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RECAP:thaan and vipdhaan meeting swaragini and sanlak & deciding to go long drive respectivley and a man entered thaaan and vipdahaan shocked see him
Man:i listen everthing wat u all were saying but it can’t happen
Screenfrezes on shocked faces

(I will say about that man in next episode)

At 6pm all were ready for longdrive

(Swaragini,bihaan,dhani went together)
(Sanlak, thapki,vipluv weny together)
from there houses for long drive


Rag:(lifting hand in air and enjoying) wo bhai I’m proud of u

Bihaan :y u proud of ha
Rag:becuz even after 2years u dnt forget driving na
Bihaan:wat do.u mean i.dnt forget
Rag and dhani:obviously bhai ur bhulakad na u forget that also tht u r bhula…
Bihaan:hahaha very funny stop it k

Rag:thank u bhai
Bihaan:for wat, and again u forget our roles ha!
Rag:i dnt forget any roles, but becuz of all u me & swara r going.to long drive and enjoying after 2years
Bihaan:oh u were in jail na for 2years, waise who killed foe jail ha(controlling laugh)
Rag:shut up bhai thz is too much k(fake anger)
Bihaan:k I’m sorry meri ma now dnt be angry enjoy the long.drive my rocking ragini. K leave that all k. Swara
(Bihaan and ragini r sitting in front seat and.swara dhani on back)

Swara:hmm bhai
Bihaan:(without turning)swara r u listening to me
Swara:ya bhai say na
Bihaan:were u want to go my sweet swaru
Swara:where were u take or ask lado or dhani
Bihaan:(fake anger)swara I’m asking to u not them just say were u want go we will stop there & one more thing i want my swaru who used to enjoy little things not thz boring swara k got it
Swara:k bhai I’m sorry.(holding her ears) Let go to beach where we used to go
Bihaan:(smiles)sure my sis
(They went to beach and were having good time togther playing with water)

Dhani:bhai bhai listen na (pating her on bihaan shoulder)
Bihaan:ya say dhani I’m listening only
Dhani:bhai i.want eat ice cream see there bhai
Rag and swara(excitedly):ya bhai plz
Bihaan:no just now u all played with and now ice cream u will get cold no i will not allow u.to eat ice crean
Swaragini and dhani:wat bhai u only said we came to enjoy na but see (pout face) go bhai we will not talk with u go
Bihaan:(melted)k fine but.only one ice cream k
Swaragini and dhani:k bhai now come

(They went to icecream stall)
Bihaan :wat u want my rocking rags and sweer swaru

Swaragini:butter soch (smiles)
Bihaaan:bhaiya 2 buttet soch dena(truned) and u my duffer dhani
Dhani:any one (excitedly) wait wait bhai wat u.said to me am i looking duffer to u. U will never change bhai wait i will not leave u (and started running and bihaan was chasing her)

Swaragini(laughs)(&took the ice cream’s and ran behind them)

(Dhani caught bihaan & started beating play fully)
Bihan:(laughs)kk not stop
Dhani:no bhai todat i will not leave u Im duffer na wait
Swara:(from behind)(play fully) enough dhani leave bhai k(went and stand beside bihaan)
Rags:wat swara bhai said for my cute sis duffer and u r supporting to him it is not fare u always support him
Bihaan and swara:becuz we r sweet brilliant and u both r rocking duffers(laughs) (saying thz they ran form there)
Dhain:see rags wat they said for us
Rags(fake anger):we r rocking duffers wait i will not leave u both(& she ran behind them)

While ranning swaragini saw a couple kissing they remmber some boy kissing them respectivly

Sawra:(remmemberd a boy saying) i love shona (& kissed her)(her eyes fill with tears)(she came back to sense when drop.of tear falled on her palm)
swara:why god why i can’t stop loving him why

Rags:(who also saw a couple kissing each other remmember a boy kissing to her)
Rags:god i can’t forget him why god (a drop of tear fall from her eyes) no no rags u should be strong for ur swaru if u cry then even she wil cry no

(They both came to sense when bihaan called them)

Bihan:hey swaru and rags come fast it’s 10pm ma and c ma will scold us we go late u know na come fast

Swaragini :ya bhai we r coming
(After good time together they went to.there home)



THAPKI:WO bhai everthing kolkata i same like 2 years before na
Sanky:ha everthing is same(anger) but not people’s
Vipluv:wat do u mean bhai (confused)
Sanky:(smiles)nothing leave it na k say were u want to go
Vipluv:where u want there u take us
Sanky:k let’s go to beach where we used to go

Vipluv and thapki(shocked)(remmbered bihan saying that swaragini, bihan,dhani.going to beach) they remmber a man who entered sanlak cabin while they were planning reunite them but the said them that not to make meet swaragini and sanlak

Vipluv and thapki:no no no
Sanky:now wat happen to both of u ha
Thapki:wo wo bhai…(fumbles)
Sanky:(without turning)wat say na chotto
Vipluv:nothing bhai we dont want to go to beach so..
Sanky:but y
Thapki:becuz we want to see sunset bhai u know that place na where we used to go to see sunset plz bhai take there plz(pout face)
Sanky:k my chotto anything for u

Lucky (smiles while listening song)

(They reached their)

Thapki:wo bhai sun is looking awesome na (stared running and sat down upon stone)
Sanky and lucky (smiles seeing her childish behaviour)

Vipluv:sanky bhai u all used to.tease me as book worm na now u all should tease for lucky also as devdas ha! See how he is quite bihaan is right
Thapki:ya luv bhai u r right we should call
Lucky bhai as devdas
(& she hit lucky’s head play fully and said)
Hai mere devdas but bhai devdas used to drink na but thz devdas listening songs .hmmm i will sing a song on lucky bhai k

Muje song sune ka shok nahi
Song suntha hoon gaam boola ne ko (fake crying)

Sanky and vipluv:(laughs) u r right chotto
Lucky who was also listening thz burst into laugh

Lucky:(laughs) chotto ki bhachi wait i will not leave u .(& ranning behind her)
Thapki:bhai u can’t catch me k
Lucky:wait i will show u
(Finally caught her)
Lucky: u learnt all ur hubby’s habit na
Sanky:hey wait u dnt said me where r bihaan and dani whenn i asked. & why they left the office &why they dnt came with us ha
Vipluv:(fumbles)wo wo bhail..
Thapki:(lies)offo bhai they have some imp work so they dnt came now leave that all (divert topic)bhai u na how we used to.enjoy in this place u, me,lucky bhai,vipluv bhai,bihaan, dhani,(unknowingly she said.)swaragini also

Sanlak:who listen the name of swaragini respectivley went to deep toughts

Lucky:(thinking) god why i love her more than anything god

Sanky:(thinking) i just hate her i just hate(a drop of tear fall from his eyes) no no i can’t get weak i should be strong for my bro lucky

Thapki (realized wat she told just now)
and both thapki and vipluv drivert the topic

Thapki and vipluv:bhai
no reply
Thapki and vipluv:(shouted)bhaiiiiiiiiiiiii..
Sanky and lucky :(came to sense) ha wat happen for both of u y ur shouting
thapki and vipluv:(murmring)
Thapki:see bhai they r asking wat happen that we should ask them na
Vipluv:ya thapki u r right thz 2 na ha! How many lies we should say becuz of them ha
Sanky :hey wat u guys murmring ha
Thapki:nothing bhai I’m hungry let’s go and eat something na(lies)
Sanky:k sure

All eat and had good moment together and went to.there house

Precap:swaragini and sanlak came face to.face

So guys how was my ff pls plz plz do comment and ha i will reveal the pairs in next episode

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Credit to: tanu

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