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GUYS IMPORTANT NOTICE IS THAT guys i will be irregular for these days there are many reasons for it one is guys my

both sister and some relatives came to my house due to festival and they will be here for 20 days and my both

sister have small son and doughter whose age is 1 year apx. so both never allow me to use mobile and laptop because

it they see mobile and laptop they never leave it so i am writing these part in night when they sleep only if by

chance i get time because from before whole day my freinds do not leave me but when i come to my house now i have

to e with my sister son and daughter and to give time to them, secondly i am also too busy in all these

documentation of my counseling of college so i have very tight schedule about all thses things, i really feels that

why i started ff but i started but do not take tention i will try to post in every 2 to 3 days and i will also not

end also, i will go with story but today part reallly took too much time because guys romance part is very

difficult part to write because it need very patieance and too much time to write it but for you i wrote read it
one more thing many of you want to ask about your bhabi, guys she is of 17 year age only, our engangement is fully

arranged only, just parents asked us whether we are ready for each other or we both feel that we are ok for each

other so we both just nodded in agreement and we both knows each other from childhood because she is daughter of my

aunty’s (chachi) brother daughter, ok if more you can ask me
EPISODE STARTS WITH swara feels a body pressed behind her, immeidately she turns back to see person standing behind

her she found sanky looking at her with his hazel eyes continuesly, swara could not understand why he is looking

with this intense eyes,
before swara could go away from him
sanky places his hand on her waist and pulls her towards him, swara hits on his chest
both were in very close proximity, swara’s heartbeat starts raising
both were feeling each other heartbeat which was rising very fast,
sanky again presses her more towards him whisper looking beautiful
swara could not speak anything, her heart was beating fast
she was continuely looking into his eyes while feeling his body touch on her body
sanky removes some hair strain from her face, whisper never ever wear this type of clothes people sees you with bad

intentions, by completing his words sanky frees her, moves towards audieance
where swara was still in shock she could not come out of multiple shock which she got now
one of her hormonal increment and other sanky’s words
before she could complete from this two shockes, she hears a voice from behind hi swara
swara comes out of senses by the voice,
swara turns her face and give fake smile ragini
ragini- yes you were not in party so i came here
swara smiles voh nothing its ok
ragini- so come with me we will go to party
swara nods now both moves towards hall
just than all lights go off, two spot lights spot on swaragini
lucky comes towards swara and sanky towards ragini
a song starts KURBAAN HUA

Kurbaan hua
Teri tishnagi mein yun
Kurbaan hua
Teri aashiqui mein yun



Bekhudi mein bekali mein
Bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi
Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan huaaaaa…
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
Ada pe…wafa pe….jafa pe
Kurbaan huaaaa
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa…


Ru-ba-ru hai tu magar
Tanha hai yeh jahaan
Jal uthe meri kufr se
Saanson ka yeh samaan
Kya hua
Pal mein jaane kho gaya kyon
Tu mila aur judaa imaan hua yun

Bekhudi mein bekali mein
Bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi
Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan huaaaaa…
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
Ada pe…wafa pe….jafa pe
Kurbaan huaaaa
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa…




Marne ka sabab
Maangta raha dar-ba-dar
Mitne ko toh dil
Pal mein raazi hua
Poori hui har aarzoo
Har daastaan meri
Ke tum shuru hue jahan
Main khatam hua

Kurbaan huaaaaa…
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
Ada pe…wafa pe….jafa pe
Kurbaan huaaaa
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa



after dance both swaragini was breathing heavily
while lucky thinks something and gives devil smile
lucky takes a wine bottol comes near to swara,
swara gets confused by seeing him coming towards her
lucky comes more near to swara,looking beautifull
swara gives him assuring smile, just than a waiter bumps into lucky the wine of lucky hand falls in swara gown
swara- oh god what happened now
lucky- oh this useless waiter spoilt your dress
swara makes faces
lucky- do one thing go to room number 100 of hotel, change new cloth, there is one set of cloth which is kept
swara just nods and moves to that room
sanky feels something fishy in all this drama
he goes behind swara towards room without anyone notice

swara takes one saree and goes to change it while sanky secretly reaches to her room closes from inside, while

swara was in bathroom
swara can hear closing of door while wearing her saree,
she hurriedly comes out of bathroom still she could not tie dori of blouse
her eyes falls on sanky seating on the bad
swara in confused look you here???
sanky just gives her flat smile yes voh i came to give your hair clips which you forgot in party
swara thanks now you can go
sanky sees her top to bottom and whisper i think you needs me
swara- what???
sanky- to tie your dori of blouse
swara- feels uncomfertable, no i will manage
sanky comes near to her while speaking, how will you manage it i know you will not be able to wear this
swara- i know but you are stranger and please go out of here, if anyone sees me with you than problem will create
sanky- know we are stranger but i can help you in this things
swara while moving back no i told please go out from here
sanky comes more closer to swara, swara reached till the wall
sanky comes very close to her, now heat starts producing between the couples
swara could not move from her place
sanky sensually places his hand on her shoulder, current passes from swara body, both were looking each other with

intense eyes, there was eye lock between them which no one want to break, the desire and crave for there body was

easily visible in there eyes, sanky slowly tries to turn swara to back side to tie her dori of blouse,
swara did not want to break eye lock from him but he makes her turn towards other direction, there was mirror

infront of her, where swara can see sanky hazel eyes from mirror which were staring her from mirror reflection,

sanky whisper slowly, swara please remove your hand from your dori, i will tie it up
swara was not able to understand, because she was fully lost in his eyes
sanky slowly takes his hand on swara bare back to take dori from swara, his touch was making shivering effect on

swara body,sanky slowly takes his hand towards dori
swara closes her eyes due to there close proximity, her hormonal crave was making her to go with flow which was

unbearable for her, sanky sensually ties dori of her blouse, swara was feeling his touch on her back, after tying

dori sanky was about to go but swara holds his hand please sanky do not go please, she pleads him
sanky comes closer to her, places his hand on her chicks, swara you will regret this again,he whisper by looking

into her eyes
swara hugs him tightly, tears of helplessness starts coming from her eyes, no sanky please do not go today i will

not be able to bear my hormonal tortures
sanky understand her problem

sanky slowly make her stand infront of him to see her clearly,
BACKGROUND SONG PLAYS SAANS ME TERI SAANS MILI TO (i also gave its english translation just read it and feel in

Saans mein teri saans mili to
mujhe saans aayi..
[when your breath mixed in my breath,
I was able to breathe.]

he found the drop of tears on her rosy lips which he wants to drink to decrease her pain, he make his face closer

to her, swara understand his next step so she closes her eyes to taste him, sanky brings his lips near her, first

he places his lips on her lower lip to drink the drop of tears in this way that a butterfly drinks small drop of

water from leaves of plant, after drinking the water droplets

rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,
tu jo paas aayi..
[soul touched the body’s fragrance,
when you came nearby..]

he slowly pust his lips on her lips like there lips are fit with each other as alternate layer of soil on earth,

both were fitted on other lips, slowly sanky starts doing movement like when we get earthquake signal of shaking of

earth because of sliding of layers of soils, there bodies was also shaing and shivering for there hormonal in same

way as earth shakes, swara’s hand moves towards his hair to make there proximity more close and intense, sanky hand

moves on her waist and other on her face, both lips were sliding each other while swara was forcing him to have

more excess of him, now there these both layers of sliding has become very high like signals of volcano comes due t

earthquake sliding of layers, heat was forming inside them was coming in the form of desire in same way as volcano

heat produces in sliding of soil, now its time to come this heat and volcano out of this soil, in this way swasan

heat has incresed more now both opens there layers of lips to give excess to there tongue to taste them completely

in the way that volcano emerges out from earth in the form of fire but hear fire of desire increasing swasan were

playing game inside to tease there partener, now it was time to move second step, sanky slowly while playing with

her mouth touches her upper portion from the clothes only to play with the spunge,now swara desire becoming more,

she pushes him more on her, there mouth was fit where single layer of air could not pas, they were fitted like

pipe, now they were out of breath by there continuesly tasting of each other sanky parts away from her

kab tak hosh sambhale koi,
hosh ude to ud jaane do..
dil kab seedhi raah chala hai
raah mude to mud jaane do
tere khayal mein doob ke aksar
achchi lage tanhaai..
[how long can one remain in control,
when consciousness goes, let it go..
when has the heart gone on a straight path,
if the path turns, let it turn..
when I am in your thoughts,
loneliness feels good..]

his eyes were seeing her eyes continuesly for increasing heat, he was out of his emootions, he takes swara in his

arms while both were still looking each other continuesly without breaking any eyes contact, sanky slowly lie her

on the bad, again comes on the top, now both starts open mouth kissing, while his delicate body was slwoly sliding

on her body due to jerks of there kiss and intimate position which makes both of them aroused, sanky kisses on her

nape face and also bited them to make her moune which makes him more wild, now its time to move to next step, sanky

did not want single layer of air between them, sanky slowly removes her full saree, she was in her undergarments,

sanky sensually kisses her all parts of body in this way he removes her upper portion to see clear view from his

eyes, swara feels so shy to face him, she closes her eyes sanky understand her shyness kisses her exposed organ

where swara was moaning in his name, after giving her pleasure he comes down and removes her exposed inner thighs

organ, he sarts giving her pleasure, after giving this ride of kissing and sucking now its time for sanky to make

there relation in next level

raat teri baahon mein kate to,
subaha badi halki lagti hai
aankh mein rehne lage ho kya tum,
kyon chhalki chhalki lagti hai
mujhko phir se chhoo ke bolo
meri kasam kya khaayi..
[when the night goes in your arms,
morning looks very light,
have you started living in my eyes,
it keeps spilling..
touch me again and say,
have you sweared on me..]

sanky removes all remaining clothes from his, swara feels shy to see him, sanky comes on top of her, HE interwind

his body in that way that his body worked as umbrela for her where she was fixed inside him, sanky takes advantage

of situation, he slowly started making love with her swara tried to move to decrease her pain but sanky already

interwind his body with her, swara was helpless by her hormonal behaviour today she did not suppressed her feelings

today, she wants to flow with him without thinking about society and this world, sanky kisses her to assure her to

decrease her pain, first he was slow but as time passes he starts doing fast, now full room was filled with

fragnance of swasan desire, both were full of sweat due to continues working of each other body, sanky kisses her

nector of her body which makes him more wild while thursting, now it was time of climax of there blissfull and

helpless ride of both the bodies who could not control there desire, both starts maoning heavily and sanky climaxed

out of her body,

Saans mein teri saans mili to
mujhe saans aayi..
[rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,
tu jo paas aayi..]

now both are tired by there act swasan sees each other with complete eyes feeling of completion in each other

arms, heavy heat which arised in there body clamed down now both are in there complete senses of what they did

before that full of helpless desire of crave for each other body
but now all crave and desire had pecified, they done there work but now its time to think about what act they did

in there desirefull mind which normal mind do not accept, this thing is unliked by normal and concious mind because

it is againt this society rule which can not be accepted, desirefull mind never care about society who is selfish

of its own that just want to complete its desire but concious mind gives us correct path, swasan again did same

mistake as they did before by making there desirefull mind to overcome to concious mind and this only results in

unacceptable mistakes, but both were looking in each other eyes continuesly without any movement both were in deep

thought by there second mistake because one time we can say it is mistake but if this thng happen for one more time

than this is not included in mistake………………………….
now see what happen to swasan, and what will be there reaction today they did little knowingly also but both were

helpless by there desire of have intimacy with each other

guys did you liked romance part and kiss comparison, if you did not enjoyed or felt it is very vulgar for it big

sorry from my side guys Because i wrote this part in night by cutting my sleep and this romance part is really very

difficult, guys i tried my level best to make helpless intimate scene of swasan by there desire and to make totally

different from last 2 romance because last romance of swasan was lovely type of romance, and this one is different

type, if you did not felt different for it sorry guys and for next episode i will try to give soon but do not know

bye guys
take care
good day
meet you guys soon with next episode


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    okkkkk now let me tell u d chappy was(( hmmmmmm yeah got that)) tempting,,sizzling,,breathtaking,,amezing … specially d song u selected was SUPERB.. it actually PERFECTLY matches with SWASAN’s intimacy..n that too u translated it which is done AMAZINGLY… ((one more thing)) Where n how u got d examples like earthquake,,volcano,,soil n butterflies to compare with SWASAN’ moment???? like really???? god…((now again wordless))huhhhh…
    last but not d least i think Swara’s reaction is not gonna b same as previous.. cozz now i feel like she is changing her POV towards Sanskar…n i would like to see d changing Swara… just hope for d best…. this Laksh na i was feeling bad for him now m feeling bad for myself dat how can i feel like that.. i just want to give him a tight punch in his NOSE..((hope his nose got twisted))?

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and sorry for replying late
      But please don’t get freeze because next time you will not able to read story but really kakaji I wait for your wonderful comment
      And really you want to punch his hard I will give you chance to punch lucky but how you will get that is suspense which will be revealed soon so your wish will be fulfilled

      You are correct this time swara point of view is changed towards sanky and it will be different reactions that you will get to know soon

      Thanks for liking song selection part I am amazed to see it
      I also freeze by your amazing comment
      And keep supporting me in this way

      How is your health
      And how your studies going on

  21. Amazing …..loved it swasan hot???????

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment

  22. awsm.loved ti the core..hayye mare cutie sa swasan nw bcm asanskari.hehe..but love swasan

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment
      Yes they became asanskari

  23. awsm.loved ti the core..hayye mare cutie sa swasan nw bcm asanskari.hehe..but love swasan
    want more and more swasan romance.
    nd what is lucky upto????

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and everything will be revealed soon

  24. Awesome…waitng fr nxt…tk cr

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment

  25. Hey today’s part was good & I can understand u don’t get time as writing a ff taking time from studies is really difficult just don’t stress urself write whenever u get time?

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and caring for me zoya and your name is very good

  26. Is it soo??
    Then it was ur mistake naa now coz of u we won’t be one
    u did late naa
    still u r nt married naa i think now i should have to cm to india to take u wid me
    if u dnt wanna cm then you will regret coz i will kidnape u naa
    will u shout for help????

    1. Pathan

      Oh god by the way in which country u live
      I am not girl who will shout for help when you will kidnap me
      And you can’t kidnap me also because I am living with many securities

      By the way why I will regret if I don’t come

      But what is your age and what are you doing in studies

  27. Thnxx for ur reply… I m perfectly fit n fine n my study is also perfectly going on… How about ur study n health??? i read dat u cut ur sleep for writing it.. it may effect ur health… n u know very well that for a student health comes first..coz without good health we can’t do anything… .soo plzzzzz Irfan take care of ur health… study well…

    1. Hey u r bengali?

    2. Pathan

      Thanks for ur care about me I will surely take care of myself
      I will surely take care of my health don’t take tension and you are really too good kakaji
      Stay blessed
      Keep smiling always

  28. Irfan u r again taking my name wrongly… it’s KAKALI not kakaji…((kakaji is soo funny hahaha))

    1. Pathan

      Oh sorry I will take your name correctly
      Ya kakaji is really too funny but from now I will tell correct name thanks for correcting my mistake

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