Hey guys this is me tuba back with epi 9…..
Recap:-SwaSan N RagLak romance in beach.SanLaks surprise date for swaragini…. Mystery man watching them.

Location:-MM Kolkata.

The scene starts from Anapurna n Durga Prasad talking to the Pandit Ji about the wedding date and the pandit tells the date 20 December is good for wedding n all decide to keep the wedding on 20 and all other functions before that. All are very happy. Uttara tells Sujata Ma why are u not happy ?
Sujata:-Uttara I dont want swara as my bahu.
Uttara:-Ma how can u tell like this SwaSan love each other and dont forget that If Sanskaar bhai is with us Its only cuz of Swara bhabi if she wasnt there than bhai would still be on the wrong path…..
Sujata:-But She is a bengali n We r marwadis n I dont want people to make fun of me n tell that I have a bengali bahu…….
Uttara:-But maa That doesn’t matter
She couldn’t complete her sentence as Sujata goes off from there.
Uttara tells I have to speak to Ragini bhabhi n leaves….

SwaSan Scene.
Swara n Sanskaar r having dinner the moon is shinning in the dark night and love is in the air.
Sanskaar is still staring at Swara and tells u r so beautiful.
Swara:- Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari Ur wife is always looking beautiful but its u whose eyes not good n dont notice me.
Sanskaar:-O excuseme telling my eyes are not good but Madam actually ur eyes are not good n ur telling me.
Swara:-Oh my eyes are very good.
Sanskaar: Oh really Then why cant u see such a handsome guy in front of u.
Swara:-Where where is that handsome guy please tell me
Sanskaar gives her an angry look n tells me than who else?
Swara:- U haaha ha very funny u n handsome not at all.
Sanskaar gets up from there Oh god Yeh kis Pagal ke saath apne meri shaadi kara di…
Swara gets angry n tells how dare u tell me pagaal n hits sanskaar. Sanskaar shouts swara I am sorry.
He starts to laugh n tell how should I bear this Swara the cartoon. Swara also starts laughing.
Sanskaar is mesmerized seeing her laugh so much n she looks at him they both are lost in each others eyes……
Bg song:Tumhe Apna banane ka
Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Mujhe aadat bana lo ik buri
Kehna ye tumse hai

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai

Jism ke samandar mein
Ik lehar jo thehari hai
Usme thodi harqat hone do
Shayari sunaati inn do nasheeli aankhon ko
Mujhko paas aake padhne do
Ishq ki khwahishon mein
Bheeg lo baarishon mein
Aao na…

Tumhe paakar na khone ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Mujhe nazron mein rakh lo tum kahin
Kehna ye tumse hai

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sanskaar puts back her hair which us falling on her face they both are lost in deep thoughts.
Hmm.. rokna nahi mujhko
Zidd pe aa gayi hoon main
Iss qadar deewanapan chadha
Dekho na yahaan aake
Mera haal kaisa hai
Toot ke abhi tak na juda

Ab sambhalna nahi hai
Jo bhi hai wo sahi hai
Aao na…

Tumhe khud se milaane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Mujhe rehne do apne paas hi
Kehna ye tumse hai

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai..
The wind keeps blowing and suddenly they break the eyelock because the wind hits them.
Then they start to walk holding each others hand. They are talking and all of a sudden swara stops him and bends on her knees and tells so Mr Sanskaar Maheshwaari are u ready to bare this Swara the cartoon for life long and offers her hand.
Sanskaar tells let me think n swara becomes upset then suddenly he catches her hand and makes her get up and says yes Mrs Swara and let me tell u that u r not only a cartoon but also u r my life n I will die without u swara keeps her hand on his mouth n says newer speak about death and they both hug each other……..
RagLak scene.
Ragini n Laksh are having dinner n are talking.
Ragini:-Laksh u know what all this is like a dream come true for me I have always dreamt about this.
Laksh:-I am glad that u liked it ragini.
Ragini:-By the way Laksh how did u come to know about me I mean that I am here.
Laksh- Ragini u dont know that ur husband is very intelligent and can findout any thing.
Ragini:-So ok mr genius pls tell how did u find me.
Laksh:-Actuallu ur friend Shikha helped us in finding u n she told us about the diary in which u used to write all ur secrets and there we found out that u r here in Mumbai.
Ragini:-U guys are to smart I must say
Laksh raises his collar and tells Thank u.
He then offers his hand and ask may I have a chance to dance with this beautiful princess.
Ragini blushes and says yes and gives her hand into his. They start to dance. Bg song:-Mar Jayen.
Har Lamha Dekhne Ko,Tujhe Intezar Karna,
Tujhe Yaad Karke Aksar,
Raaton Mein Roz Jagna,
Badla Hua Hai Kuch Toh,
Dil In Dino Yeh Apna.

Kash Woh Pal Paida Hi Na Ho,
Jis Pal Mein Tu Nazar Na Aye,
Laksh holds her hand and makes her swirls he pulls her closer ti him n keeps his hands on hips n she keeps it on his shoulders and they dance they both are lost into each others eyes and are dancing laksh then makes ragini fall in his arms and they are standing still….. The wind us blowing and there is love in the air ….
Har Lamha Dekhne Ko,Tujhe Intezar Karna,
Tujhe Yaad Karke Aksar,
Raaton Mein Roz Jagna,
Badla Hua Hai Kuch Toh,
Dil In Dino Yeh Apna.

Kash Woh Pal Paida Hi Na Ho,
Jis Pal Mein Tu Nazar Na Aye,
Kash Woh Pal Paida Hi Na Ho,
Jis Pal Mein Tu Nazar Na Aye,
Gar Kahin Aisa Pal Ho,
Toh Is Pal Mein Mar Jaayen,Mar Jayen, Mar Jayen,
Mar Jayen Ho Mar Jayen.

Tujhse Juda Hone Ka Talasfar Ek Guna Sa Lagta Hai,
Jab Aata Hai,Hai Bheed Main Aksar,
Mujhko Tanha Karta Hai.

Khawab Mein Bhi Jo Dekkh Le Yeh,
Raat Ki Neendein Ud Jayein,Mar Jayein,Mar Jayein,
Mar Jayein Ho Mar Jayein.

Mar Jayein,Mar Jayein,
Mar Jayein Ho Mar Jayein…..
Suddenly the eyelock breaks due to wind it starts to rain heavily laksh runs for shelter but Ragini jumps and is enjoying the rain laksh is mesmerized seeing her play like a child she pulls him and he runs again and says no way ragini I will fall Ill. Ragini tells laksh u dont know how awesome it is. Laksh also comes and joins her and tells wow its awesome ragini rells see I told u the both dance in rain laksh picks ragini by her waist and makes her swirl she comes down and theb they both hug each other and say I love U.
Location:-Near the car
Both the couples reach there n see each other fully wet. Sanskaar asks laksh even u got wet.
Laksh:-yes bhai but I enjoyed it.
Swara:-Sanskaar learn something from ur brother u know what RagLak I had to force him to come.
Sanskaar:-Yeah yeah I am very boring
He starts to sneeze n swara starts to laugh. Sanskaar gets angry n tells swara I wont leave they both start to fight and pull raglak in between n tell them to support their respective bro n sis Raglak are confused. Swara pulls ragini n sanskaar pulls laksh raglak look at each other helplessly.

Location:-On some road in Mumbai.
The mystery man is talking to someone n tells now these Maheshwaris r finished.
He takes out the mask and the face is revealed.

Precap:-SwaSan fight n they have a competition where it is sanlak vs swaragini. Uttara calls ragini n ragini speaks to sujata n then sujata accepts swara.

Guys PLEASE suggest as ti whom should I makr the Mystery man suggest any fav villain of urs……
Pls do comment n leave suggestions…….

Credit to: Tuba Aiman(RagLak)

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