Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 7)


Ragini tried to free herself from Laksh’s grip “Laksh, you’re hurting me. Let me go. Please” she begged.
He continued to hold her against the wall and smiled at her “I didn’t notice how increasingly beautiful you have become over the years. You have such innocent eyes” he said in a slurred tone.
The moment she heard him talk, she stopped struggling and his grip loosened a little. He was drunk. The only thought that crossed her mind was whether he drove home under the influence of alcohol and then they thanked god that nothing had happened to him

“Are…are you drunk? Did you drink and drive home? What if something happened to you?” she questioned him
“I’m not drunk. But maybe a little drunk” he said with a pout
“Get away from me Laksh. You’re are getting out of control” she pushed him away from her
“Don’t leave me Ragini, please” he sunk to the ground “I cannot think of a life without you”
She sat opposite to him on the floor and stared at him, with tears brimming in her eyes. Never had she heard Laksh say these words to her, he had never expressed his true feelings to her and today he was pleading her in his inebriated state.
“I have always known that you love me, I know that it is difficult for you to be friends with me, I know you tried to cut-off all the means of contact with me, not once but multiple times. But I cannot let you go Ragini. I have tried to make sense of my feelings for you, but I could never reach a conclusion” he said. Ragini placed both her hands on her mouth to control her voice.
“Laksh. Get up and get to bed. We’ll talk in the morning” she said and started to get up off the floor when he held her hand motioned her to remain seated

“Did I ever tell you when I met Sahaj? Last December, when you had stopped talking to me, it had been a month, since you replied to any of my messages or returned any of my calls. All I got was an apologetic reply from your secretary that you were too busy with your work” he continued “I was going through a rough patch at that time. I needed you, I always need you. One night when you didn’t answer my call, I went to a friend’s party, that is where I met Sahaj and we got drunk. Next morning I found her sleeping beside me” he said staring at the floor as Ragini kept crying silently
“We had a whirlwind relationship. Everything was so extreme, I knew this relationship was toxic for both of us, but neither of us tried to get out of it. One day on an impulse, I asked her to marry me and she agreed. Day in and day out I tried to figure out why I proposed to her, then I realised, that was the time you cut-off from me again” he said
“You helped me realise my potential Ragini, in every aspect of my life, today whatever I am, is because of you. All this success that I have achieved is because of you, because you fought my battles with me. Why didn’t you fight for us? Why didn’t you fight harder for your feelings?” he asked her

“Every time that guy, Vikram or Vivek, whatever his name is, comes near you. I feel like punching him. The way he makes you laugh, the ease at which you are with him, the dynamic that you both have. You’re supposed to have that with me and not with anybody else. I swear I could have ripped him part yesterday for dancing with you. And the fact that everyone wants you to get married to him, doesn’t help in curbing my urge to kill him”
He looked up to see her cry; he went beside her and held her. She clutched him and cried her heart out.
“Please don’t cry. You know I’ve never had the courage to say all this to you, that’s the reason I had to drink, before talk to you about this.” he said while patting her

“I am really sorry Laksh. I have always been transparent with you, and I never wanted to force you into a relationship just because I loved you. That would have been a compromise and neither of us would have been happy” she said.
“Laksh we have been living in different continents for the past 6 years let alone city or state. A relationship with such a huge distance in between would never have worked out.”
“Over the years, I could never figure out, that I hurt you so much, because your never told me that.” She freed herself from the hug and turned to look at him

“How could I have possibly known, about how you feel, when you yourself weren’t sure about it?” she questioned him “Today you’re here blaming me that I didn’t fight for you or for us. How would I know that I had to fight for something unless I’m aware that it exists, Laksh”
“You take rash decisions impulsively, without thinking clearly, how am I supposed to know what is going on in your mind, when you don’t even know how to express yourself?”
They both sat in silence, trying to sink in all the confessions that had taken place between them. Years of frustration, distance, helplessness, and miscommunications came pouring out, just before his engagement.
“What are we going to do now?” he asked
“I don’t know” she said with a sigh “You need to leave from here. Sleep over it; we’ll talk about this in the morning”
He looked at her, caressed her face and left from her room. She lay on the floor exhausted with this sudden turn of events, trying to compose herself and unknowingly drifted off to sleep.

She heard faint noises.
“Ragini. Wake up beta. Why are you sleeping on the floor?” Annapurna asked as she helped her get up off the floor.
As she got up, slowly the realisation crept in of what had happened the previous night.
“I don’t really remember why I slept on the floor. We came late at night, I guess I was tired” she said
“Okay, now freshen and come for breakfast. There are lot of arrangements to be done for the engagement. I need your help with those. Come quickly” she said to Ragini and left
She gave nod to Annapurna and went to get dressed.
Ragini came to the breakfast table and sat beside Sanskar. “Where is Laksh?” she asked him
“I don’t know. Haven’t seen him since morning” he whispered “What happened to your eyes? Why are they swollen?” he asked her
“Nothing, I didn’t sleep well last night. Probably because of that” she replied without meeting his gaze
“You do realise, you cannot lie to me. Don’t you?” he asked
“I’ll tell you, in a place where we don’t have to whisper like this” she replied to cut him off
“What are you both whispering about?” Durgaprasad asked them “And where is Laksh? I haven’t seen him since morning”
“He must have gone for some work bade papa. I’ll call him up” Sanskar replied
“Do that.” He said to Sanskar

“Bhaiyya, why did you agree to call just few people for the engagement? We should have called everyone from our family. There will be just 20 people present for the function, what fun will that be” Sujata said to Durgaprasad
“I think this is a sensible decision Sujata. We can have a grand reception. I actually liked the idea of keep the main functions intimate. It will be more meaningful” he said
The maid came in and said “Madam, Mr Vidyut Sharma is here for Ms Ragini”
“Oh, let him in” Annapurna said “We’ll finally get to see the boy”
“He’s the same boy that Shekhar was telling us about?” Durgaprasad asked
“Now I remember why this name sounded familiar. Sumi told me about him” Sujata exclaimed
Sanskar laughed at their reaction and Ragini frowned.

“Hold your horses there everyone; he’s just coming over to drop his keys. He’s going to Vancouver today” Ragini said
Vidyut entered the room “Good morning everyone, I hope I am not disturbing you guys” he said
“Uncle, aunty this is Vidyut, he’s my friend” she introduced him “Vidyut, this is Mr Durgaprasad Maheshwari, Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari Laksh’s parents and this is Mrs Sujata Maheshwari, Sanskar’s mother and you know Sanskar”
“It’s really nice to meet you all” he said as he greeted them by touching their feet and shook hands with Sanskar.
“Why don’t you join us for breakfast, beta” Durgaprasad offered
“Thank you for the offer Sir. But I have a flight to catch. I will surely, come for dinner when I return” he said
“Now that you said, you cannot go back on your word. You will have to come for dinner” Annapurna warned him
“I will Mam, for sure” he said with a smile and turned to Ragini “Here are the keys and these are emergency contact numbers, in case you require any help. I will be back in 2 days” he said to her while handing over the keys and information diary

“Alright, and you take care and if possible come back soon” she said and gave him a hug
“Will do” he said with a smile “Okay guys, I’ll take your leave. I shall see you for dinner, soon”. They all wished him good luck and just as he turned to leave, he saw Laksh and Sahaj coming over.
Laksh like always glared at him and then looked at Ragini.
“Everyone, Sahaj and I have something to tell you guys” he said while looking at Ragini
“Oh, this is going to be interesting” Sanskar whispered to Vidyut, while Ragini stared at Laksh.
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