Everest fanfic climb up – Part 12

Part 12

Rihaan comes to girls’ room…..

Avika: Hey!! What r u doing in our room?
Aayna: Get out
Rihaan: Its my sister’s room also….i have to rake her stuff
Avika: We’ll complain if u don’t get out

Sanvi comes

Sanvi: What do you know except complaining?
Aayna: Aae u….
Sanvi: Stop ur bullshit…..
Avika: Hey we’ll compl……
Sanvi: U cannot….cuz m already expelled

Rihaan and sanvi come inside and take ratikA’s phone. Avika and aayna show angry faces. Rihaan and sanvi leave.

Avika: How dare they???
Aayna: He blo*dy stupid moron and sanvi…b*t*h…she……uhhh

5 minutes later
Wardon comes

Wardon: Hey you both….col sir is calling u….
Avika: Us??
Aayna: Why????
Wardon: Would i get a dream? Come now

They go. Col, arjun, sanvi and rihaan are there with others.

Aayna: Sir may we come in?
Col: Come….sanvi, ur one hour is over….do u have anything to show us?
Sanvi: Well…yes sir
Col: U may show now

Sanvi shows the video in ratika’s phone. Avika and aayna are shocked.
Video contains what happened that time…how avika fell because of aayna, how they insulted sanvi and much and sanvi’s innocence……anjali and ratika enter….

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