Swaragini- A FRESH BEGINNING…Chapter 1

Swara is a bubbly,beautiful,free spirited and a magnamicious eighteen year girl.
Ragini is a beautiful,shy,calm and a gracious twenty year girl.
Both Swara and Ragini are sisters

Their mother Sharmishtha also known as ‘Sumi
is their mentor,best friend and everything for them.
Shekhar-their father is a big buisnesman and loves both of his daughters a lot and can do anything for them.
Swaragini’s dadi is an old,outdated woman who thinks that both Swara and Ragini are very mischievous and she has a typical mindset that girls should get married by the age og twenty. She also thinks that women should not work out of the house,but she loves Swaragini soooo much that she allows both of them to pursue their higher studies.
Their dadaji is an old,free spirited man who holds a very high status in the society and cannot tolerate any injustice and harm done to both of this granddaughters.


Swara and Ragini share their room. Both of the girls are sleeping till 10:30 in the morning as it is Sunday and their college is closed.

Dadi comes to their room and says:
Dadi: One day these girls are going to ruin my name in their husbands’ house. If I will not wake them up, they will go on sleeping and wake up the next morning.
(She said this in a taunting tone.)
Sumi: Yes maa, these girls have become very lazy. They have promised themselves thar they will never listen to what their elders say. They think that listening to them is a waste of time and they do whatever they wish to.
Shekhar: Why are both of you taunting my girls? It is Sunday, let them sleep today. Usually they wake up by 8:00 am na. Then? Please do not disturb both of my princesses.
Sumi: Shekhar, why do you always take their side?? You are the only one responsible for the damage of the lifestyles of these girls.
Swaragini(waking up): Maaa…!!!!
Shekhar: Good morning beta.
Swwaragini: Gud morning papq.(they both hug him)
Swara: Momsieee, papa always take our side because we love him more than you do.
Ragini: Yes mumma, now pls get the breakfast ready. We will come downstairs as soon as we get up.
Sumi: Ok beta, come fast.

Ragini: Gm dadaji.
Swara:Gm dadi. Momsieee we are down, pls serve us breakfast.We need to go to the music academy.
Sumi; Yes Shona, Laado come sit. Ramu kaka will serve u breakfast.
Ragini: Thank u Ramu kaka

Ragini: Swara, I am going to my sitaar class, you go to your guitaar room and NO BUNKING PLEASE.
Swara: Ok…ok Ragini, today I will attend the complete class, we will meet at the reception by 3:30 .
Ragini: Haan, fine

PRCAP: Shekhar, Sumi, Dadi and Dadaji are discussing about Ragini’s marriage.

Credit to: Shreya


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