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Chapter 1

Our car stopped and we got down… Mr. Dixit looked more than excited… he almost ran to the gate… we had seek permission from the governor of the state… for visiting the palace… after completing all formalities we went inside…
I was in a awe… like how can something be so beautiful… the imperial palace was really outstanding… i still didnt know y mr. Dixit had brought us there bt i felt like thanking him for such an exquisite visit…
“so how is the place??” he asked me in a low tone…
“amazing!!” i replied

“ and u were nt willing to come…” said he
“i never said that… it was just that it was raining…” said I
“ whatever.. now note down the details of architecture… we will require them soon..” he said to everyone
I saw an extraordinary ‘jhoomar’ which illuminated the whole palace hall… next we went to the darbar.. it was also decorated superbly….
My co-mates were roaming here and there.. so mr dixit told them to be together….
Next we came to the maharaja’s bedroom… omg!! I had never seen such a well planned interior… the bed was right in the centre of the room.. it was circular in shape… the curtains used were purely made out of silk… i was agin awestruck…
Time really flies away…. i felt when out tour was over.. reluctantly we came out of the palace…
Then i suddenly realise “ what were we suppose to do here… i mean aren’t we missing the ‘important’ thing??”

I thought to ask mr dixit but then thought not to insult my self in front of others…
We returned to our hotel…. after diner i was standing by the balcony…. when i suddenly realise my bracelet was missing… i was terrified.. it was my favourite… i quickly ran to mr. Dixit’s room.. i hated doing had no option…
“mr dixit..” i said
“ miss bose..u r still awake.. u should be asleep now.. we have other works tmrw..” he replied
“ i lost my bracelet in the palace” i said at once..
“ what??” he asked
“ i lost my braclet in the was very dear to me… plzzz can we go there once again.. plzzzz”

“are u out of ur mind??” we have already visited the place.. now we have to visit other places.. we have work..we didnt come here four a tour or picnic…” he replied
“ bt mr dixit it…” before i could complete “no more arguments miss sonakshi..good night” he replied
I came back from his room.. i was almost crying.. the bracelets was a gift from my dad when i was 18… since then i m wearing that.. but mr dixit will never understand such values… i coved my face with the pillow and tried to sleep…
The next morning we had our actual work at some ruins,. We were all busy looking at each corner of the place.. as we had to make reports… i completed my section and sat down at a place..
After some time mr dixit came and asked if i had completed my work.. i replied “yes”.. iguess he could make out my disgust.. thereafter he said… “ miss bose..after this work we will be free..then we can go to the palace for ur bracelet”

I was shocked and happy as well… i looked at him..nd he smiled..
In the past two years of my career.. mr dixit had only been a villain… bt today i foun he was taking the shape of a real human.. 😛
During lunch mr dixit sort of secretly told me.. “listen we will go before the dust and come back before its dark”
I nodded…
At around 4pm we reached the palace… it was not yet lighted.. the security created a bit problem at first bt then agreed.. we went inside and started searching… i searched everywhere bt it was no where to be found… the security said that he shift was over and he would have to return home…. the new watchman would be coming soon.. i was sad again.. but mr. Dixit consoled me..
“ try to remember where did u last see ur braclet??” he said
“ i guess it was with me when we went to the bedroom..yes i guess i left it there” said i..
“ ok lets go there” he said
The security left..

I searched in every corner of the room but found it nowhere… suddenly the lights went off… i was scared and caught hold of mr. Dixit…
“miss bose.. calm down..anyone here (he shouted)”
No body replied… he made me sit on the bed…
He was about to go out when i held his hands and said “plzzz don’t leave me..plzzzz”
He said “okay..” and sat beside me…
The lights came for a moment but the voltage fluctuated…. outside it started raining…. i could her the thunder bolts … i held mr. Dixit tight…. he placed his hands on my shoulder and tried to calm me down..
We decided to go out and move to our hell the door didnt open… i was ever sacred… mr dixit tried hard but it didnt open….
We were totally frustrated… until we heard a soft sound as if a girl singing….
To be continued.

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