You are the culpirit (episode 2)

Durga enters Goenka office .
Sakshi : Hello Ms. Thakur since its your first day at work I am not gonna pressurize you so much .
Durga : Well Mrs. Goenka I have been selected for this job to work for the industry , to help the industry go ahead and to make a profit to this industry .
Sakshi : Wow ! I am impressed come I will show you your cabin .
Durga enters the cabin .
Sakshi : Well Durga this is your cabin now get on to work .
Sakshi leaves .
Durga : This is just the start Mrs. Goenka . In the future you will be both shocked and impressed to know what all I am caoable of .
Sakshi reaches her cabin .
Sakshi : Why do I feel Durga is someone who is related to our past ? I think I need to research about Durga Thakur .
Shauraya reaches the office .
Sakshi comes out . She sees shauraya .
Sakshi : What are you doing here shauraya ? You never come to the office .

. How did the sun rise from the west today ? Is Durga the reason ?
Shauraya : No mom what are you saying ? Nothing will happen like thst .
I promise .
Sakshi : It better not .
She goes .
Shauraya : Ah I got a narrow escape today . Today I won’t meet Durga because mom will spy on me so I won’t let that happen .

Precap : Durga says to Sakshi you should keep your enemies closer than your friends. Sakshi says for what ?

Okay guys bye .
Today I was going to write long but seems likd I won’t be able to do that.
So bye .

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    Nice episode….there was some spelling mistakes ….u can improved it easily

  3. It was good keep it up

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