Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 20

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 20

Recap :laksh says to swara that he loves ragini and ragini and munni are unconscious.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u guys for loving my ff.

Episode starts…

Scene:at hospital
Sanskar : oh God she is really something. For an unknown girl she is doing this much and at that time I thought that she will die if she doesn’t find munni.
Nurse :hey Mr. She is murmuring some thing go and see
Sanskar :very worriedly is she fine.nothing happen to her na.
Nurse:yaah she is alright but she wants rest and she gets conscious in 15min
Sanskar :ok and goes to see her.
Ragini :she is unions but murmuring munni plz come plz come. She is shivering as she drenched in rain
Sanskar wraps her with blanket while he is doing that she suddenly catches his hand. When he is trying to free his hand she pulls him he falls on her beside ragini on bed. Sanskar is staring at her(teri meri song plays)
Ragini wakes up:munni where is she. Is she alright. She saw sanskar and his position and asks him what he is doing
Sanskar: oh hello I just came to see u u only catched my hand and pulled me
Ragini:what rubbish I pulled u
Sanskar shows her his hand which she held him.
Ragini leaves his hand :what do u want as per ur wish I am working in ur office then why u did like this. U know she is my life.
Sanskar :first listen to me.
Ragini: plz I fold my hands in front of u plz don’t so anything to her. Plzzz she is getting pain in head as she is crying.
Sanskar :shut up sleep now. Y u always do bakbak just take rest.
Ragini:munni.. Munni
Sanskar :u stay here I will go and check. If u try to get up see what will I do.
Ragini makes a puppy face:ok come fast otherwise I will come.
Sanskar :OK he goes and asks sumi how is munni.
Sumi:she is fine by sudden shock she got scared and fainted. That’s all in fact she woke up now. BTW who are u
Sanskar :I am sanskar maheshwari ragini s Boss.
Sumi:are u lucky s brother.
Sanskar :is very angry mam Plz take munni to ragini she is asking her. I am leaving. Say to ragini that to take rest and don’t come tomorrow. And goes
Ragini:munni are u fine. I got very scared.
Munni rubs her cheek and cleans tears and says I am fine don’t worry avi s dad took me to his house as u were late. He wanted to call u but didn’t have no. So he fastly took me and took me to u.
Ragini hugs munni and thinks oh God I am mistaken. I should say sry to him
Sumi:ur Boss said to take rest and don’t come tomorrow to office.
Ragini:he is nice but why he behaves like that.

Scene:at avinash mansion
Avi: papa is munni went to laado. Say na
Sanskar :ha ha she went to her but in fact thanking me she is shouting at me. Leave it. It’s her routine to do bakbak.
Avi: papa is she working in our office.
Sanskar :Haa so what go and do ur work.

Scene :at gm
All are returning to gm and they are shocked to see swalak who were fighting about munni
Swara :today munni will stay with us
Laksh: oho shut up first we became frnds so she will stay with me.
Sumi: oh God ur cat fight again started.
Swara :laado what happened to u. She hugs her and cries
Ragini :shona nothing happens. Plz stop crying yaar.
Swara :what nothing happened what are these bandages. Are they ornaments for fashion dress competition.
All laughs
Laksh:what happened ragini. Are u fine. How it happened. When it happened.
Ragini:laksh it’s just a small accident and what happened ur more tensed my shona
Swara remembers laksh saying he loves ragini.
Munni:I won’t talk to u both
Swara: oho my chweet heart what happened
Laksh: oho I thought to give u chocolates but as u don’t want to talk to me so fine I will only eat
Munni:shona see na I want chocolates.
Swara :what lucky I also brought chocolates sweet heart don’t worry I will give u.
Munni: oh shona I love u but I won’t talk to thus gorilla. She makes faces to luck
Lucky:ok then I will give it to ragini.

At night
Sanskar is restless thinking is she fine. But what for me why am I thinking this much but once I should talk to her. He gets up to take phone he sees his suit has a hearing. He takes it and remembers how she lifted her. Oh this is hers. I think she won’t ask about this. Let’s see.
I should ask her how is she. No why I should worry. He sleeps but he doesn’t get sleep. Finally he decides something

Lucky leaves to mm
Munni is slept. Swaragini are talking
Swara :laado are u fine
Ragini:yaah I am fine
Swara:BTW mom said that ur Boss took u to hospital
Ragini:haa ravan kumar in his life time this is the first good thing.
Swar:what happened laado who is he.
Ragini:shona do u remember the mall one that guy
Swara:what you are working in his office
Ragini:Haa he is the cheap ravan kumar
Swara :ravan kumar his name is sanskar right
Ragini:ha that only.
Swara :u know he is luck…..
Phone rings
Ragini:who s this no. And picks it hello
Voice:hai laado
Ragini:avi is that u are u okk this late ur ravan papa said something or what
Actually sanskar asks avi call to ragini and he keeps it on speaker.
Avi:laado I am fine I called u to know how are u. Papa said that some accident
Ragini:yaah I am okk sweet heart u still awaken u sleep. Tomorrow when I come to drop munni I will talk. Gud Night handsome.
Sanskar :hello ragini
Ragini: oh God sir I I actually avi didn’t called I only Called to him. Don’t scold him
Avi:laado papa only made to call u. Sanskar hits his head
Sanskar :u go and sleep now
Ragini:sir oh I forgot that file is with me only sir I will bring it tomorrow.
Sanskar :no no its OK u take rest. I called u say u that don’t come tomorrow I will send someone to take the file
Ragini :no sir no problem I will come
Sanskar :ok then however u won’t listen to me but don’t come at 8 come at 10.okk
Ragini :ok sir thank u sorry
Sanskar :what
Ragini:sir thank u u took munni to ur house and sry I scolded u. I am sry sir
Sanskar :it’s OK. Take care byee
Ragini is in shock :ba… baa… byee
Ragini thinks it is my dream or I have e spoken to someone else.
Sanskar feels why I am feeling to take care.
Ragsan sleep

Scene :mrng Saturday 5
Ragini :shona come let’s go to temple
Swara:what laado this early u want to take me to temple. U know na I don’t believe in God so u go enjoy.
Ragini: oh how did I forgot OK then can u drop munni to school.
Swara: okk gud night

Scene :at temple
Ragini does her pooja w and when about to return she hits ap
Ragini:aunty u sry
Ap: oh u come to temple every day
Ragini:no aunty only Saturdays
Ap: oho this early nowadays who comes to temple. Oh actually come to our house na. Are u busy
Ragini :actually I had to go to office.
Ap becomes sad
Ragini:but I am thinking to come while going to office as it is on the way. Ap smiles
Ragini goes

Scene :at gm
Munni is shouting
Ragini :what happened munni why are u shouting
Munni turns and ragini is shocked
Munni:see laado how this shona made me ready
Ragini laughs as she made munni like choti swara.
Swara :arey this is also nice na
Munni:if I go like this then my frnds will be afraid of me.
Swara :no cutie it’s very nice
Munni:no I am looking like devil. And starts crying.
Ragini makes her to stop crying and makes her ready
Swara:ok then I will sleep. And u munni go like a oldie. Okk
Ragini smiles munni beats her on her hip and runs.

Scene :at school
Ragini drops munni and was going to mm

Scene :at mm
Ragini blindfolds dp by her hands:guess
Ap :comes and was about to call ragini but stops as ragini says
Dp:hmm it’s my gorgeous roopa
Ap is fuming and keeps away ragini s hand and says who is roopa
Dp:arey I was just joking I know it is ragu
Ragini: oho uncle ur really great.
Dp:what happened dear what is this bandage
Ragini:nothing uncle a small accident
Ap:nothing serious na
Ragini:no aunty it’s small and BTW what will happen to me as ur wishes were with me.
Dp:well said and our wishes are always with u
Ragini:tq u uncle
Dp: oho u forgot u said u will call me friend na
Ragini:Haa I forgot.
Fb: on the day she came to their house
Dp:why are u tensed beta
Ragini:nothing uncle actually I want a advice of u
Dp:ask na ragu
Ragini:actually a guy is there he destroyed my dhaba in Kolkata when I came here he by cheating made to sign an agreement and says all and asks if I should accept or not.
Dp: oh that’s it if I was in ur place I will not fear by his blackmailing but bravely face him and shows my talent and free my self.
Ragini:tq uncle.. Sry from now I will call u friend.
Dp:thank God.
They laughs
Ap:come ragini let’s have breakfast
Dp :Ap did ur son didn’t wake up till now
Ap:he came late at night after a long journey. Let him take rest.
Dp:he is now also doing that only na
Ragini :can I wake him up
Ap:ok go there’s his room
Ragini goes and wakes him but he doesn’t wake up but laksh was dreaming saying that oh my angel come na.
Ragini goes and plays temple run tune
Laksh wakes up suddenly by which ragini fell on him. Laksh sees her and says I think my dream oh God but I want it to be true.
Laksh:she is talking in dream how sweet voice
Ap comes and sees them and says Humm humm
Laksh wakes up and says oh God ragini u here
Ragini:Haa I am here BTW what are u murmuring in ur dream.
Laksh:that means u didn’t heard anything
Ragini:no come yaar fastly down uncle is calling u
Laksh comes down and sees ragini dp and Ap are laughing
Dp:Haa see Ap who has come
Ap:stop it ji
Dp:u know we call Putra to the ones who are helpful to their fathers but he what should I call him
Laksh: papa I think suputra
All laughs
Dp:ha ha ragu ur also laughing
Ragini :leave it uncle. He is like that only
Lucky:ragini how do u know my maa papa
Dp:how do u know this ediot
Lucky :maa see na he is spoiling my reputation
Dp:actually for spoiling first of all u should have naa.
Ragini smiles and says:laksh actually I know them before I met u means the previous stop where u came into bus
Ap: oho so u also travelled with her in bus. Very nice what a coincidence. U know laksh she saved ur papa too when he got problem by diabetes
Laksh:that’s why don’t eat that much.
Dp sees him angrily
Lucky: oh I am sry I am going
Ragini :aunty I will also leave now
Ap:ok but take ur belongings
Ragini:what aunty
Ap :not aunty maa. U forget and she goes and bring her chain and bangles which she gave in the hospital when Ap got heart attack
Ragini :aunty tqq very much actually thus were my mom’s last thing that I had
Ap:then y did u gave it
Ragini:as that time I don’t have any money that’s why BTW I gave it to save someone’s life na. I am happy for that and I gave it to maa only na.
Ap hugs her and they both become emotional
Ragini is leaving
Dp:ragu wait u forgot ur file
Ragini : oh thank u very much uncle it is very important otherwise My ravan will dance on my head
Lucky :come ragini I will drop u
Dp:u didn’t go till now
Lucky:yes papa I went but thought how ragini will go that’s why I came to pick her up
Raglak leaves..
Ap:see ji he is fully xerox copy of u always flirting like u.
Dp:Haa he got that only from me
Ap smiles

Scene :at avinash companies
Lucky:what ragini ur working here
Ragini:Haa what happened
Lucky:no nothing u are working at school right
Ragini :ha but it lost
Lucky : oho OK then byee enjoy
Ragini :what enjoy my boss is very rude and biggest enemy of mine
Lucky :what happened
Ragini:long story I will say it afterwards. Byee
Ragini goes
Laksh sees sanskar and cries and hugs him
Sanskar :hey u leave me.
Laksh:bhai what is this Plz stop it now come to our house na with avi
Sanskar :don’t even take avi s name. We don’t have any relation with u. U get that and I had my own house. Get lost
Laksh:bhaii plz don’t do like this bhaii
Sanskar leaves laksh cries

Scene :at office
Krishna:give that file which sir gave u yesterday
Ragini :gives him file and asks why is ravan kumar so cool.
Krishna :don’t know
Ragini: okk and thinks I should ask or not. No I should ask it is very important and was about to go she sees sanskar is frustrated and was scolding krishna very badly.
She thinks I will go after sometime.
After 2hrs
Ragini:sir can I come in
Sanskar:yes come in
Ragini:I think he is cool now I should ask him
Sanskar:what happened ragini why are murmured in a very cold tune
Ragini :is shocked sir actually I lost my earing I want to ask u of it is with u.
Sanskar :yaah why not its with me I will give u.

Episode ends with ragini shocking face

Precap :new character..

Guys I will reveal the fb in coming 2-3episodes.thanks for encouraging me. I hope u are liking my ff. Thank uuuuuu


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