swaragini love me episode 13


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episode starts with sanskar thinking in relief that swara do not know i am sanskar maheshwari who try to rape her, so he decided to not to reveal his identity till she

becaomes his best freind and he comes out of thoughts by swara’s voice hey freind what is ur name i never asked u, sanky thinks to say different name so he told his

name as SANKY, swara ohh good name, sanky ok thanx, swara hey sanky u realy helped me too much now u can go u may had work and atif had come so i will go with him at

my house, sanky feels jealous thinks ohh her boyfreind had come so she may wanted privacy with him, hey sanky just leave it why to take tention it is her life so he

went by saying bye to both of them (note sanky do not know atif is like swara’s brother) after some time by completing formality atif drops swara at her house and says

swara be carefull and do not do much work okk, doctor told u to take rest for 2 days, swara says okk and went inside her house, in this 2 days swara was at her home

only she always used to think about sanky and atif used to come to meet swara daily and brings food for her and sanky also had same condition he daily thinks about

swara he daily used to go to same park where they meet first time as he thinks that she will come one day, after 2 days there was pleasent morning swara got up and

started going to college by walking on road with the support because her leg is not fully cured but a car comes and stop in front of her where our another hero lucky

comes out and says hii, swara looks towards lucky and happily says hii bow rags also come out and both hug each other,
lucky- hey u both girls now stop hugging and swara please seat in car we will go to college togather
swara- no i will manage
rags- no swara first becasue of me u had to face this much problem that i have seen u can not walk properly so u have to come with us please
swara agrees and sit in car, all trio had nice coversion where swara becomes freely with raglak and same with raglak
now trio reached college
ragini- hey lucky u park the car and come and we are going
both swara and ragini starts going towards classroom where ragini was about to fall than…………………………………………….. she falls on ground with

thud sound (hehehe everytime hero is not there to save heroine)
rags- ahhh….
swara- ohh how u fall down stand up swara
than a boy comes and gives hand to ragini without looking up ragini gives hand and he pull her towards him, ragini hits on his chest now both are very closer to each

other than he sees her face very closely and he gets mesmerised by looking her, ragini opens her eyes, sees him and feels umconfertable amd move away with jerk boy

come out of sense with sudden jerk
boy- oh i am sorry
rags- okk okk no problem u can go
in the mean time lucky comes and pats rags what happened, move towards boy and ask what happened why are u standing here
swara- are lucky he saved ragini
lucky panicks and move his hand on her face, ragin are u ok is anything happened to u, are u ok, are tell n rags why are u silent
rags- ohh lucky if u will give time to say anything than only i will be able to say
lucky- okk tell me
rags- tall him everything and lucky sighs in relief ohh its ok
but other side was fuming in anger as lucky is so close to ragini, other side some one was very happy to see them and that was swara
swara- ohho now stop ur drama and let us go to class
ragini and lucky comes to senses where lucky moves toward boy and says thank you
boy- ohh its okk
swara- by the way what is ur name
boy- hi my name is veer
lucky- ohh good name
ragini- are u new admition because i did not see u before
veer- ya i am new admission in third year
ragini- ohh just like swara u also came in this college by clinical rotation
veer- yaa but who is swara
rags- sign towards her and he smiles
rags comes towards veer and ask in which year u r studying
veer- 3rd year
rags- ohh goood i am also in 3rd year
than she forwards her hand veer happily also forward his hand
rags- so i am ragini
veer- i am veer and veer did not removed his hand and was seeing her continuesly but 4 pairs of eyes watching to both of them where one pair of eye was feeling jealous and it was none other than lucky so he came in between and removed their hands and say so my lifejacket can we go now
ragini nods and starts going with lucky, veer becomes sad but one pair of eye watching all activities of veer continuesly and she was non other than swara, swara thinks ohh god this is first site lover of ragini and i think he may create problem between raglak but she comes out of senses by lucky’s words hey swara where u lost come with us, so she went towards them by looking veer while veer thinks oh this cute girl(swara) is very different
swara goes with raglak to their classroom so she ask from how many years u are loving each other by hearing this raglak burst out laughing while swara could not understand why they are laughing so she chuckled why u are laughing
ragini- by controling her laugh, ohh swara u also misunderstood us
swara could not understand so lucky says hey swara we both are best freind and nothing else is between us, but every body misunderstood us
swara- ok i am sory but thinks hey bhgwan such a bad lover are both of them, both are suffering from same diseases but do not know about it, so do not worry swara had come so i will realize u both that how much u love each other so swara bose start mission raglak love confession
ragini- hey swara where u lost
swara- nothing just come to class
when they reach class ragini started talking with everybody and same with lucky, where many boys are looking at swara and says wov such a beautiful and cute girl u are, swara give tight smile becasue she was uncomfertable and seats at empty seat, veer also comes and seats at empty place, but by talking with freind ragini notices veer and says hi
veer- ragini please seat with me
ragini- no i will seat with lucky
veer- ohh we are freind so please seat with me u daily seats with lucky so today please
ragini- okk i will seat with u
where lucky sees and get angry hey ragini come we will seat there
ragini- hey lucky please let me seat with him today
lucky- but rags
ragini- hey u are not kid so please for me
lucky- ok ok ok
he sees swara seating alone so he goes towards her and seats with her but in all lecture he was looking towards ragini only
swara notices him and smiles
swara- lucky are u ok
lucky – ya i am ok
swara- but i do not think that u are okk
lucky- nothing like that
swara- why u are watching both of them continuesly
lucky- vo i do not like if anybody seats with her
swara- why u do not like if anybody seats with her
lucky- we are best freind so we do not like any bady comes betwwen us and ragini also do not like if she sees with any girl
swara- but this are sign of love
lucky- hey swara do not add this love topic in between ok
swara thinks ohh god these are realy duffer lover i have to do something big than only they both will be able to know that they love each other, because if they will not realise now than i think they will only be able to realize their love in their graveyard than she says okk
than their occur brake but today rags go with veer in music room and she says lucky today i will not go to canteen with u bz veer told me that he knows music so he will teach me hear lucky feels realy bad and comes towards swara and says that rags went with veer
swara- so it is good na she will not desturb u go and flirt with other girls
lucky- no swara i do not like that veer so please tell me any idea to go to music room
swara- thinks if u will say i love u to her atleast one time na than ur all problem will be solved but how to make this dumbo understand and says take guitar and go in music room to learn from rags
lucky- thanxx u are my best freind
swara- okkk
lucky went to guitar room and sees………………………..

PRECAP- 65% raglak, 35% swasan, lucky proposes swara and she accepts his proposel

i know guys precap is like shock
i want to say that from today episode every episode will have some thing new
today episode new thing was that ragini was in lead
freinds if u want to give sugestion or did not like this part than u can give without hesitation
gud day

Credit to: pathan

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