
“Mitra in which way we will kill them? the same way, I killed their father Maharaj rudraveer.”Nishag King asked venomously.
“but don’t worry Rajkumari , I have so many plans with you”Nishag king continued and smiled wickedly.
The pain in Ragini converted into an uncontrollable anger in which her eyes made reddish.
Nishang and Ganthanam soldiers started to attack them.
“ Sahil, Swara hold your weapons. If you need then use it”Ragini said which makes nishag and Ganthanam maharaj confused.
Ragini holds her sword and big Axe(Parasu ) in her two hands and holds it tighter while Aadi stand in her back with his bigger Axes. Ragini feels hot blood flow of Aadi in her back which makes her anger burst. Aadi and Ragini looks each other and departed, marched towards the soldiers.
“Ahhh!”Ragini yelled and starts to kill. Soon her Green color saree turned into red because of blood , her face, body even hair fully covered with blood , only her eyes are visible ,while so many heads rolling in Aadi feet.
Ganthanam Maharaj takes his sword and run towards Ragini. RAGINI puts her sword with Ganthanam Maharaj Sword, make it fall in one go and with Axe , she slited his body into two halves in vertical , sees Laksh who is standing who is frozen in shock.
Arjun and Rajat arrived there and shocked to see Aadi. Nishag King starts to run in his horse.
Ragini takes her javelin while Aadi takes his Axe with so much difficulty, Sahil takes his gadha and Swara be ready with her arrow .
“Jai maa Bhairavi ko”Ragini yelled .” Jai maa Bhairavi ko..”Swahildi followed.
Ragini throwed her javelin, then Swara released her arrow, while Aadi thrown his axe and Sahil thrown his gadha.
Swara arrow pierced Javelin’s wood and made the metal part go with high velocity and hit Nishag king, pierced his throat directly while Sahil gadha hit Aadi’s axe which make cut Nishag’s Maharaj body horizontally.
Nishag King’s upper part fallen on ground and his hands are thrown in air, calm down after few minute .
“Mera Sankalp purna Hogaya…”Ragini muttered after taking revenge for her pithasri’s death .
Aadi feels his vision blurred and starts to fall down.
Aparajith ran and sit in ground , which made AADI’S head fall down on Arjun’s lap.
“Aparajith..! Aparajith..!” Arjun tapped Aadi’s face with moist eyes, some tear drops falled on Aadi’s face.
Aadi holds Arjun’s hands.”Forgive me..!”Aadi said while looking Arjun and then ragini and his eyes closed.
Sun dusked in west which makes a start of dark in the ground along with their life.
Ragini kneeled beside Aadi.
“Aadi, you can’t leave me. “ Ragini yelled and her tears lines start to visible in blood covered face, falls on ground unconsciously .
Laksh ran towards Ragini and take her in his embrace , stared Aadi, cried silently.
Rajat sees some movements in Aadi’s legs and takes his hand, check the pulses.
“Arjun, go and take that medicines. We can save our Aparajith”Rajat hurried while Laksh looks Rajat puzzled and doubted. Arjun and others looked Rajat with hopeful eyes.
Sahil takes Aadi in his hands.
“Chandra..” laksh yelled and Chandra comes here as fast as he can.
“Rajkumar Arjun, Sahil will accompany you as now it’s not safe to go Nishag. Chandra take them”Laksh said and Chandra roared while looking Ragini then Laksh.
A Part of sena sent to Ganthanam and Nishag, to take control as Aadi instructed before.
Sahil and Arjun sits on Chandra.
“Veera..”Rajat called and veera come before and whinned little bit.
“we have to take Aparajith and clean his wounds as much soon we can” Rajat hurried.
Uttara nods in yes.
Rajat placed Aadi in his shoulder and followed Uttara while Laksh takes Ragini in his hand, rides Shubdev towards Tanishkant palace.
Sanskar wakes up and didn’t remember anything about his marriage.
“what I am doing in Tanishkant palace? Wait! I saw that tantrek real! What happened next? Is Ragini saved me again?”Sanskar asked himself and come out of his room.
A soldier informed about the war and Aadi’s injury to Sanskar.
Sanskar ran towards the place where Aadi is being treated.
Rajat cleaned his wounds while Sahil and Arjun returned with green leaf medicines. Rajat put that in white cloth and bandaged it tightly.

“Aadi..”Ragini yelled and opened her eyes with jerk.
Laksh hold Ragini shoulders.
“Sahi! See me. our Aadi ka kuch nagi hoga. He will be safe soon”laksh try to give her hope in the same way to him.
“no.. I have to see him. It’s my mistake, even after guessing about his relation with SATHAGAM, I shouldn’t allowed him to participate in this war. I shouldn’t try to bind him with throne ”Ragini stand from the cot and walks with little bit stumbling.
“Sahi! It’s not your mistake”Laksh tried to get her come out from guilt.
“ no it’s my mistake to love you even after knowing you will be threat to my desh and mera parivaar like your pithasri. No I shouldn’t not love you . if I didn’t love you , my concentration shouldn’t be diverted from my choti’s. my mind shouldn’t surrounded by worries about your safety. I shouldn’t want to see my Aadi , mera puttar to struggle his life. He taken that javelin just to save me .It’s all because of me and my unwanted love”Ragini walked and blabbered in shock like a mad.
Laksh hold her by her shoulders and looked her eyes which is moving here and there.
“Sahi!”Laksh murmured ragini’s name in shock while understanding she is becoming mad in Shock .
“I shouldn’t love you… I shouldn’t love you..”ragini chanted continuously. Without knowing anyother way, Laksh slapped ragini little bit hard which make her realize the surrounding.
“Aadi…”Ragini kneeled down and cries hardly.
In Aadi’s room,
“he is safe now. But…”Rajat paused which make everyone worried.
“his right hand is completely paralysed”Rajat said while closing his eyes.Arjun holds Aadi’s hand tighter while Uttara sobbed while sitting in ground.
“no.. it can’t happen…”Sahil muttered.
Swara steps back and runs towards her room as all the pain she suppressed, starts to hit her.
In Raglak side,
Laksh hugs her tighter and feels hotness because of Ragini’s tears. Sanskar looked at them with sadness and left towards Aadi’s room.
“Leave me Laksh… go away from me and my family Laksh… I can’t take anyother loss again in my life…” Ragini said in a painful voice which makes Laksh broke his hug and walk towards in opposite direction with tearful eyes.
Swara bounced on Laksh.
“Swara…”Laksh said.
“bhaiya… take me from here … take me from here.. I can’t take any other pain”Swara hugged and started to cry. Laksh side hugged Swara and let his tears fall down for his love and Aadi.
Both didn’t speak any word. Just tried to get solace for all their pains from their siblings.
Ragini cried a lot and her words which she used for Laksh hits her mind.. Ragini stands and sees Swalak as a point who are going towards Mahishmati in their chariot.

Precap:Theme: Rise of new hope :Samrat Lakshya and Maharani Ragini. Samrat Sanskar and Samragini Swara
To be continued…
Hi my dear friends, here is the first last part of past, still there are three or four parts. With that past will be completed. I know may be I am so boring you all with past. Really I am sorry guys. It’s really needed for my present . because my present based on reincarnation and revenge from previous births. I will give all the four parts of past in a single day after pongal(Sangaranthi).share your views . again another sorry for not giving present. Keep smiling and take care. Sara and Bala are signing out.

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