Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 10)


Swara and laksh are grouped together for a project after the class
Swara: so laksh what idea do u have about project
Swara keeps on talking about project they both r walking in corridor
Laksh is lost in seeing swara he is mesmerized to see her
Swara observes laksh
Swara: laksh laksh r u listening to me
Laksh: ah..ah………. yeah
Swara keeps her hand on waist turns towards him :ok then tell me waht I was telling ha
She makes a angry face
Laksh: swara first stop giving me such expression
He starts to laugh
Swara: ok ok………… u didn’t answer my question
Laksh: u were talking about project
Swara: ok I was just
Laksh cuts her words
Laksh: swara u were thinking that I was thinking about u he closes his face with his hand and say mujhe sharam aa rahi ha………
Swara: laksh just stop it she is blushing
Laksh: oh oh someone is blushing ha what’s fishy swra
Swara: would u plsz stop nonsense drama let concentrate on project
Laksh: ok but I need security
Swara: what why
Laksh: because I am feeling ur intentions r not good if something happened to me then if u did something wrong ma thoh apana mho dikane ka layaka nahi raho ga
Tumera kaya bharosa
Swara: mere kaya bharosa ha
She starts hitting him swara chases her in whole clg

They both r tired of running they have stopped near auditorium their is no one around
Swara: laksh u r really too much
Laksh: and what about u having some naughty ideas ha
Swara: I should be careful from u dumo kehete hai na kali dimag shetan ka ghar pata nahi tumre dimag kaya kaya pak tha raheta ha
Laksh: ache ji then what about u ha
Swara: are me ne kaya kiya
She is about to say laksh places his finger on her lips
Laksh: shhh…………. tumese ek bhat kene thi
Swara is shocked by his behaviour but happy from inside
Laksh: swara woh………….
Swara: bolo na laksh
Laksh: swara woh woh me ke raha tha ki swra i……….i..
They r interputed by uttra’s phone call
Laksh: ise bhi abhi call karana tha
Swara laughs at his expression
Laksh: hello bolo
Uttra: tum kaha ho bhai me ne apko disturb toh nai kiya
Laksh(in his mind phele to kam karab karo phir pocho) nahi bolo
Uttra: bhai woh
Laksh: time waste mat kar jaldi bol seeing towards swara
Uttra:bhai jaha bhi ho jaldi aho ma ka phone aya tha ghar jana ha
Laksh: tek hai pas 15 min aa raha ho
Uttra about to speak he cuts the call
Laksh: swara woh sory uttra
Swara: its ok ab bolo
Swara gets swayam’s call
Swara: sory swayam
Laksh: its ok in dono ko abi call karana tha
Swara: tume ne kuch kaha
Laksh: kuch nai
Swara picks the call
Swayam: swara jaha bhi ha jaldi aa ghar jana hai dadi ne bulaya ha ma ki tabayat karbh ho gayi ha jaldi kar
Swara: ok I am coming
She cuts the call
Swara: sory I have to leave to home now
Laksh: is everything fine
Swara: yeah
She leaves in hurry
Swayam and swara leaves for GM
Laksh and uttra also leaves for MM

Sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar is thinking about ragini
Arav comes their
Arav: bro come on lets go for shopping today
Sanskar: yeah I am too getting bored come we’ll go I’ll get some fresh air
Arav: ok come
Kushi took ragini for shopping so that her anger cools down
Arav and sanskar also comes their they both do some shopping at boy’s corner they r at 4th floor
Ragini and kushi r at cosmetic shop that is at 3rd floor arav and sanskar r in shop ragini and kushi finished their shopping they both go towards lift
Ragini: kuhi I think I left my clutch at shop only
Kushi:ok come we’ll bring
Ragini: u go and wait at food corner I’ll come
Kushi: ok
Ragini goes to shop and takes her clutch
Sanskar and arav finished their shopping
Arav: bro I am hungry
Sanskar:ok u go to food corner I’ll pay bill and come
Arav: ok come fast
Sanskar: take this bags also with u
Arav: ok
Arav moves towards food corner she is waiting for ragini
Arav comes their he sees kushi sitting alone he goes towards her
Sanskar paid the bill he goes towards the lift their is some crowd in lift but he moves in
Ragini is on 3rd floor waiting for lift sanskar is talking on phone he has faced back side
Lift comes the lift is empty ragini enters she is unware thet sanskar is in she too enters
At food corner
Arav: hi kushi
Kushi: hi arav tum yaha
Arav: ha sanskar ke sath shopping ke liye ur tum
Kushi: ragini ke sath
Arav: ragini kah hai
Kushi: woh apana clutch bool gayi bas us se lagne gayi ha sanskar kaha hai
Arav: woh bill pay kar raha ha muhje bhaut bhuka lag rahi thi pata nahi yeh sanskar kha hai
Kushi: ha me bhi ragini ka wait kar karhi ho
Arav calls waiter he tells his order
Arav: kushi tum kya lago gi
Kushi: nahi me ragini ka wait kar rahi hu
Arav: stop ur drama see I can’t eat alone tell ur order
Kushi: cheese sandwithch and cold coffe
Arav: so cheese sandwthich is ur favourite
Kushi: no my favourite is Italian food and urs
Arav: I like continental food
Kushi: wow
Arav: kushi would u come for dinner with me today
Kushi: why ru asking this
The waiter comes and places food
Arav: thank u kushi tell me in yes or no
Kushi: yes but not today for dinner
Arav: ok tomorrow for lunch
Kushi: u have planned everything
Arav: yeah
Kushi: ok
Arav: ok I’ll pick u

They have some conversation
Sanskar cuts the call he turns around and sees ragini both r shocked
Ragini and sanskar: tum
Ragini tries to go out but the lift door closes
Ragini: oh god
Sanskar: is ke sath hi kuyu
Ragini and sanskar r not facing eachother
Suddenly the lifts stops
Ragini stimmers and about to fall sanskar holds her they both have eyelock
They come to sense
Sanskar: ragini r u fine
Ragini: umh…….

at cantten
kushi: where r they let me call ragini
kushi: hello ragini kaha ho
ragini: yaar me lift me pass gayi ho kisi sadoo ke sath
sanskar: oh hello me sadoo nahi ho chipakali
ragini: tum apana muh band nahi rakh sakthe
kushi: hello ragini sanskar tumre sath ha
ragini: ha jaldi kuch kar
kushi : ok she cuts the call
arav: kya hua
kushi: ragini aur sanskar lift me bandh hai
arav: cahllo warana kuch bhi ho saktha ha
they both move towards lift they call the manger and aks him to help them
the lights go off
ragini gets a bit scared
ragini: is light ko bhi abhi jana tha oh god mere sath hi kuyu
sanskar: mujehe lift me bandh karana tha toh kisi khoobsurat ladki ke sath is bootni ne ke sath kuyu bhagwan ji
ragini gets irritated by his words
ragini :how big flirt ur
sanskar: ha hu toh tum kaya kar logi
he moves towards her she moves a bit back
ragini: kaya
ragini sees a cockroach she gets sacred
ragini : cockroach ah………………….
she hugs sanskar he too hug her back he knows she is sacred of cockroach
sanskar cares her hair and face
sanskar: ragini deko woh chala gya me hoo na
ragini comes to her senses she composes herself
sanskar: so ms.black belt ko ach bhi cockroach se dar lagatha ha ha
ragini gets angry on him
ragini: ha toh tume uss se kiya ha
sanskar: musjhse hi matalab ha me uss cockroach ko thanks bolo na chate hu
ragini: kuyu kuyuki mujhe uss se dar lagtha ha issliye
sanskar: nahi us ski waja se tume ne mujhe hug kiya me chate ho woh roj aye tum raj mujhe hug karo
ragini gets teary eyes listening to him
she turns around
sanskar holds her hand and makes her too see towards him
ragini has her head down
sanskar: ragini mere taraf dekho
ragini says no
sanskar cups her face and makes her to see towards him
sanskar: ragini plsz ek bhar meri bhat soon loo
ragini: nahi
sanskar:plsz I love u ragini what ever I do I can’t forget u I can’t stop myself by loving u I can’t keep myself away from u I can’t find reasons to hate u I love u from core of my heart my every breath says that I love u I can’t stay alive without u I can’t force myself to be away from u plsz ragini plsz don’t keep urself away from u I can’t stay without u
ragini has teary eyes
ragini: sanskar leave me I don’t love u leave me
sanskar: ok u don’t love me fine then why r not seeing in my eyes say the same seeing in my eye I would belive
ragini gets some strength she sees in his eye
ragini: yeah I don’t love u
sanskar: u r lieing u know u can’t lie to me ur a lair I know u love me
ragini:sanskar just leave me I don’t want to talk to u leave me
sanskar: no this time I’ll not
ragini: sanskar u r hurting me
sanskar: and what r u doing from past 4 years their has been no moment that I didn’t rember u or I didn’t love u
ragini: yeah now leave me
sanskar pulls her more close to him by holding her waist ragini is shocked by his action
ragini: sanskar u r crossing ur limits
he holds her more tight by her waist his one hand is on he waist other is on her face their is only few cms gap btw them they can feel each others heartbeat
sanskar: I didn’t yet
he moves more close to her he kisses her on her lips ragini is shocked but she too reciprocates to it her on hand is clutching sanskar’s collar other is on hi shoulder the kiss becomes more passionate they both don’t want to get separated from each other they needed it they break it due to lack of oxygen ragini is shivering the kiss was passionate they were in same position only their lips were separated sanskar was about to kiss her again when they hear sound of people trying to open lift kushi and arav r also their they both compse themselves the lift door opens ragini quickly comes out and move with kushi holding her hand
kushi: ragini what happened
ragini eyes r teary: nothing come fast they move to GM
arav: bro what happened
sanskar: nothing come we’ll leave
arav: but sanskar
sasnkar: plsz yarr
they both move to MM

ragini and kushi enters all r seated their ragini quickly runs to her room
swara: di
swayam: kushi di what happened to her
kushi: don’t know
ok I’ll come she goes towards ragini’s room
precap: ragsan’s prov
laksh confess his love to swara
kushi and arav on date

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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