Beintehaa…Qubool Hai episode 7

Episode 7:

Thank you for commenting and liking, before starting I would like you to read some FFs made by my friends, I will mention in the end as I don’t want to keep you waiting. I also added one new character in my story and the other characters are coming, I hope you all don’t mind. I’m sorry for making it confusing ?. I will end it soon to make it less confusing…


Today’s episode starts with Alina talking on the phone, she disconnects the call and looks on.

Scene shifts to Barkat Villa, A guy comes in, Surraiya walks past and sees him,
Surraiya: Yes…?
Guy: OMG… Begum Sahiba, you still look dashing…
Surraiya: Excuse me?
Guy: Kya Begum Sahiba… You forgot your aashiq?
Surraiya: Excuse me… You’re crossing your limits…
Just then another guy comes in, it happens to be Sulaimaan,
Surraiya: Who are you?
Sulaimaan: Ho… Rani Sahiba… You forgot me?
Surraiya angrily: What Begum Sahiba and Rani Sahiba?! Tell me clearly!!
Surraiya then realises,
Surraiya: How can I forget? Only Rehaan and Sulaimaan comes in without knocking!
The guy happens to be Rehaan, Surraiyas sisters son.
Surraiya: You two haven’t changed…
Just then Zain comes out,
Zain: Rehaan? Sulay? When did you come?
Sulaimaan: I came back today, so did he… But he called me up and ruined my sleep…
Rehaan and Zain hug,
Surraiya: Anyways how was Thailand? And shave your beard, you look better like that.
Sulaimaan: Haiy… Rani Sahiba called me hot… And Thailand was awesome.
Surraiya: You look different with your beard… Anyways Rehaan, you also changed, from fat to fit?
Rehaan: Begum Sahiba called me fit? Thank you for such a wonderful compliment…
Surraiya shakes her head and lets out a smile,
Surraiya: You two are crazy, anyways Rehaan, what made you want to come back from Scotland?
Rehaan: I thought why not meet Zain and my friends… I might bring Ammi Abbu here and live here…
Zain: That would be great.

Just then Aaliya comes out and Surraiya gets irked, Sulaimaan gets mesmerised.
Zain: Meet my cousin Aaliya… Aaliya meet my best friend Sulaimaan and my cousin Rehaan.
Rehaan: Asalamualykum…
Aaliya lets out a uncomfortable smile and responds back. Zain notices that Aaliya is uncomfortable, Sulaimaan couldn’t get his eyes off her. Nusz, Aayat and Sunehri come there.
Nusz: I’m so tired Aaliya, I’m going to my room.
Nusz leaves, Aayat and Sunheri follow on.

(Sulaimaan and Zain are childhood friends… Sulaimaan used to con around Zain’s but both of them went to London to study and then Sulaimaan went on a trip to Thailand 2 days before Zain came back with Rizwaan)

Surraiya: Anyways you all chat, I’ll be back.
Surraiya leaves, Sulaimaan smiles,
Sulaimaan: Hi Aaliya… If Zain’s troubling you then do tell us…
Aaliya looks on while Zain and Rehaan laugh,
Rehaan whispers: He started again…
Zain then whispers: He’s not going to get her… She cannot be easily obtained.
Aaliya: Would you like anything to eat…?
Sulaimaan: No thanks, they filled me up by feeding me everything.
Rehaan: No… I already ate… Thank you for asking.
Aaliya nods and leaves,

Surraiya goes to the study room, she sees Osmaan sitting down and looking at a photo, Surraiya goes near and looks at the photo he is looking at.
Surraiya: Tomorrow it’s her birthday…
Osmaan: I know… She would be turning 21 tomorrow.
Surraiya gets emotional,
Surraiya: I don’t know why she was snatched from us? I should’ve listened to Dilshad and stayed… I will never forgive Asad or Aaliya…
Osmaan: It’s not their fault…
Surraiya: For me Bhopal, Asad and Aaliya will be killers of my daughter!
Surraiya then leaves and Osmaan looks on,
Osmaan: How shall I make you understand Surraiya Begum… Barkat’s death was an accident… You can’t always balme others…

Sulaimaan leaves to his house…

Zoya wakes up and reads Fajr, Aaliya, Nusz, Aayat and Sunehri join her.
Osmaan and Fahad start praying but in their own rooms.

After praying, Zoya walks and looks out the window, she sees Asad and Osmaan talking outside the gate,
Zoya: What’s happening here?
Zoya then walks down, but by the time she reaches the hall, Osmaan comes in,
Osmaan: Is everything alright Zoya beta?
Zoya: Haa, everything is alright, uh… I saw the door open so I thought to close it.
Osmaan then nods and was about to go when a courier man comes and says “Mr Osmaan Abdullah and Surraiya Abdullah?” Osmaan turns around and walks there,
Osmaan: Yes…?
CM: There’s a parcel for you…
Osmaan: Okay…
Osmaan signs it and takes the parcel, the CM leaves. Osmaan also heads up.
Zoya: I think I need to find out the truth…
Zoya then thinks and gets an idea.

Osmaan reaches his room and sees Surraiya sitting and looking at Barkats picture (Young Barkat)
Surraiya: Happy Birthday Barkat… Your Ammi misses you…
Osmaan: Surraiya Begum…
Surraiya wipes her tears and puts the photo down, she then turns to Osmaan.
Osmaan: There’s a parcel for us…
Surraiya: For us?
Osmaan nods and places it on the bed, Surraiya opens it and sees a CD, Osmaan looks on confused.

Bunglow (Asads house):
Zoya knocks on the door. Dilshad opens it,
Dilshad: Zoya…?
Zoya: You remembered me?
Dilshad: Yes, because you are worth being remembered, anyways come in…
Zoya comes in,
Dilshad: What have you brought now?
Zoya: Cake for all of you…
Dilshad: What was the need of that?
Zoya puts the box down and thinks: Today I need to find out what’s wrong…
Zoya turns around,
Zoya: Khala, so tell me, how is life going?
Dilshad: Alhamdullilah… What about yours?
Zoya: Good… So have you met up with your friends lately?
Dilshad: No, never got the time to…
Zoya: Then come to Barkat Villa and make new friends, you would get company…
Dilshad lets out a little smile, just then they hear a knock on the door.
Zoya: I’ll get it…
Zoya goes to the door and opens it,
Zoya: Yes?
Girl: Is this Mrs Dilshad Khans house?
Zoya: Yes and you are?
Girl: Tanveer…
Zoya: Tanveer?
Tanveer then barges in and shuts the door, Dilshad and Zoya look on,
Dilshad: Who are you?
Tanveer: I’m Tanveer…
Dilshad gets shocked and Zoya looks on.

Scene shifts to Nusz, she is seen walking out of the Cinema,
Nusz: Where did they disappear to?
She looks around and then sees some people crowding around someone,
Nusz: What happened there?
Nusz goes to check, she moves the people and gets shocked to see Zuhaib lying unconscious on the floor covered with blood. Nusz goes up to him,
Nusz: Call the ambulance, quick!! How did this happen?!
After a while Nusz takes Zuhaib to hospital in a taxi because the ambulance was late.

They reach the hospital, Nusz gets out and brings the wheel chair, with the help of the Driver, she puts Zuhaib on the wheel chair and pays the driver and rushes in.
Nusz (shouts): Dr!! Dr!!
The nurse and Dr rush there, they see Zuhaib and take him to the OT.
Nusz looks on worried.

Scene shits to Qureshi Mansion,
Armaan is talking on the phone,
Armaan: Bhaijaan, come back soon with Nikhat Bhabhi…
Farhaan: Yes… I’ll come soon inshallah… And don’t say anything to our princess okay?
(Farhaan calls Alina his princess)
Armaan: Your this love has spoilt her…!
Farhaan: I’m boarding the flight… Anyways Imraan left before me so he must be coming…
Armaan: Khuda Hafiz…
Farhaan: Khuda Hafiz…
(Nikhat and Farhaan are married)

Armaan then sees Sulaimaan dreaming, Alina comes there too,
Armaan: What happened to you?
Sulaimaan: I think I’m in love…
Armaan: Woah!
Alina gets shocked and thinks: Meri love story ko Barbad kar ke, he’s starting his own? Never! I will never let any of the Qureshi member live in peace!

Scene shifts to Surraiya and Osmaan, Osmaan puts the CD in and Surraiya puts the TV on.
A women is speaking and she says “Asalamualykum… Well thank you for watching… Today is your daughters birthday right?”
Osmaan and Surraiya look at each other,
Women shows her self but is wearing a mask and a hoodie.
Women: What if I say your daughters alive??
Both Osmaan and Surraiya get shocked.
Women: But why should I tell you who she is? Well your Barkat is alive! I thought why not tell you before dying!
The video then stops playing and Surraiya gets teary eyed and looks at Osmaan.

Scene shifts in the hospital,
The Dr comes out and Nusz goes up to him,
Nusz: What happened Dr?
Dr: The operation was successful and if you didn’t pay on time then he would’ve have lost his life…
Nusz: Thank you…
Dr leaves,
Nusz: Allah… Thank you…
It then goes into a flashback when the Dr comes out,
Dr: Submit the money soon for the operation… Then we can start the operation…
Nusz: How much?
Dr: 1 or 2 Lakhs
Nusz gets shocked,
Dr leaves,
Nusz: Where am I going to get money from? Allah help…
Then the nurse comes out with his stuff (Like phone…wallet, shirt..etc…) Nusz then gets an idea.
Nusz: Where are you taking these stuff?
Nurse: To the locker…
Nusz: Oh… Okay…
Nurse: If you’re related to him then you can take his phone and wallet.
Nusz then thinks,
Nusz: Thanks, I will take them.
Nusz picks his phone and wallet up, the nurse leaves. Nusz takes out his credit card and goes to pay.
End of flashback.

Scene shifts to Bungalow,
Dilshad: Tanveer?
Tanveer: Please help me… My Ammi died and they are forcing me to marry someone and I didn’t want to… I know you’re angry on my mum but please don’t punish me…
Dilshad thinks, (Dilshad and Tanveers mum are far away cousins)
Dilshad: Okay… But did she die?
Tanveer lets out a sigh.
Tanveer: Yes, of heart attack. Who is this? (Pointing at Zoya)
Dilshad: This is my daughter in law, Mrs Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan…
Both Zoya and Tanveer get shocked.
Zoya thinks: Why did Khala lie?
Dilshad: Najma!
Najma comes out,
Dilshad: Take Tanveer to the guest room.
Najma nods and takes Tanveer.
Dilshad looks at Zoya,
Dilshad: I know what you must be thinking. Why I lied… But I’m sorry, I had no other choice.
Zoya: If you don’t mind then may I ask why?
Dilshad looks on.

Scene shifts to the Qureshi mansion. Armaan is waiting for Sanju to come, Sulaimaan thinks to go to Barkat Villa.
Sulaimaan: Bro… I’ll be back, I’ve got some work.
Armaan doesn’t pay attention, Sulaimaan then leaves, Imraan makes an entry,
Armaan sees him,
Armaan: Imraan…
Imraan is sad,
Armaan: What happened? Where’s Bhaijaan?
Imraan: Bhaijaan… Bhaijaan died…
Armaan is shell shocked.
Armaan: I… I think I misheard, what did you say?
Imraan breaks down and hugs Amraan,
Imraan: Bhaijaan died… His plane exploded and him and Bhabhi are…
Imraan starts weeping and Armaan couldn’t believe what he heard.
Alina happens to have heard and gets shocked, she then gets a call and picks it up,
Alina: Hello…?
Fata: I’m here and about to enter…
Alina: Okay…
Alina disconnects the phone.

Barkat Villa:
Sulaimaan walks in and sees Azraa and Zain hugging.
Sulaimaan: Oh… So she’s here as well.
Aaliya comes out and Zain happens to see her and thinks to make her jealous, Aaliya sees them and looks on.
Zain: I missed you so much Azraa, you changed bare…
Azraa: Really? You missed me?
Zain: Yes…
Azraa (happy): I’m glad you did… I mean wow, Zain and missed me…
They break the hug, Sulaimaan walks near Aaliya,
Sulaimaan: Hi Aaliya…
Aaliya: Hi… How have you been?
Sulaimaan: Good you?
Aaliya: Alhamdullilah… Anyways would you like anything I eat?
Sulaimaan: No…
Aaliya: Don’t say no… Please I’m going to cook.
Sulaimaan: Great… Then I will defiantly have it… Do you want any help in the kitchen?
Zain looks on, Azraa looks at them two and rolls her eyes.
Aaliya notices Zain looking and smiles,
Aaliya: That would be a great help… Come…
Sulaimaan gets happy and Aaliya senses Zain feeling jealous and smiles, Sulaimaan and Aaliya then go to the kitchen,
Zain thinks: She gave importance to him? How?
Azraa: So Zain… Tell me, how have you been?
Zain doesn’t respond.
Azraa: Zain…
Zain: Oh…sorry
Azraa: No it’s okay…

Dilshad and Zoya sit down,
Dilshad: I didn’t want Asad to get married to Tanveer that’s why…
Zoya: Why what happened?
Dilshad: Tanveers mum, me and Surraiya were friends, Surraiya then got married to Osmaan and we all separated and then I gave birth to a son, he was Asad… Then after sometime Tanveers mom and Surraiya gave birth to daughters,
When Asad was 7 years old and Barkat was 4, we decided that we will get them two married, then Tanveers mum found out and she came up to me that time, she came and told me that Asad and Tanveer should get married and she wouldn’t let Barkat marry Asad, I also made it clear that I will make Barkat and Asad marry but… She said Tanveer and Asad will get married and it’s final. I told her that I gave Asad to Barkat but she said that if Asad cannot be her Tanveers then he cannot be Barkats and she threatened me and left.
Then Osmaan, Surraiya, Zain, Barkat and Fahad were going to Bhopal for Aaliyas birthday, I told Surraiya not to go because I remembered Tanveers mums threat but Surraiya didn’t listen to me, then…
Zoya: Then?
Dilshad: Then on their way to Bhopal explosions happened, after the explosions happened then they stopped and during one of the explosion they lost Barkat and we found out that Tanveers mother done it because she wanted Tanveer and Asad together, Surraiya sent her to jail but Osmaan bailed her out for Tanveer because Tanveer was small… After that day Surraiya blames Aaliya, Bhopal and Asad for Barkats death…
Dilshad starts crying. Zoya gets shocked and consoles her, Asad is standing there and looks away.

Episode ends….

Precap: Zain gets jealous seeing Sulaimaan and Aaliya and thinks to make Aaliya jealous…he then realises he likes Aaliya… Sanju finds out Alinas intentions, Sunehri and Shoaib to argue, Zuha and Musa to meet… Zuhaib gains conscious….

Sorry for too much confusion, I hope it doesn’t get more confusing….

Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Ravi Dubey

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?
Rehan: Arjun Bijlani

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth

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