Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 14)

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Hi guys….I am really sorry…I know I am really late but please..please..is bachi ko maaf kar dena.

So here we go….

Last episode ended with swara dancing and falling in sanskar’s arms and sanskar making her stand…

Episode starts with

Everyone was smiling and admiring them. Suddenly laksh started clapping to break their eyelock. Swasan broke their eyelock. Sanskar slowly made swara stand properly.

Swara: thank you
Sanskar smiled: princess, in friendship no sorry no thank you

Swara smiled at him.

Parvati went towards swara and blessed her and said, “beta, you really talented, you have those qualities which a princess has…I am so happy…Bless you.” Saying this she went inside the palace.
Shemish came and hugged her tightly and went inside while admiring swara. Sanskar was just staring at swara with his killer smile and his eyes were only showing eternal love and respect. Swara looked at sanskar and they had a cute eyelock. Swara’s eyes were reflecting respect towards sanskar, innocence, simplicity.

Inn aankhon mein tum
Jab se ho gaye ghoom
Saara jahaan tera chehara
Preet ye rang ab to tere sang
Aur bhi ho gaya gehara

Inn aankhon mein tum
Jab se ho gaye ghoom
Saara jahaan tera chehara
Preet ye rang ab to tere sang
Aur bhi ho gaya gehara

Raglakutt were just smiling.

Uttara (whispers to ragini): Ragu, are you thinking what I am thinking
Ragini: Yes
Laksh: it means you laos think that bhai loves swara
Ragini: Yes, and it can be clearly seen in his eyes.
Uttara: Does shona loves him
Ragini: I don’t think…she thinks sanky as his friend only.
Laksh: toh kya hua…we will make her fall in love with bhai…kyu uttu
Uttara: Yes bhai
Ragini: toh mission prince princess ki love story shuru
Laksh: wah kya naam hai is mission ka…
Ragini (blushing): thank you lucky

Laksh smiles seeing her blush and uttara rises her one eyebrow.

Swasan’s eyelock was broken by swara.

Swara: Lucky bhai, ragini, uttara, kunwarsa…let’s go in….breakfast is also ready.
Raglakutt: ok let’s go, we all are so hungry

Saying this trio ran inside the palace.
Swasan were walking inside the palace

Sanskar: Waise princess, you are totally a surprise package..i mean you have a such a melodious voice and dance so gracefully.
Swara: Thank you kunwarsa
Sanskar raised his one eyebrow: Thank you?
Swara: I mean…sorry…nahi nahi…ummmm

Swara made a confused face by raising her eyebrows and pouting. Sanskar just wanted pull her in his embrace. Swara hurriedly went inside to avoide the awkwardness.

Sanskar (monologue): Wow!!!she looks so cute and her dance…omg…I can’t forget her graceful dance. I just love her…wait wait…that I just said, I love her…no no..it’s just an attraction sanskar…just an attraction.

Thinking this, sanskar also went inside. He saw laksh and uttara who were frowning a little. He went to them and asked, “Lucky, uttu what happened why you guys are looking like erupting volcano.”
Laksh: Bhai, it isn’t funny
Sanskar: Anyone can say of by seeing you guys that you both can erupt any time.
Laksh: Actually bhai, chipkali is coming tomorrow with her brother and mum
Uttara: Not brother, bandar. (uttara made a face)

Swara who just came after changing her clothes, giggled a little by seeing uttara’s face. (BTW shemish, ragini and Parvati are in their rooms and sanlakutt and swara are in the hall) Sanskar who saw her giggling was memorized by seeing her in yellow dress (the one that swara wore when swasan went to see movie bajirao mastani in SR), without any make up but looking cute and beautiful while giggling.

Sanskar (whispered); Beautiful
Laksh heard him and added, “And cute..right”
Sanskar: Yes (suddenly sanskay came into senses)…I mean…ummmm..even uttu is cute and beautiful
Laksh: but there us a difference in both of them
Sanskar: Difference?
Laksh: Yes, uttu is our sister and swara is your…ahem ahem…lady love.
Saying this he went towards swara leaving sanskar numb.
Laksh: my little princess sissy shona, why are you laughing at us.
Uttara: Yes, did I say some joke
Swara: Sorry sorry but uttara, you made such a funny face that I couldn’t stop my self.
Laksh: very true swara, she was indeed looking like a joker
Uttara: lucky bhai, you meant to say that I am a joker
Swara: lucky bhai, it’s not good to tease my friend
Laksh: seriously swara, I though you will be in my team but you changed your team
Swara: I was never in your team, I am and always be in uttara’s team

Sanskar smiled by seeing swara normal and forgetting yesterday’s incident.

Swara: By the way, uttara, about whom you guys were talking…I mean who is chipkali and bandar.
Sanskar: Actually princess, they are you buasa’s children, Kavita and Nikhil
Swara: Kavita and Nikhil

Shemish and Parvati came from their room.

Shekhar: Ha doll, you have a buasa, she just got to know about you so she is coming today evening with her two children, Kavita and Nikhil, they are younger than you. You know, your buasa was on cloud nine when she heard about you so she is coming here specially for you.

Swara smiled and got teary eyes. Everyone got worried.

Parvati cupped swara’s face and asked worriedly, “Swara, beta, what happened why are you crying, are you ok, did someone said anything”
Swara shaked her head in a no
Shomi: Then what happened
Swara (with sobs in between): Maa, dadi sa, I got….so..much love after so many years that’s why i…I got little emotional. Mai..Maine hamesha sirf ek khwaab dekha tha, wo yeh tha ki mera bhi ek chota sa parivar ho jismein sirf khushiyan ho aure pyaar bhi. Now see, I got so much love in few days. I got such a loving parents, sister, grandma, 2 more fathers, a brother, friends and now buasa and two more siblings. I am the luckiest girl, not because I am a princess but because I have so many people who love so much and care about me.

Shekhar went towards her and hugged her. He started to rub his hand on her back protectively to show that no matter what he is always there for his daughter.

Shekhar: shh beta, you know, you are my brave child who tolerated so much in her life but stayed strong. You know, you were the apple of our eye but unfortunately you were snatched from us. There was not a one day that we didn’t remember you. And now you are back, our happiness is back. You cried for so many years but now (shekhar released the hug and wiped her tears), there is no place of these tears in your life. And always remember, no matter what happens, we all are here for you, to protect you always. Ok

Swara nodded and smiled very innocently

Laksh wanted to change the mood, “Arey yaar, you father daughter duo made me senti. Shekhar uncle, you know what, you should work in films to write dialogues. You definitely will be famous writer. Actually I have a better idea, you both should do movies together and the title should, ‘Brave daughter ki senti father’.”
Then her went towards shekhar and put his elbow on shekhar’s shoulder and raised his one eyebrow and said, “kyu uncle, how is it?”
Skekhar was going to say something then laksh removed his elbow and raised his imaginary collar and said, “I know uncle I know that I am really talented, much better than my hitler dad and my khadoos bro. No need to say it. Actually I feel shy when someone praises plus my bro will feel bad..you know”

Everyone had mouth opened then suddenly sanskar put his hand on laksh shoulder making laksh scared like a kitten. Laksh realised what he just said and said in a dramatic way, “bhai, I was just joking. Please don’t put your dhai kilo hand on me (laksh removed sanskar’s hand from his shoulder), you know ki jab apka dhai kilo ka haath kisi par padta hai toh admi uth ta nahi uth jata hai.”

Sanskar: ha lucky ke bache, and now it’s your turn. What were you saying that I am khadoos. ha
Laksh: no bhai, you are not. You are so sweet just like a chocolate my chocolaty boy.

Saying this laksh ran and sanskar started to chase him. Everyone burst out of laughing

Shekhar: by the way, where is my angel, ragini
Swara: wo papa, she is sleeping
Shomi: What, she again slept.
Swara: Woh ma, she woke up early so that’s why.
Shomi: Stop defending your sister, I will go wake up that kumbhkaran
Swara: ma I will go and wake her up.
Shomi: ok
Uttara: shona, I will also come with you

Swara nodded.

Swautt came into ragini’s room. They tried to wake her up but ragini was really adamant to wake up.

Uttara: now what shona, how will we wake her up?

Swara got a naughty idea and whispered in uttara’s ear. Uttara was shocked to see this side of swara.
Swara took the jug and SPLASH!!!

Ragini woke up with a jerk and started shouting with closed eyes, “Mummy, papa, jiji, tsunami… run…don’t leave me and ha take my favourite dress and my chocolates and my teddy bears. RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.”

Suddenly she heard two girls laughing. She opened her on eye and saw swautt laughing loudly. Ragini opened her second eye and frowned but in her heart she was happy to see swara laughing full heartedly.

Ragini: Uttara, what is this. Is this a way to wake up a sleepy person. I almost got a heart attack
Uttara (laughing): hahaha..ragu…hehe…it wasn’t me…haha….it was shona….hahahaha you were so funny ragu…seriously tsunami (saying this she again laughed)

Ragini’s mouth was like ‘o’. She was shocked

Ragini: jiji you did it, now I won’t leave you two. Now see what I will do.
Saying this ragini took the jug and went into bathroom. She came out with jug full of water.
Swara: no ragu, you won’t do that. I just had shower
Ragini: no jiji, I won’t leave you

Saying ragini ran towards swautt ans swautt also started running. While chasing they reached the hall where sanskar was still chasing laksh. Suddenly ragini dashed with laksh and the jug of water fell. Sanskar who was running got little wet as some water fell on him. He also slipped. Swara who stopped and saw sanskar slipping, shouted ‘kunwarsa’ caught his hand but she also fell down with sanskar. As soon swara fell on top of sanskar, they rolled down once and now swara was under sanskar. Swara closed her eyes really tightly. Sanskar was again lost in swara, he was holding swara by waist from his one hand and with the other hand, he holding her back.

Sanskar said really softly: Princess

Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar’s eyes. She was lost in his eyes again. Some water was dripping from sanskar’s hair on swara’s face. Swara was breathing little heavily.

At raglak’s side, when ragini dashed with laksh, laksh held her by her waist and ragini caught laksh’s collar tightly as she was going to fell down. Laksh was lost in her and they had an eyelock for few second which was broken by ragini.

Ragini: oye prince laksh Maheshwari, haven’t you seend any girl.
Laksh: I have but not not beautiful and innocent like you
Ragini blushed a little but she composed herself and said, “Come one now leave me”
Laksh smirked naughtily and said, “ok” saying this he left her and ragini fell on ground.
Ragini: ouch
Ragini stood up and angrily, “what is this lucky why you left me”
Laksh: well you only said to leave so I left you
Ragini: that’t doesn’t mean you will just leave me like this. You are really bad…unlucky monkey
Laksh: aye stop calling me that
Ragini: Why what will you do?
Laksh: I will, I will…kiss you

Ragini eyes widened

Ragini: youuu!!!

Uttara who was watching all this interrupted and said, “guys stop fighting, first see that” uttara pointed towards swasan

Raglak saw them lost and smiled. Shemish and pravati who heard raglak shouting also came there and saw swasan and trio also smiled by seeing them.

Shomi: Maasa, I don’t think we have to worry about swara’s reaction when she get to know that she has to marry sanskar
Parvati: you are right, I was really worried that how will swara react but now I think soon my granddaughter will fall in love

Here swasan are just lost in each other’s eyes

Inn aankhon mein tum
Jab se ho gaye ghoom
Saara jahaan tera chehara
Preet ye rang ab to tere sang
Aur bhi ho gaya gehara

Inn aankhon mein tum
Jab se ho gaye ghoom
Saara jahaan tera chehara
Preet ye rang ab to tere sang
Aur bhi ho gaya gehara

Episode ends on swasan

Recap: Kavhil and bua’s entry…some chipka chipki…some fighting….some sweet and cute romance

That’s it my dear readers, please do comment and give advice..i will soon post the next part till then keep smiling, be happy and take care.

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