Swaragini (love forever) Episode 33

RECAP: raglak swasan jealousy…..


maya is totally lost now and is under the effect of medicine
sanskar:so maya strat speaking the truth of ur motive behind this marriage
maya:marriage….me ….property
sanskar:uff….how to make her speak clearly??
swaragaini enter in
swara:boys only know how to flirt but dont know how to do main work
sanskar:excuse me???

swara:excused….now plz….
she moves him aside and sits in front of maya

ragini stands behind maya
swara starts patting maya’s face hardly to wake her up a bit
ragini:she is a little mean and bad person so do sth more bad
swara:what do u mean??
ragini:i mean this…
ragini starts pushing maya’s hair and spins her head
maya screams

boys are shocked at their act
laksh:these girls have a villain shade too
sanskar:i must buy some shield for me.swara is very dangerous
laksh:bhai…if ragini will pull my hair i will be bald….how will i look??
sanlak imagine a bald laksh and feel irritated at their thought and ward it off
swara:so maya….do u love sanskar??

ragini:does ur bro love swara?

swara:u want maheshwari property right?
ragini:thats why u r doing this marriage?
swara:ur bro made a fake mms to blackmail me.right?
ragini:he wants to take revnge from swara?

ragini:final question
swara:and ur mom anu is involved in all this?
yes….we did this…i tried to kill u but u got saved….i want money….we wont leave u….

all smile victoriously as laksh records it all…..
swara:hmm….work done….oh no but mms??
laksh:we foung it.
fb shows that when raglak couldnt find mms in his mobile they searched his cupboard and found a another mobile and checked mms in it.they gave hi five took mms and left room.fb ends
swara:thank God

ragini:thanks to us
laksh:bhai also worked really hard.
sanskar:forget it….i will take my prize….right swara??
swara understands that he wants to be romantic but she remembers maya….
swara:of crse sanskar…right now we r leaving…u bring ur butterfly home….bye….

they leave….
swaraglsk reach maheshwari house where all are gathered.
anu:tomorrow is marriage swara.so u should be shy but u r fluttering….
swara:actually aunti i am a modern bride
ragini smiles
anu:hm…and yeah after marriage u wont be allowed to wear jeans…i dnt want anybody to talk negatively about my daughter in law
ragini:aunti….u r alos very modern …. why dnt u think about people’s words abt u???
anu is speechless while all are amused at ragini’s answer

all are taken aback to see maya unconscious in sanskar’s arms.
anu and sid run to her
sid:what happened to her

swara fumes seeing maya in sanskar’s arms
sanskar makes her lie on couch
anu:what happened to her
sanskar is about to make an excuse when swara interrupts
swara:she must have drunk alcohol in excess
sanskar is hell shocked at swara’s jealousy

ragini:oh yes…she is stinging…
ragini shuts her nose while ladies smile as they understand girls’ jealousy
laksh:bhai take poor girl to her room
ragini:poor girl??why is he caring so much??u r dead laksh….

anu and sid think of leaving maya with sanskar
sanskar takes her to room
swara silently follows
maya is semi conscious now.sanskar lies her on bed
maya:hey baby….u r so cute….
sanskar:maya….u should rest
maya:rest with me na….
swara widens her eyes in shock
swara:what a jerk she is…
maya pulls sanskar closer.his shirt button breaks

sanskar:its ok…i will manage.
maya:u r so close to me….lets kiss!!!!
swara is damn shocked
maya pouts her lips and then falls unconscious again
sanskar takes a sigh of relief

he turns around to find swara with tears in her eyes.
sanskar:no…i was….
swara makes a baby crying sound and sees a book at dressing and throws at sanskar.
sanskar:ouch….swara my head…
swara leaves
sanskar:swara…..oh God….now i have to make her smile again….
he smiles at the thought…..

laksh hugs ragini
ragini:leave me
laksh:ok i m sorry na#
ragini:no mnz no
laksh:i love u
laksh:so plz forgive me….what do i do??
ragini:come to terrace at my house then i will tell u
ragini:shut up….dnt be late…….

swaragini leave for their home…………

next epi: marriage time…………..

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