Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 26)


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Adarsh and ragini r talking sanskar takes ragini aside
Ragini:sanskar what r u doing
Sanskar:I don’t understand why r u with that joker
Ragini: oh I see someone is jealous ha
Sanskar: sweet heart why I should be u r my” wife”
Ragini: so patidev tell me why u dragged me
Sansakar: mrs.maheswari answer my question
Ragini:why should i
Sanskar: u remembered what and all I said
Ragini: I can never forget those
Sanskar: why ragini
Ragini: u have answer but still ur questioning she is going
Sanskar: I love u
Ragini turns back
Sanskar: yeah I was jealous to see someone close to u I can’t tolerate that and I’ll never let that happen I love u ragini
Ragini: but I don’t
Sanskar: u do and I’ll make u accept that
Ragini: we’ll see
She goes to their room
At ragsan room
Sanskar enters he sees ragini already slept he covers her with a blakent kisses on her forehead and goes to sleep

The next day
All r ready for sight seeing all r wearing dresses that r comfortable sanskar is wearing a t-shirt and pant ragini comes wearing a long skirt and shirt
He’s memerised to see her
Sanskar: u r looking good
Ragini: thank u and these dress suits u too
Sanskar:ha nice choice
Ragini: ah my choice is best
Sanskar: really
Ragini: ha I choose this u were going for some stupid suits and al
Sanskar: but then too ur my choice compliments thoh bantha ha boss
Ragini: come out of ur dream world don’t act to be smart
Sanskar: how mean I am wearing I am looking good and u want compliments
Ragini: ha I should get for my choice for both clothes and the person wearing those
She goes from their
Sanskar didn’t understand at first then he got what she meant she was similing
During journey ragini was most of time with adarsh and when she was free laksh and arav no space for sanskar
Swayam: jiju don’t feel alone I am their na
Sanskar: ha can’t they leave her sometime alone
Swayam was laughing
Sanskar: laugh laugh at my condition for sometime we r out can’t they let us spend us sometime
At Kolkata her work and these two were less that this adarsh also came
Swayam: jiju do something otherwise he’ll impress di for sure
Sanskar: yeah but what

Swayam: what
Sanskar tells him
Swayam: awesome
Sanskar goes to swara swayam is with him he’s pretending as if he has not seen her
Sanskar: swayam learn something from laksh
Swayam: what
Sanskar: see how’s he flirting with those foreign girls he can impress anyone waise he’s my student so he should be best na
Swayam: jiju di was right he’s ur bro only both bro’s r same but small one is more
Swara hears everything she’s fuming in anger she sees laksh she goes to him and drags him
Swayam: jiju one problem solved
Sanskar: next
Sanskar requests kushi to keep arav with her busy she agrees swayam takes adarsh and uttra with him sanskar utilises the opportunity he’s with ragini
Sanskar:so mrs.maheswari why r u alone
Ragini: thanks to ur plan
Sanskar: plan what plan
Ragini: don’t be so innocent I know u very well u must have done something so they all r busy leaving me alone
Sanskar: ur nor alone I am with u
Ragini: that’s my problem u know I can’t even scream at u dadaji and all r here
Sanskar: see I am in not a mood to argue
Ragini:then what u want
Sanskar: u
Ragini: what
Sanskar: ha u r time I want to be my whole life with u
Ragini: which is impossible
Sanskar: don’t worry I’ll make that possible
Ragini: don’t challenge me
Sanskar: I don’t understand why r u becoming pyaar ki dushman in my love story
Ragini: ok let me be pyaar ki dushman only then why r u with me go for some one else
Sanskar: baby I can’t u know my ragini was so sweet but the ragini I am married is kadoos I miss my ragou
Ragini: then forget she’ll never come back
Sanskar: she’s back and no one can stop her to come
Ragini: over confidence is not good for health
Sanskar: that’s not over confidence its payaar par vishwas and power of love u won’t understand that u want to be lady hitler na
Ragini: why u always argue with me
Sanskar: it gives me fun u know how much I missed these arugements
Ragini: only arguments
Sanskar: no the person with whom I was doing

the whole day he was with her teasing her irritating and lot of fun
swalak side
laksh: why u dragged me
swara: why were u with those bothnies
laksh: what happened to u
swara: atleast stop flirting with other girls
laksh: wait who told u I was filring
swara: don’t act to be innocent I saw
laksh: hey u r misunderstanding
swara: no
laksh: yeah I was just helping them ask sanskar bhai
swara: why should I ask him he was talking to swayam about this
laksh about to speak when he sees kushi with arav , swayam with adarsh and uttra and sanskar talking to ragini
laksh: now I got see their
swara: what
laksh: duffer bhai wanted some time to spend with bhabi so he did all these
swara: what
laksh: ha ur jiju is very smart
swara: u r right
arashi comes to them
kushi:what happened to u both
swara tells her everything
arav: sanskar is too much
kushi: so my plan worked now sanskar is back to fight for his love
laksh: ha di know bhai will do anything to convince bhabi and know if she gets to know everything also bhai is with her
swara: I am very happy today
kushi: don’t be fast remember the deal
swara: yeah just worried about that
kuhsi calls adarsh but adarsh refuses to help them
swara: but why bhai
adarsh: I can’t I too love ragini I would be happy if she’s but I can’t see her with someone else and u r asking me jealous sanskar why me
kushi: because u r only so close to her plsz
adarsh: no
swara: ok we can do a deal
adarsh: what
swara: u have one month time if u can di fall for u, by ur moves jijui would be jealous and di can get impressed if she tells jiju that she loves him u should back off but she doesn’t u can marry her
adarsh: ok I agree
kushi: but I don’t(she drags swara to a coner)
swara: why
kuahi: this plan can back gire on us only if sanskar instead of getting jealous feels that adarsh is perfect for ragini he would back off and ragini she may agree for adarsh as he’s her frnd too
swara:no we not let happen this
swara: di can never fall for adarsh u know very well
kushi:swara its not so easy as u think
swara: but we have no other choice we have to take risk
kushi agrees
fb ends

arav and laksh: what
kushi: ha know we should be more careful
laksh: don’t worry I know my bhai he’ll not lose so easily bhabi also loves him I am dame sure he’ll do anything to convince her
arav: but what about adarsh we have no idea what he can do
swara: that’s the point to be worried
laksh: chill we’ll back fire all his plan
kushi: ha we should be around him
They visited many places of jaipur the trip was good all returned
At resort
All r had their dinner at pool side
Ragini is sitting their having legs in water sanskar comes their and sits beside her their’s silence but sanskar breaks that
Sanskar: so sankari why’s my lady love not arguing with me
Ragini: what why u called me by that
Sanskar: don’t forget the deal
Ragini: see sanskar I don’t remember anything like that
Sanskar: oh plsz we made promise
Fb shows during their clg days
Ragsan r sitting in graden ragini is resting her head on his chest both r holding their hands something flashes in her mind she quickly sits up
Sanskar:what happened
Ragini: I was just thinking what if my name was sanskari instead of ragini how would that be ha
Sanskar: r u joking seriously I can’t imagine that
Ragini: u r just sadoo imagine na how fun it would be mr and mrs sanskar our children name would be sanskrithi and sanskirth so much fun na sansakr family wow
Sanskar: u and u r crazy imagination everyone would laugh at us and by the way u thought name of our chidrens also (giving a naughty simile) he pulls her close to him by holding her waists
ragini is blushing
ragini: nothing like that what ever u r thinking put break to all that
sanskar: I am not thinking anything u r having naughty ideas what can I do
he pulls her close to him by holding her waists
ragini: sanskar leave
sanskar: why should I
ragini:we r at public place leave me or else
sanskar: or else what
ragini: I would scream that this boy is misbehaving with me
sanskar leaves her
ragini laughs
sanskar: seriously u r dangerous
ragini: nothing can help u
sanskar: shall I ask u something
Ragini: ya
Sanskar: if some day u gets angry angry from me I don’t know the reason then how can I convince u
Ragini: simple try to know the reason
Sanskar: if u din’t tell then
Ragini: offo ok we’ll make a deal
Sanskar: what
Ragini: see I would be ur best frnd and u would mine if someday I get angry I can aks my fnrd the reason and if I u ask ur frnd the reason at that time we frnds will not involve our love matters and answer it promptly what say
Sanskar: nice idea we can keep our fnrds name also then
Ragini: yeah that sounds better
Sanskar: ok u would be sanskari
Ragini: can’t u get a better name than this
Sanskar: u only suggested me
Ragini: ok and u raghav
Sanskar: yeah that’s good
Ragini: so raghav ahould tell me the reason that why sanskar is angry with me and sanskari will tell u the reason why ragini is angry with u
Sanskar: u and ur ideas
Fb ends
Ragini: it was worthy when I loved u but I don’t know
Sanskar: oh lady hitler u forgot sanskari is my frnd and raghav urs so I want my fnrd know not ragini
Ragini: sanskar u
Sanskar: I want my fnrd no one else(he closes his ears)
Ragini: ok tell what u wanna know
Sanskar: that like a good girl sanskari u know I am married to lady hitler she’s so arrogant and rude
Ragini is controlling her anger
Ragini: to tell this u wanted u r frnd
Sanskar:no yaar u know I love her so much I can do anything for her what ever she may do but I love her and I know she too loves me but she’ll never except the fact
Ragini: u should forget her and move on she doen’t love u
Sanskar: no I can’t u know sanskari I missed her very much in these years she’s good but she’s changed a lot she’s no more my old ladoo I wish she could be back and I promise I’ll bring her back and I need ur help
Ragini: what
Sanskar: sanskari do ragini know everything
Ragini: no
Sanskar: she’s angry on me ragini nods
Sanskar: why’s she angry
Ragini: because u don’t trust her
Sanskar: I trust her
Ragini: if u had then u would have said her everything u didn’t say that proves u don’t trust her but she still has faith on u but everytime u break her trust
Saying this she goes from their
Sanskar is upset what she told but she’s right from her point of view

The next day they r moving to their kul devi’s temple
They r going in a bus
All r seated ragini is sitting alone laksh and arav r fighting that who will sit with her
Arav: laksh u go and sit somewhere else
Laksh:same thing for u I want to sit with her
Arav: she’s my sis I am
Laksh: she’s my bhabi so me they keep on arguing
sanskar who was sitting with swayam gets up from their and sits with ragini arav and laksh looks on
laksh : what is this bhai
arav: that’s not fair sanskar
sanskar: what
laksh: I want to sit with her she’s my bhabi
sanskar: she’s my wife so ur bhabi arav about to speak
sanskar cuts
sanskar: I her hubby so I am first priority then her bhai ragini gives angry galre to him and all laugh
sanskar: what
arav and laksh move on
all r enjoying actually it was laksh and arav’s plan to make them sit together
laksh and arav giggle remembering what they did they arrive at chittod they went to stay in their pushteni haveli which they have their all r resting in their room at evening they all go to temple
at kul devi temple a pooja is arranged for newly married couple they do the pooja as a couple

the next day is ganghaur
ragini keeps fast all r doing pooja sanskar is memorised to see ragini she’s wearing a beautiful lengha swara and kushi have also kept fast all do pooja
all ladies go to visarjhan ap sujitha and dadi r explaining ragini how to do the visarhjhan is done In big lake which is in temple they r many ladies their all r doing pooja sanskar and all mens r standing in a corner talking to eachother some takes sanskar’s phone and messages ragini
ragini sees the message

“ come and meet me at backside of lake”
Ragini in mind : why he wants to meet me don’t know what he’s upto should I go or nor let me go
She about to leave
Kushi: where r u going leaving the pooja incomplete
Ragini: whoh some important call
Swara: oh what is that(giving naughty simile)
Ragini: its very important ma the pooja is done na I am coming in some mins
Ap: sure beta
She leaves at backside of lake no one is their
Ragini: why he called me here she searches for him but doesn’t find him
Suddenly someone comes and pushes her in lake she was not able to see his face she’s drowning she doesn’t know to swim she screaming for help but no one is their
Scences shift
All ladies are heading towards mens sanskar’s eyes r searching for ragini he’s feeling restless
Sanskar: kushi where’s ragini
Kuhsi: oh someone is missing her
Sanskar: I am serious
Swara: jiju she just went to attend some important call
Ap: ha she must be coming
On the other side ragini is trembling in water she unable to breath
Sanskar: so long tell me where she went I’ll bring her
Swara: she headed towards backside of lake
Sanskar: why she went their
Arav: what happened to u
Kushi: sanskar: why r u becoming restless

Precap: sanskar saves ragini
who’s this new enemy

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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