SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 21)


Swara: what happened sanskar!! Why are you angry with me?
Sanskar:(in a strong and firm voice) swara.. Kya hum dono friends hai?
Swara gave a confused look
Sanskar: tell me swara. Is that true that we both are friends?
Swara: yes sanskar.
Swara is totally shocked to see sanskar. She has never seen him being so angry to her. Not even with any other.
Sanskar: then what is this?
Swara: (in a low voice) what!
Sanskar: don’t act too smart. You said that we both are friends. Will any friend behave Iike this?
Swara got tears in her eye but is trying to hide them.
Sanskar: when I applied break you had tightened your grip on my shoulders. I felt something strange and I am sure that it was not a touch of friendship.
Swara was remembering the situation.. When she has fallen on him,her heart beat started increasing. She was very happy by looking their closeness. She wanted to hug him but as she can’t do that she kept quiet. But her feelings were expressed by her hands.
Sanskar: I know swara that you have started developing feelings for me and I have many proofs to prove you. I think it would be better for us..
Swara hold her breath.
Sanskar: better for us to break our friendship.
Sanskar was about to leave but turned back and said
Sanskar: I will never be able to apolozie of my mistake of showing concern to you. I thought that you will be my true friend in times of need…but everything is over now and it would be better if you too end this.
Sanskar left the place. Swara started crying bitterly.

Ragini gained conscious but was feeling a bit dizzy due to the effect of chloroform.
Ragini:(confused) where am I? …she looked around.it was a deserted area….why am I feeling like that I have visited this place earlier..she was thinking and suddenly remembered…yes piyush has brought me yesterday..
She started trembling in fear.
Ragini(fear): what if he is back of my kidnap.koi hai..please help me..please
She started crying. Just then a shadow approached her.
Ragini:(shocked) who are you?
Goon: its none of your business.
Ragini: please leave me bhayya. Will you let this happen to your sister?
Goon bece a bit emotional but managed himself
Goon: I am not bothered about you as you are not my sister and I very well know to save my sister when she is in danger. And you are not supposed to talk.
Ragini is shocked listening to him
Ragini: (crying bitterly) please save me bhayya. I want to go home. What harm did I do? Please save me..
Saying this she fell unconscious.

Sanskar was in eage and has broken a vase in anger. His hand started bleeding as a glass piece got stuck inside his palm.
Sanskar:(in an angery and emotional voice) why did you do this swara. I wanted and treated you as a good and genuine friend. I really felt relaxed in your company. Yes you shared many similarities with kavitha but still I don’t want to loose you. You had some magic in your words which made me think about you but everything went in vain….he looked at kavitha’s photo and became more emotional… Did you see kavitha? She started loving me. I was betrayed in the name of friendship. I don’t want this friendship kavitha. Our love was genuine and I can never accept anyone in place of you.

Swara was staring at Sanskar’s photo in her mobile.
Swara:( crying) why sanskar? Why are you thinking that I betrayed you in friendship. I just wanted to get your love nothing else. When I first saw in auditorium, my heart started beating for you but I was really depressed when you left the place. Later when I saw you in banglore I felt very happy and was felt that I was the luckiest . but unfortunately you never looked at any girl and so I thought that I can make you realize my love by being close to you….but everything ruined. You never tried to understand me sanskar and took for granted . it was the reason that you have hurted me many a times but still as I was foolish and blind in your love, was back of you even after your hatred towards me. I loved you sanskar but what did you give me in return!! Hatred…she stood up and wipes her tears..(in a firm voice) but still I love you sanskar and I am sure that you have a bitter past for this behavior. I will find it out and will set you free from it. It’s my promise as a friend.

Ragini gained conscious. She saw two goons talking to each other and acted to be unconscious
1st goon: hey dude..( looking at ragini) she is hot. What will your boss will do with her
2nd goon: may be he is going to kill her.
Ragini got shocked listening to him
1st goon:may be he is going to..( his tone was double meaning and ragini understood it)
Ragini:( to herself) what is their boss going to do with me?? I must get out of this but how..
She started coughing vigoursly.
2nd goon: ( irritated voice) what has happened to her.
1st goon: lets see.if anything happens to her then boss is going to punish us.
They approached her and was shocked to see her. She was acting as if she is suffering from fits but goons who were unaware of this unroped her. Ragini took a wooden stick which was nearby and beats them badly
Ragini: how dare you to kidnap me? Even God is not going to leave you people for your dirty ideas for a girl.
Ragini:( to herself) I think I must escape from here before their boss comes.
She started running..

Laksh: don’t worry ragini..if you don’t consider me as a friend then don’t but I am not going to leave you. Its a fact that you don’t love me but its not impossible that you will become a friend of mine and you don’t know about me dear. I will even risk my life to get you. I LOVE YOU RAGU..From the core of my heart. He stood up with great confidence and started walking towards maheswari Manison
Ragini was running very fast to save her life. She was running from more than 20 min but is unae to find any road or way to exit.
Ragini:( worried voice) what should I do now??
She seems goons following her and starts running fast. Goons see her and they too start chasing her. After a very long run ragini reached a place which was a bit familiar to her. It was the way for maheswari Manison and every one in KOLKATA knew it

Ragini:(to herself) please God help me..please send some one to save me
Just then she sees laksh who was walking to his house as his car was in repair. Ragini was able to identify him but laksh cannot see her as she is very far from her.
Ragini:( with a ray of hope shouted) laksh ji..laksh ji..please save me.
It was not audiable to him as he is far from her
Laksh:( to himself) why am I feeling as if someone is calling me?
He looked around but found noone
Laksh: may be it was my imaginination.
Ragini was about to CA his name but someone closed her mouth and dragged her from there. Laksh who was passing by felt very strange
Laksh:( to himself in a worried voice) why am I feeling as if some one is in trouble. Some one who is close to my heart.

He looks around but sees noone. Ragini tried to free herself from the man but failed. She was screaming but is not heard out as he was closing her mouth. Laksh walked from there. Ragini:( to herself) please look back laksh ji.. I need your help.. She was crying bitterly but only tears were rolling out as a symbol of her pain
The man who closed her mouth slowly realised his grip after conforming that the only guy who was passing the road too disappeared. Ragini turned back to see him.
Ragini:( shocked) piyush!!!!
Screen freezes

PRECAP: Piyush says to ragini that she refused him because of her beauty and now he is going to ruin it. He opened the cap of acid bottle and poured it on ragini with a devilish smile. Ragini screams.

Sorry guys I know that this episode was a bit filimy and I hope that you will excuse me for this. Thanks for reading.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. OMG don’t harm ragini .can’t see her like that .plz unite raglak plzz:-) 🙂 🙂

  2. Soory guys for many grammatical mistakes as this episode was not proof read. Sorry for your inconvenience

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  6. awesomeness overloaded, sree… loved the update to the core… i fell for sanskar’s angry… i fell more for him when he said, ‘i felt something strange and i am sure that it was not a touch of friendship…’

    1. Thank-you sindhuja for your love.

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  14. Vinay Karthik

    it s really good yaar…. keep going…..

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    1. Thank-you everyone for commenting. Sorry I am a bit lazy so I haven’t mention the names but thank-you so much for loving my fiction and I promise you to give a better one. Love you all

  16. plz ragini is too beautiful so please dont pour acid and continue showing how she fell in love after acid was thrown on her.

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