SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 5)


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Durga Prasad: where is your daughter shekar ji??
Shekar: she will come with in 5min.
Swara enters the hall.she is wearing a white saree with gold blouse. She is looking pretty and Annapurna is satisfied seeing her
Rajini: swara.. Sit here
She makes her sit in front of maheswari family.
Sujatha: your daughter is looking pretty. I think she has inherited this from her dadi
Everyone smiles

Swara: to (herself) I think she is the bride grooms mom. I must talk to her about my plans and I hope that she understands it. Oh God! Please help me
Ram Prasad: shekar ji what is swara doing now?
Shekar: she has completed her M.B.A this year and has got job in banglore.
Sujatha: so swara do you want to continue your job even after marriage?
Swara thought that it was the correct time for her to talk to sujatha..she was about to speak but sujatha interferes
Sujatha: but in my opinion I don’t want my bahu to work after marriage as it spoils our family name
Swara is shocked to listen this. Sujatha was the only hope for her but now all the doors are closed.
Swara: ( fake smile) as your wish aunty.
Meanwhile ragini comes there and serves drinks to all the members of the family. Suddenly the galss spils from sujatha’s have and falls on her saree.
Ragini: aunty ji..what has happened to your saree.let me clean it
Sujatha: its okay ragini

Annapurna: sujatha go and clean it otherwise the Saree gets spoiled.
Sumi: ragini show her the way to washroom.
Swara is not in her senses and is thinking about how to convince her parents. She has not payed any attention to the scene and just said..
Swara: aunty ji..samhalke
Sujatha is noticing her behaviour


Ragini: come inside aunty ji..let me help you cleaning this
Sujatha: thank-you beta
Ragini: what’s there in it to say thank-you aunty.Instead I am feeling guilty that the glass slipped on you as you are our guest now
Sujatha(to herself): what a huge difference in the character of the sisters.. Swara is not even in respecting us but this ragini is really a sweet one who cares for everyone
Ragini:yeh lo aunty ji I have cleaned it
Sujatha comes to this world hearing her words
Sujatha: thank-you beta and God bless you


Uttara: swara..what kind of movies you watch??
Swara: I don’t like movies
Uttara: then how about cooking bhabi. You know my brother cooks very well
Swara: hum
Swara is not interested in anything
Ragini: my didi cooks very well. She is an expert In traditional dishes.
Uttara asked many questions, swara either nods or says hmm but ragini gave answers to all questions of uttara.
Sujatha is observing
Durga prasd: toh shekar ni. We all loved your daughter and ready to marry her with my son

Swara vets shocked listening this as she doesn’t want it to happen but she is helpless as she cannot oppose her elders.
Sujatha: but bhai sa I have an objection regarding bride
Everyone gets shocked
Sujatha: yes bhai sa and I need to talk to you in personal
Dadi: you don’t have to fear regarding swara as she is a perfect girl
Sujatha : sorry ji but I need some privacy now.
Sumi shows them the master bedroom and leaves


Durga Prasad: ( in a high voice) sujatha ..you became mad or what? What’s the problem with swara??
Ram Prasad: answer us sujatha
Sujatha: sorry but you all are thinking me wrong but as a mother I can’t ruin my sons life.
Annapurna: what do you mean??
Sujatha: jiji..you know about sanskar’s condition nah. Nos he needs a person who will make him feel happy, who cares and concerns for him, who will stand for him and make him a normal person but I think swara is not suitable
Annapurna: I too agree with you but how can you judge her character??
Sujatha: jiji I have slipped the glass intentionally to know about whether charecter but was shocked to see her response.even she was answering uttaras questions without any interest. How can I ruin my sons life by getting him a partner like swara??
Durga Prasad: I think you are right. Okay then lets break this relationship
Sujatha: no bhaisa I want ragini as my bahu . she is such a caring girl and I can surely say that she is going to bring back the smile on samskar face with her love.
Ram Prasad: what is this nonsense?? Will any parent will marry their younger child without marrying the elder one
Annapurna: and that too if we ask from same family. What do shekarji think about us and if says no then??
Durga Prasad: its the matter of our son’s future and I will talk to him.


Sumi: (worried) did we do any wrong shekar ji I mean in welcoming them or respecting them
Shekar: there is nothing as such sumi don’t get worried. Everything will be alright.
Sumi stands in tension and dadi is consoling her
Maheswari family enters the hall
Dadaji: any problem durga Prasad ji?? I am sorry if we have done any mistake
Saying this he joins his arms.
Dp: please don’t join your arms and make me feel guilty . as you know we are very rich but we never wanted to choose a rich girl as my bahu. I need a girl who will perfectly play all the roles especially as a wife to our son . we want our son’s happiness along with happiness of his wife and so we made a decision for that.
Dadi: please say it ji. We promise that we will accept all conditions for that
Durga Prasad: (with bitterness) shekar ji …we want ragini as our bahu not swara
Screen freezes showing all shocking faces of gadodia family.

PRECAP: Ragini says that she cannot accept this match as it was her sister’s. Swara is trying to convince her for marriage

Credit to: Sree harini

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