Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju telling Pratap that Raval knows Rambhateri. Pratap says she is very clever, everyone is listening to her, we have to do something. Dheeraj comes back and Raju goes to everyone. Rambhateri shows the play items. Raju claps and asks what shall we do with this. Raju tells them that its all unlucky things happening with them, because of the Raavan. He asks what shall we do with this play costumes, shall we make these kerchiefs and wipe our tears, this Maai is talking in air. Rambhateri says you are doing the same.

Raju says no, I got a solution and calls Dheeraj. Dheeraj says Raju will make dreams true. Pratap shows the money and says this is solution. Raju says this is the solution for your problems, sign on the papers and stay in your fav flat, I will give 6 lakhs advance and pay advance till the flat is not ready. They all agree to Raju. Raju says he is not forcing anyone, he is not scaring them. He asks Nandu to give any better solution, till them his proposal will wait till tomorrow morning. They all leave. Raju says tomorrow morning, just one day, if you can prove anything then stay, else leave Rambhateri. Rambhateri accepts his challenge. He says no one can snatch a hunt from tiger, and I m the tiger here. Rambhateri says lets see. He says see. He goes.

Nandu goes after him and scolds him for his game. Raju says this is your problem, and jokes on her that she will fail and also suggests to leave Rambhateri away. He flirts with her and says when model town vacates, we will stay away, how will you spent 3-4 years, you won’t be old, I will be more young, maybe you will become good looking, you have chances. She says its much time for tomorrow morning, your plan will fail. He teases her and leaves. Nandu sees Rambhateri worries.

Raval relaxes by the pool side and sees a lady in the pool. She comes out of the pool and its Komal. Komal gets the news and says its yes from my side, I will come back and sign. She tells Raval that model town people are ready to take 6 lakhs. Raval says I want all the model town vacated. She flirts with him and says she is there to deal with his problems. She says she has given her 12 years of life to him, she loved him a lot, he was busy and asked her to marry Kishore, so she did it, hoping Raval will marry her one day. Raval says I will marry, once my hotel building starts in model town. She promises that if he does not fulfill his promise, don’t complain why I ruined you. He asks is she threatening. She says yes, don’t worry for model town, worry about keeping your promise. He says I will, as I love you. She says I love you a lot, and will forgive you if you break promise. She hugs him. He smiles.

Rambhateri recalls Raju’s words. Nandu goes to her. Rambhateri says I don’t regret anything, I got what I wanted. People did not sign on forms, but tomorrow.. something bad is going to happen. Nandu cries. Rambhateri says its not time to get annoyed with anyone, we have to save model town, and explains her. Nandu says Raju was not interested, he surely has some profit in this. Rambhateri says Raju has beaten Jaggu and took him somewhere, when he came back, he came with this proposal, Pratap and Dheeraj are helping him, and that Raval is spending money. Nandu says yes. Rambhateri says whats the matter, we want proof to stop the people, there should be solution. They think. Rambhateri says Lord has to show some way. Komal comes. Rambhateri sees her.

Jaggu is drunk and tells Rambhateri about Raval’s 100 crore deal to make hotel on model town land, model town people will come on road. Komal looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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