Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 37

Recap: Swasan patch up.

Next night is sangeet and it starts with them talking about Shresth, Ragini looks very nervous, but no one notices it and then the performance start. After all the performances, the couples dance to the song Soch na Sake. The next day it’s haldi and Rohan and Bhavika are not allowed to meet, which means neither are any one the other three couples. That night is also mehendi night. Sanlak, Rohan, Jai and Viren really want to meet their partner, but they all hide the fact from the other boys and decide to secretly go and meet their SO (significant other).
All the boys come dressed in a saree only, but in order to find their SO, they can’t go to them, so they all decide to just leave, and they are all exciting, when they crash into each other.
Jai: TUM charo, yaha kaise.
Rohan: Oye, tum yaha aaeye kisli
Jai: Aap ne bolaya is le. Stupid I came to meet Maira, she hasn’t even texted me back since this morning. :-x. But Rohan, Viren, Sanskaar, And laksh, why are you here.
Viren, Sanlak: Woh.
Rohan: Stop, one at a time please.
Laksh: I came to see Swayam.
Sanskaar: I came to meet Swara.
Viren: Actually, I came to ask Jeevika, what her favorite movie is. Actually I’m planning a movie date so.
Sahil: I was getting bored, so I decided to come.
Jai: It’s Hum Saath Saath Hai, okay now leave salle sahab. And Swayam is with his dadi’s, so you can also leave Laksh. And Sanskaar, you can see Swara later, so leave. And Rohan, it’s a apshagun to see Bhavi before the wedding, so you guys leave okay.
They all nod and are about to leave, when they realize something.
R, V, S,L,S: And what about you?

Jai: I have to see my mairu, how can I leave.
They all then decide to sit in one corner and wait for their S.O.
The girls are come in beautiful cholis, except Bhavika, she is wearing a very simple dress.
The function starts and the girls perform and the boys smile looking at them. Slowly everyone is being pulled onto the dance floor and the boys quickly are able to escape, other than Viren. He is pulled to dance, so he goes and dances with Jeevika and the boys go back to rescue him, but they themselves get stuck and they start dancing as well.
Swara feels Sanskaar around her and she sees Sanskaar ring and dances with him freely and she also shows him her mehendi with SANSKAAR written. He gets happy and hugs her, but releases her before anyone notices him.
Ragini is getting her mehendi put on, so she can’t dance, but she sees laksh and smiles remembering laksh getting caught on their mehendi night and signals him to go and he is about to leave, when someone says Roko. Everyone stops and it’s a women, she’s looking directly at Jeevika and “Viren”. The boys think they are going to die today. And so do their SO’s.
Bhavika: Mom, kya hua.
B,V’s mom: There is something wrong with this lady and she pulls Viren away from Jeevika and everyone is really scared.
She takes the dupatta from Viren’s head and all the ladies are shocked.
B,V’s mom: Viren, why are you here. I was expecting Rohan or someone, but not you. Why are you here and that to dancing so closely with Jeevika.
Jeevika: Aunty actually ..
Viren: I love her mom and I want to marry her.
B,V mom: really, (Viren nods) I’m really happy I always wanted a bahu like her and I’m getting her as a bahu only. Thank you beta. Now tell me where are the other boys, I mean Rohan ji or Jai.
Viren: It’s just me the others are finishing their work. I was the only one with free time.
Everyone is relieved, they know Viren would never rat them out, but still. All the girls warn their SO’s to leave and all the boys leave.

Next day is the wedding and since Sanlak were from the guys side. They were going to leave and get ready at a hotel and then return with the baraat. The baraat arrives and the rituals start. The girls get ready to steal the groom’s shoes and they are successful, and the guy’s side keeps trying their best to get them back.
Sanskaar catches swara trying to run and holds her hand and brings her back to him and turns her around and kisses her. Swara breaks off and says NO chance sanskaar, I’m not giving you the shoes. He then tries to take the box from her and starts getting romantic and says you are the best, you are my life, the reason I breathe and he slowly takes the shoe box away from her and says yes I won and he goes and he happily goes and himself hides the box, without even looking inside.
Ragini is looking around and she is running towards a room and she hides the box and is about to leave, when she dashes into Laksh.
Lak: Jaan, where are the shoes.
Rag: (makes a cute innocent face) I don’t know, I think Viren hid it.
Lak: Aacha, then why did you come inside the room with a box and that to secretly.
Rag: If you saw it, It was not that secretly.
Lak is moving forward and she is going backwards.
Rag: Swayam, lak looks back and Ragini escapes and Laksh finds the box and he hides it.

After the rituals, Rohan is asked to sit and the boys all go to bring the shoebox. All the boys (Jai, Tapan, Sanskaar and Laksh) each come with a box in their hands and they all look at each other’s box and get shocked, thinking which one is which. Each of them decide to open the box and each box contains either flowers, or papers. The girls side laugh at this and start singing joote lo, paise do.
Rohan: (looks at the boys) : Guys one responsitbilty, look after my shoes. Girls how much money do you want.
Tapan: How do we know they also have the shoes, I mean all these look the same, what if they also lost it?
Ragini: Tapu ke bache, rok. Mairu get the shoes. Maira gets the shoes from right under the doli. all the boys looked on shocked.
—————– fb starts——————————————
The girls decide the minute Rohan takes his shoes off, Viren will pretend to put them in a box, and give it to Swara, but he himself will go and hide the shoes in the dholi.
—————- fb ends———————-

S,R,V,M: Jatka laga.
Ragini: Tapu ke bache, ab paise nekalo. Rohan JIiiiiiJu, jhoote lo, paise do.
Maira: Rohan come on now. we have the shoes.
The wedding ends and everyone goes to sleep, since they are returning home the next afternooon.

Mumbai, next day.
Swasan, Raglak, Parash and Uttra reach MM house and all the elders (they left on sangeet day as DP had an important meeting) are having seeing Uttra and they go and hug her and congratulate her. The youngsters are confused.
Swara: badi ma, kya hua. Itni saari mubarak Uttra ko kyun.
Suju: Meri beta ka rishtaa paka hogaya hai.
Uttra looks shocked and she runs to her room, while the others are a little shocked and sad and happy.
Sanskaar: Sachi ma, kab hua yeh.
DP: Hamari important meeting, Uttra ke liye thi. Woh hamare business partners hai aur unhe busniess ko rishtadare mein badal nah tha.
Laksh: Papa, is it a good idea though. I mean you only said it’s not good to mix business with personal life.
DP: I know, but they belong to a really good family.
Pari: Waise, Papa ladke ka naam kya hain?
Suju: Uska naam………..
Suddenly they hear a scream from Uttra’s room and everyone runs up to her room.

Precap: Suspense revealed.
Sorry for making you guys wait. But next epi be ready.

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  1. Is it shrest from whom uttara is going to get married?

    1. Sorry Tooba, you have to wait for the mystery.

  2. Ya ya it is shresth only. Finally u will reveal the mystery..

    1. yeah finally

  3. Did uttra commit suicide…

  4. Great epi dear..

  5. Very nice

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