(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 38

“Thank god everything is fine finally we got our karthik back and even laksh is safe” dadaji says as all the gododia’s are in living room at evening snacks.
“Yes it seems like that sanskar and laksh are very good in nature I got angry on sanskar when it shouted on ragu” dadi says.
“Yes maa but even he is worried for his brother right we can’t judge him on it” sameer says.
“sameer is right and I feel adharsh, sanskar and laksh three are well mannered. Sanjay you had chosen good match for pari” dadaji says.
“Actually I didn’t choose him they wanted pari as there bahu I thought if pari will get married into their house, she will be in front of us anyhow most of her childhood she is far from us” sanjay says.
“you made right decision and I think along with pari we should get karthik also married so that he will not face any such problems in future” dadi says.
“parvati again you started” dadaji says.
“See ji listen to me if he get married he will be safe or else we should always be worried for him” dadi says.
“K fine we will talk about it once karthik finishes his finals. Shekar what are you thinking” dadaji says.
“Nothing papa I am just thinking about that sahil and his dad they escaped from police what if again they try to harm our kids” shekar says.
“I am not understanding why he is so angry on our family and he is back of our lifes” dadi says.
“Even I am understanding maa. Sanjay when sahil was your captive does he mention anything” sameer asks.
“I don’t know anything may be he would have said anything to karthik” sanjay says.
“Please leave this topic I want to forget about this bad day and start new, have these snacks” sunaina says.
“And shekar you arrange security for our kids so that we can be in peace. I can’t imagine if anything like this happens” sharmista says.


“karthik what is the need to come down I would have brought food to your room” sharmista says while feeding him.
“chachi I am fine I want to eat along with you all not alone in my room” he says.
“Mom you never fed me like this” swayam complains making faces.
“Because chichi loves me more than you” karthik shows his tongue to swayam.
“Bade papa see he is teasing me” swayam complains again.
“Shut up and eat complain box” swara hits him on head.
“Mom you make worlds delicious food” says karthik licking his lips.
“Yes badi maa love you its yummy” swara says.
“ragu beta is everything fine you are silent from so much time” sunaina asks worried.
“badi maa I am not feeling hungry. I want to take rest” saying she leaves.
“But di even you had not eaten in the afternoon” swayam asks.
“What, but why ragu is your health good shall I call the doctor” shekar says worried.
“Please Mr.gadodia I am fine” saying she leaves. Shekar feels upset and says “still she didn’t forgave me”.
“And this is all because of me” sharmista thinks.
“don’t worry shekar don’t you remember that day she said papa instead of Mr.gododia she forgave you but she just need time to accept it that’s it and I feel that day is not so far” sunaina says.


“maa I am sorry I tried many times but I can’t forget what happened I know its not his fault but I am not able accept him” thinks ragini seeing janki portrait “finally everything is fine but still I am not understanding laksh please give me strength so that I can directly clarify everything with laksh I can’t hurt sanskar if this lie prolongs sanskar may get even more hurt”.
She goes balcony and enjoying the dark sky with bright stars, cool breeze which is making her feel chill “maa you remember we used to sit in the terrace and chitchat in this weather I always remise every moment spent with you I love you maa why you left me” she thinks and looks into sky.
She was about to go inside she feels some gaze on her and turns she was not able to see anyone but she feels it is laksh.


“sanskar what you are doing this night in the kitchen” adharsh asks as he came to drink water.
“I was making Maggie for lucky as he had not eaten his dinner” sanskar says.
“And lucky feels hungry in late night so you are here” adharsh says “so let me help you I will make hot chocolate lucky’s favorite”. Sanskar smiles and both starts cooking.
“So when you are going to say” adharsh asks.
“About what” sanskar asks.
“About you and ragini. How all these happnened” he says.
“ bai there is nothing to say I like her from the first time I saw her and I shared it with laksh.I proposed her but he had not said anything. Even I don’t know how and when laksh talked to ragini and convinced her” sanskar says.
“That is what should not happen sanskar. Ragini should herself accept not because somebody convinced her maybe I had never loved any girl or I had experience but I can say this at this time it may be attraction so make sure you may not regret you decision in future” adharsh says “And you know about laksh right if it’s for us he can go to any extent so don’t let laksh into this handle it by yourself”.
“bai you are simply worrying about this and more over once ragini is k we are going to say it in our families also” sanskar says.
“What, this soon don’t you think it’s too fast” adharsh says.
“I know but it’s laksh idea” sanskar says “it’s done come lets go to laksh room”.

Adharsh and sanskar knocks laksh room. It is locked from inside and laksh doesn’t open it for long they get worried and started banging the door calling his name. Everyone wakes up because of the sounds and they come near laksh room.
“What happened” dp asks.
“bade papa I think something is wrong laksh is not opening the door” sanskar says worried.
“Then what you are waiting for break the door. hope he is not in any troble” sujatha says.
“Mom what will be in his room don’t woory I think bai is in deep sleep” uttara says.
“You are a kid and be a kid don’t talk in elder matters. Adharsh ,sanskar break the door” sujatha says.
“Yes break even I am getting worried for laksh” Ap says.
“babhi don’t talk like this sujatha we can open with keys also adharsh go and get keys from study” rp says.
Before they get key and open the door laksh opens the door.
“laksh are you we are so worried for you” ap hugs him.
“Mom I am fine just I was in deep sleep so I didn’t heard the sound” laksh says.
“What to do after yesterday’s incident we are so scared for you” sujatha says.
“suji I am fine” he teases her.
“Now I can go and sleep” uttara says.
“Ha you can” he says.
Everyone leaves except adharsh and sanskar.
“Where were you” adharsh asks.
“Wow Maggie with hot chocolate you made for me thank you bro” saying he starts eating.
“I asked something laksh” adharsh shouts.
“bai first let him have” sanskar says.
“sanskar don’t support him this is not first time many times he goes outside at nights but he won’t say to anyone where he is going. What if that goons had attacked him to take revenge. How can he be so careless” adharsh says in anger.
Laksh laughs and says “its just your imagination I will never go anywhere”.
“ laksh this is not funny I thought you will never hide anything from me at least one day you will say me but no. and we know that you know that we know about you going out at nights. That is why even if we tried many times to follow you but that day you will not go” sanskar says disappointed.
“K bai I will say but there is nothing to worry it’s just that I need some space alone. You know how my childhood still today sometimes I get those nightmares I am just going out to avoid them. I don’t want you all to worry that is why I am not saying you guys about it” laksh says. Adharsh and sanskar hugs him.
Laksh thinks “sorry bai I can’t say I am going to see ragini I am really sorry for saying lies”


“karthik you again came down this morning, I told I will get you breakfast” sharmista says while packing swayam’s bag.
“chachi I am fine you are not allowing me to go to college at least let me sit in hall for sometime” karthik says.
“badi maa I don’t want parota today make something else” swayam asks sunaina.
“swayam today you eat this toommorrow I will make what you want” sunaina says.
“Mom make me kichidi today I want to eat” karthik says.
“K karthik I will make it for lunxh” sunaina says .
“K mom love you” karthik says and gives winning looks to swayam.
Swayam is burning in jealousy as karthik is getting all the attention.

“Hi swayam” saying riya comes in.
“Hi riya today you are looking so beautiful” swayam says looking at karthik.
“Thank you swayam that’s so sweet of you” saying she kisses his cheeks. Swayam gives victory look to karthik.
“riya have breakfast till ragu and shone comes” sharmista says.
“No aunty I had and came” riya says.
“Then go and sit with karthik I will get you both juise” sharmista says. Karthik feels happy but swayam says “riya please help me I had a dought” saying he was about to drag her but before that karthik holds her hand.
“You are not getting late to school, I know your dought will be something rubbish which you can ask afterwards” karthik says.
“Yes swayam” says sharmista who came with juice.
“swayam I will drop you before I go to office” says sameer who comes down with shekar and dadaji.
“K” says swayam not interested. Karthik gives I won look which irks swayam.
“Now you can leave riya hand she won’t go anywhere” says swayam.
Karthik immedistely leaves from there feeling embarrassed while riya says I will wait outside and goes.
Swara and ragini who are watching them are shocked.
“When this happened” swara asks.
“What” shekar questions. Before swara answers swayam says “nothing happened karthik bai just said she is beautiful for that only they both are behaving like they are lovers and feeling shy in front of each other” swayam says.
All laughs listening to his talks.
“So there is something going on between riya and karthik that means we can fix marriage” dadi says excited.
“maa they are still young to understand all these. If karthik says to us then we will think” sameer says.


In clg…

“ragu you and riya go to class I will laksh and come” swara says.
“You are going to meet laksh then we will also come” ragu says. Swara gives forced smile and takes ragu to a side and says “ragu understand I am going to laksh to ask for any idea to make riya and bai close don’t spoil it”.
“Then I will go and ask you be with riya k” she says.
“What you will go. Is your health good why are you behaving wierd wait a second you want to go to meet laksh so that you can meet sanskar too awe that so cute” swara says.
“No it’s not like that I just want to meet laksh and ask him whether he is fine or not that’s it” saying ragu leaves.

“Where ragini went” riya asks swara.
“To meet laksh” swara says.
“Before she hates to talk to laksh right now she changed so much” riya says.
“Even you had changed so much. before you used to change everything with now you are not sharing” swara teases riya.
“I am going to library meet to later” saying riya leaves. Swara laughs.

“Somebody is daydreaming. What’s the matter” sanskar asks by leaning to swara ear from back.
Swara feels different with the closeness but hides her feelings.
“wo nothing just thinking something” swara says turning to sanskar but avoiding eye contact.
“Hmm so still you had not accepted” sanskar asks.
“Accepted what” she asks.
“Of course my friendship” he says.
“But you never asked me” she replies.
“Now I am aksing you” he says forwarding hand. She smiles and shakes her hand.
“So now we are officially friend you can share it with you” he says.
“Actually I had shared the reason before itself” she says.
“What” he asks confused?
“arrey you had forgot yesterday I had told you about bai and riya don’t you remember” she says.
“Ha k so what is the progress” he asks.
“So much actually I am coming to laksh to talk about it but somebody is so desperate to meet you that they had not even waited for me” she says teasing.
“Who ragini” he asks excited. Swara nods saying yes “ then why are we waiting here lets go to them saying he drags swara.
“relax we will go” says swara smiling seeing his excitement.


***this part is not proof read ***
thanku for all my readers and those who commented in my last post.sorry for not replying personally.

I know there is lot of family drama in it less raglak scenes but it’s necessary for the story as I had planned already now I can’t change but you will get romantic scenes soon and even now swara scenes too.
Many want to read ragsan ff I am working on it I already took so much break so I don’t want to make you wait more but I need little time.

hope you like it… negative and positive feedback is welcomed….. keep smiling… stay blessed… spread positivity… love you all

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