Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 16)

Hai everyone. I am back. I am so happy to see you all after a week. Let’s start today’s update.

Students have planned to visit many places. Teacher informed this to swarag and asked them to accompany. They agreed. Sanlak also accompanied them. First, they went to Bhasheswar Mahadev Temple, then to Hadimba temple.

Swara prayed “thank you god after many years I got my di back. I am so happy. You have always done best for me. Everything is perfect now. I have my family, my di and my laksh. Yes, my bestie. He is so sweet and kid. So, sweet guy I am feeling different around him. Always keep him. Keep everyone happy god.”

Lucky prayed “God thank u so much. Before coming here, I felt I can do nothing. My father was always after me asking me to join in business. Now I am feeling to do something big that makes everyone feel proud about me. It’s all because my shona. She came as an angel and did magic in my life. I am so happy with her. I am clear now. I will go back to Kolkata and show everyone what can I do. I know shona I more than a friend to me. I have done everything for her happiness. I became a girl only for her. Anything for my shona. I like her. I hope she also likes me. Help me in that god. please.”

Ragini prayed” I know I am so thankful to you. You have done many thing to me. First you gave me a sweet dadu but you took him back. I am so sad with that but you gave me my family back. Now you gave me my future to. Thank you so much for that. I am sure that I love him. Though it all started with fights it’s how we show our love for each other. I still don’t know if he feels same for me. Help me for that god.”. Ragini opened her eyes and was staring at sanky who was busy in praying.

Sanky prayed ”God before now I don’t believe in god but now I am doing it. It’s all because of that witch. Before coming here, I was so cool and good. Everything was so perfect but after coming here everything turned upside down. That ragu made me do everything which I never dreamed that I will do. She made me a girl, she spoiled my face with her weird actions. I just hate her but not fully. Sometimes she is so sweet too. She is so cute when she is sleeping but when she is awake she is a devil. But why I feel something new when I am close to her. I think she did some magic to me.”

He opened his eyes saw ragini starring at him. She closed her eyes when she noticed sanky is seeing her. Sanky prayed “I just be careful around her. But I am so lost sometimes. God show me a way. I hope you do good for me.”. Then he went for there and glares at ragini who was now lost in her thoughts.

Swalak opened their eyes and eyed each other. They had a spark in their eyes. Their eye struck with each other’s and they were so lost in each other. Laksh was seeing whether he could find she also likes him. Swara was seeing why I am so different with him. What does it mean. Their eye lock was broken by sanky who patted lucky’s shoulder from back.
He told swara to see ragini as she was in somewhere world and dragged lucky with him. Swara brought ragini out of her dream land. Ragini gave a smile to swara and said let’s move from there. Then finally the reached a spot. Swalak were so excited seeing it. They jumped in excitement. Ragsan adored their siblings. Its’s Beas river where many water sports are there. At the same time ragsan made a worried face. They eyed each other and immediately changed their expression.

Everyone went to do river rafting. Swalak holded each other’s hands and ran before everyone towards water. They kept their feet on the water and felt so happy. Their feet were so cool. They started splashing water on each other’s. The water was somewhat flowing fast causing swara to stumble. She lost her balance but laksh holds her in time. She opened her eyes and was so lost in him. Lucky was also lost in her. They had an eyelock. Phela nasha played in background.

Their eyelock was broken by water splashing on the. Students also joined them and started splashing water on swalak. Lucky was protected swara and hugged her in that process. Shona was so lost in him. She was brought back to reality when lucky told let’s go now. Ragini told them to get changed. They agreed and went to nearby tents to get changed. Then everyone left for rafting. Students went first. Swalak and ragsan was at last. Swalak got into the boat first and was so excited. Ragsan was eyeing each other thinking something.

Ragini’s pov

Oh god. I am so scared of water. I don’t know swimming also then how will I do this. What happened while lake ride was different. Before I want to break that sanky’s attitude and went on boat ride but now. What if I lost my balance and fell in river. Oh nooo but what will sanskar think about me. If I don’t go I won’t get any chance to spend time with him. No ragini be brave get inside the boat. Before she could do anything swara came out and dragged ragini with her inside boat. Then ragini saw sanky was still outside. Swalak asked him to get in. but sanky was worried.

Sanskar’s pov

From my childhood, I don’t fear for anything except water. I will even fear for water coming in tap. On that day in valley I went for boat ride to show that ragini that I am so brave and can do everything but what will happen today. In lake, the water was still but here it’s not like that. I may also be dragged by this fast water. But I can’t show this witch that I am weak. I have to do this. Okay I am going to do this. Saying he went near the raft.

Laksh gave him his hand with an assuring smile and sanky smile back to him. Lucky told don’t worry bhai I will take care of you. Swalak where sitting in front enjoying it. Swara asked ragini to click her picture. She agreed and took her phone. She clicked swara’s picture. Then swara asked her to click her picture along with lucky. She agreed and went little back. She clicked their pick but stumbled little hit something hard. She closed her eyes in fear and noticed she is safe.

She turned back and saw sanky who is holding her. Accidently, the camera turned back and a picture was clicked like sanky is seeing ragini who has turned back seeing him. They had an eye lock. It was broken by the water splashing on their face. They realised each other’s position and composed. Ragini went back to avoid sanky. She was blushing thinking about what happened sometime before. On the other hand, sanky was so lost thinking what is happening to me. Why I was staring at her. I am feeling something different around her. God I am mad. He hears a sound and turned back noticing ragini is not there.

Ragini was sitting at the end of the boat. So due to the fast moving water she lost balance while they are turning and fell on water. Seeing that sanky without any thought jumped into water. Swalak were sitting shocked recollecting what has happened. Swara started crying and hugged lucky. Lucky told the persons who came with them to help ragsan as sanky they don’t know swimming. They dived in.

Sanky on the other hand was splashing water and searching for ragini. After some seconds he couldn’t swim and water started pulling him. He tried to grab the rock nearby but failed and went along with water. He noticed a cloth in a stone nearby and grabbed it. He noticed it’s ragini’s and turned to the other side of the river and saw ragini half unconscious holding a rock and floating in water.

She drowned in water. Sanky held the rocks and reached ragini. He grabbed her and started moving his hands and legs to reach the land area. He succeeds in it. He reached shore and saw ragini was unconscious. He lifted her and made her lie on the rock nearby. He patted her but she didn’t wake up. Sanky started panicking and started pressing her stomach so that the water gets out but it didn’t work much because although the water came out of her stomach she didn’t get conscious..

Sanky thought he lost her and started crying hugging ragini. But he frozed when he heared her heart beat and her breath. He took her in her arms and smiled knowing she is alive. He thought what to do now. He got an idea but he hesitated to do that. But having no other chance he neared her and without thinking more he kept his lips on her’s (Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). It worked and finally ragini coughed.

Sanky felt happy and took back his lips. Ragini realised what just happened and was shocked. Before she could ask anything sanky took her into a bone crushing hug and started crying saying I thought you have gone for a minute. Don’t ever do like that again. Ragini was so taken by his words and started crying too. They both cried their heart out and were lost in it. They broked it hearing swalak’s voice. The boat came and swalak rushed towards ragsan.

Swalak hugged their siblings and cried. Ragsan consoled swalak. Swara said di I was so worried and thought I lost you. You would have told me before na that you don’t know swimming. I would have not let you come here. Ragini hugged her sawing shona don’t say like that. See now everything is good. Smile now. Swara smiled and hugged ragini. Swaragini bgm played in back ground. Sanlak smile dseeing their bonding.

Ragini told swara you should thank sanky because he only saved me. Swara went to sanky and thanked him. Lucky told yes thank you bhai and ragini. Because of you my bhai’s fear is gone. He is so scared of water but not any more I think so. Ragini was o surprised hearing That. She felt so happy that sanky risked his life to save me. He doesn’t know swimming but still he jumped in water to save me. So sweet of him.

Ragini is continuously staring ta sanky who helped her to get inside boat. Till the end of the ride ragini didn’t leave sanky’s hand. Sanky also didn’t mind that. He was smiling at that. Swalak noticed that and and smiled seeing it. They signed each other that there is something going on. Then they reached the starting spot and everyone left to mansion. At night, everyone went to sleep.

Ragini was not getting sleep. She was thinking about how sanky saved her and their first kiss. Though it’s not a kiss but still ragini is so happy with that. On the other side sanky was also lost thinking today I an unforgettable on. I don’t know why but seeing ragini like that I felt I am gone. I am glad that she is alive but what have I done to save her. I hope she is not angry with that. He smiled remembering his act and slept thinking about it. Swalak smiled seeing their sibling’s ad slept thinking about each other too.

Recap: Uttara to know that sanlak is in girl’s attire and more fun.

I hope you all like this. I am not good at writing romantic scenes. I did my best and I hope you all like this. See you all soon in my next epi.


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