Ishq-Vishq and all that……Episode11

Ishq-Vishq and All that… 11{new trouble}
Jane hugged viplav and he took her home, everyone welcome her and they all go to sleep in their rooms and viplav opens his cupboard but jane jumps out and she falls on viplav and viplav just pushes her away and walks off and this shocks jane and she just goes away with tears in her eyes. Viplav thinks I cant do this dhaani is my only love jane was my past and dhaani I will tell her all this tomorrow
The next day dhaani comes to viplav’s house in the morning but when she enters kanak meets her they greet dhaani gives a dabba and tells it has jalebi and some samosa kanak smiles and thanks her and viplav who hears their conversation asks dhaani whether she made it and asks kanak to be careful and laughs.

Jane comes there and sees dhaani asking viplav for his car she comes up to her and says I crossed seven seas to meet mu dear viplav and to roam Banaras and you want to take this away why? Why? And does some melodrama viplav is raging with anger but our dhaani is confused and asks who r u? To Jane she winks at viplav and says his most close friend……. I am jane dhaani smiles and says bye to viplav and leaves and viplav goes away……. Jane runs to viplav and says who she was and to this he tells My girl friend…….. Jane is shocked and thinks I came here to take my love back but you gave it to someone else…. This cannot be possible……. No never…..

The party time comes and viplav is wearing a black tuxedo. Let us see what our now villain Jane is wearing oh wow A light pink gown how beautiful!!!!!
Hmmm but our hero’s eyes are searching some other beauty Yesss Our dhaani…..
Oh look here she comes in OMG she is looking like an angel soo pretty all the eyes glance at her as she enters. Jane is looking nothing in front of dhaani (I know you wanted to hear that)
Dhaani is also wearing a light pink gown (look at this link to get an idea)
Oho look at viplav he is just staring at dhaani….. Nazar na lag jaaye dhaani ko 😛

Viplav’s POV
Oh how beautiful she looked and as she proceeded towards me a man stopped her and complimented her and asked her for dance and she refused I was glad she came up to me but went and hugged jane and welcomed her to Banaras…… I knew she did this to tease me she came up to me and she offered to dance with me and we smiled at each other before the dance there were some programmers’ and I met my old friends we had a merry time but in the heart of heart I waited for the dance my wait came to an end. We were told to go to our respected partner, I quickly rushed to dhaani and she told me that she was not going to run away like Cinderella I smiled at this statement.

Dhaani’s POV
As he smiled he pulled me closer by my waist and my hands rested on his chest we had a deep eyelock and I smiled he leaned I for a kiss but I refused and then the song zehanaseeb played I was lost in the soft notes of the music and also in viplav’s arms we danced and danced…. OH! How wonderful the night was ….. But as the saying goes every night has a morning hmm though it doesn’t fit here I’ll let it adjust…….

The next morning I got viplav’s text it read
I quickly got ready and I left for the interview…………….

Precap: First day of work….. Zain as a junior

Guys this ff is written by my dear sis aaru …. Love u loads…..As I was not feeling well ….Hope u guys liked it…and here does anyone want vidha marriage plz reply

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  1. Omg ahna yr sis is also tslented like u how old is aaro

    1. She is 15…like me……..she is a twin cousin……

  2. Good going ahana and arru keep it up. Post the next one soon

    1. Yess I will

  3. Hey aaru welcome u r a a great and awesome as ur sister Ahana 🙂

    1. Thank u

  4. Ahana di and Aaru di u r just amazing. It was soo beautifully written. Plz post the next one soon.

    1. Thank u dear…………

  5. Very nice episode! Keep writing!

    1. Thank u

  6. ahana and aaru nice job dears 🙂 🙂 🙂
    i have one doubt dear plz tell me how to put a profile pic like yours?

    1. Go to gravatars and make an account dear this will help u to put a profile pic……

      1. thanks

  7. aaharu gud job dears keep writing

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