Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 28

Recap: Manager caught, he shoots Ragini, she is taken to hospital, doctor gives Laksh some news.

Laksh: Doctor, are you sure, I mean there’s no mistake right?
Doc: We got the tests done and Ragini is pregnant. But, please don’t get your hopes up Just in case we are unable to save the baby.

Just then a nurse comes out and asks for Dr. Bhavika.
Nurse: Dr. Maira is asking for Dr. Bhavika to prep and come inside.
Doc: I’m sorry, but may I know why. Just then Maira comes out.
Maira: Sorry Dr. but Dr. Bhavika is one of the best neonatal surgeon I know.
Doc: Ok, but we need to hurry, otherwise we may not be able to save either of them.
Laksh is about to fall, but Sanskaar catches him and he starts crying. Sumi and Dadi console him, while Sujata and AP are sitting with Swara. Swara is just sitting with a blank expression, she is not saying anything nor is she crying. Sanskaar goes to her and hugs her but she just sits there. Rohan comes there and informs them about the case being taken back and SRSG Industries is trouble free.
Jai: I made sure that manager is never able to get anywhere near any of us. He will also be spending a lot of time in jail. ( He goes to Swara and puts his hand on her head and says don’t worry sis, Ragini is strong, she’s going to be alright.)

Three hours later,
Bhavika and Maira come out and go and hug Swara, and both at the same time say hum maasi ban ne wale hai.
Hearing this everyone gets happy and they start hugging each other and Swara starts crying saying my Ragini is fine right.
Jai: I told you sis, she will be fine, she’s stronger than all six of us combined. Everyone laughs hearing that. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the doctor to give permission to meet Ragini, but the most nervous people are Swalak. The doctor comes and says you guys can go and meet her, but be mindful she may not be able to stay awake for long, she is still under the effects of the anesthetic. As the doctor leaves, Swalak run inside the room and both go to Ragini’s side and try talking to her. She’s sleeping, but she opens her eyes and smiles looking at Swalak. Everyone else comes inside and after seeing Ragini okay, all the elders leave and the only people left are Swasan, Laksh, and the elites and Sahil and Uttra. They are all sitting in a huge circle around Ragini’s bed and they keep trying to talk to Ragini, but she keeps falling asleep.

At night, only two people are allowed to stay with Ragini, so swalak decide to stay with her. After Swara goes to sleep on the sofa, Laksh pulls his seat close to Ragini and falls asleep holding her hand.

Early Morning, Ragini wakes up and sees Swara sleeping on the sofa and Laksh sleeping while holding her hand, she takes her other hand and runs it through his hair. Laksh wakes up and sees Ragini smiling and he starts tearing up and smiles looking at her. He’s about to wake Swara up, but she signs him not to.
Rag: I Love You.
Lak: I Love You Too. You know I thought I lost you when I saw you being shot. I lost all hope at that minute, but Thank You for coming back to me. I promise I won’t ever treat you the way I did. And If i do, just hit me once.
Rag is about to laugh, but remembers Swara, and says promise?
Lak: (He puts his hand on her stomach) I promise on our child.
Rag looks really confused and says What Laksh, jhooti promise.
Lak: What Jhooti promise.
Rag: We don’t have a child. And it’s not like I’m pregnant.
Lak gives her a “you are serious right look” and holds both of her hands and says Jaan, we are going to be parents.
Rag: Laksh stop joking, I don’t like these kind of jokes.
Lak: Ragini, I’m serious, ask Swara or the doctors or even Bhavika, we are going to be parents.
Rag: WHAT. She faints hearing this and Laksh runs and calls the nurse and the doctor comes after some time and says she probably fainted due to weakness, but I feel the anesthetic still has not worn off and he leaves.

Swa: Laksh, I’m going home and coming ok. Don’t let her eat anything from here. I’ll make some food and bring it for her. She leaves. On the way she calls Sumi and informs about Ragini waking up and then fainting hearing about her pregnancy news and she asks Sumi to prepare some of Ragini’s fav foods.
She also calls the elites and informs them.

Swara reaches MM house and after informing all the family members, she goes to her room and sees Sanskaar sleeping, he was working till late night and so she goes and clears his laptop and files and covers him with a blanket and she goes to get ready. After getting ready she goes to Sanskaar kisses his forehead and she is about to go when Sanskaar hold her hand and pulls her on the bed with him. (It’s just like the night of their mehendi.)
Swa: Sanskaar please, let me go. I need to get ready and then I have to leave to go to the hospital.
San: Shona, 5 minutes, please. see complies and they both fall asleep with Sanskaar back hugging Swara.

Swara’s phone rings, disturbing Swasan.

Swara: Hello
Lak: SWARA, where are you, hurry up and come here please.
Swa immediately wakes up and says what happened.
Lak: Bhabhi, you said you will be back fast, it’s been fourty-five minutes, hurry up and also bring Sanskaar with you.
Swara wakes Sanskaar up and says utho please, Laksh is calling you to the hospital.
Sanskaar wakes up and says what happened,
Swa: I don’t know, but he was worried.
After Sanskaar gets ready Swasan, AP and sujata go to gadodia house and pick up Sumi and Dadi and they reach the hospital.
They go in and see Ragini sleeping and Laksh looking concerned.
Swara: What happened she fell asleep again.
Lak: No, when she fell unconscious, and she has not woken up yet. The doctors think because of the weakness and shock she fell asleep, but she’s not waking up whatever I try.
Sanskaar: She fell unconscious after hearing she was pregnant.
Sumi: Only Ragini can do that.
Sumi wakes her up.
Ragini wakes up and looks at Swara and Sumi and says she had the weirdest dream ever.
Swara and Sumi ask what and Ragini says she dreamed that she was pregnant. Everyone present there starts laughing and Ragini notices all the faces and asks them why they are laughing.
Dadi: Kyun ki meri ladoo, sach mein maa ban ne wali hai.
Sumi: Ha Maa, Joo Khud bacchi hai, woh bacche ki maa ban ne wali hai.
Rag: Looks shell shocked and says Swara they are joking right, it’s impossible, I can’t be pregnant. Just then Bhavika and Maira arrive with Rohan, Jai and Tapan.
Bhavika: Ragini, we are serious you are going to be a mommy, and we three (looking at Swara, Maira and her) are going to be Masi’s.
Rag: Guys, please stop joking.
Mai: Rig we are serious, Bhavi show her the sonography.
Bhavika shows Ragini a sonography and says see that small tiny dot, that’s your baby. Laksh and Ragini look at that picture and smile looking at each other.

Precap: Finally Swasan get to spend some time alone.

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