Swaragini (Ennodu nee irundhaal) Episode-3


Hello everyone… Sorry for the late update guys… And also sorry for not replying to your comments??…But today’s is a quite big episode…Support me..Keep reading…

The episode starts with Sanskar, Laksh and Manik entering into their hostel room as they are hostel students…As soon as they enter into the room Laksh and Manik goes and takes bath…But Sanskar stiil lyes on the bed seeing the fan with a smile on his face… Manik starts the conversation…

Manik to Laksh: Machi ivanuku edho aayiduchu machaan..Loosu maari sirichitu irukaan fan uh paathu…(Something happened to my Sanskar dude..Smiling like a mad by looking the fan..)

Laksh: Avan inniku kalaila irundhe apde dhaan da irukaan!! Eppa avala paathono appathula irundhu ipdi dhaan pannitu irukaan…(He is behaving like a mad from today’s morning when from when he saw Ms.Swara…)

Manik: Sanskar chellam!!!Sanskar kutti!!Ezhunthu poi Kulichitu vaa maa chellam…Oru mani neram uh epde paduthutu irukiye kaal valikalaya da maa??Po poi Kulichitu vaa chellam Saapadu sapadnomono??-BRAHMIN LANGUAGE!!!(Sanskar sweety,Sanskar cutie, Go and take bath and come!! Have to eat na??)

Sanskar doesnt listen to them!!They get frustrated and Laksh goes to restroom and fills a bucket with water.He then pours the bucket full of water on Sanskar…

Sanskar: Dei o*** arivilaya??Loosu poramboku!!
(Don’t u have sense??Wasteland)

Laksh to Manik: Machi enaku arivillayamaan!!Hifi potuko machi!!Semma comedy Machi…Unaku dhaan da illa fan uh paathu sirikira mental?(Dude he says that I don’t have sense…Good joke dude Let’s put HiFi..Iam not having sense uh??You don’t have..You are laughing by seeing the fan??)

Manik and Laksh laughs and Hifies as Sanskar starts to speak angrily staring at them:Yaaruku enaku arivu illaiyaa??Unguluku thaanda illa…Oruthan oda love dream uh kalachi vidrathula en da ungaluku avlo sandhosham???(Oh!!I don’t have sense uh??How are you getting so pleasure in distracting a couple’s dream??)

Manik:Machi!! comedy if the year…(Manik begins to say dude comedy of the year…)

While Sanskar interrupts and says:Nethe indha dialogue uh soltala vera yedhum solla therlayaa???Avlo dhana pesa theriyum… Athoda mooditu ukkaru…(You have told it the day before…Can’t you speak any other dialogues??If you can’t then shut the hell up)

Manik laughs staring at Laksh and says:Machi naan indha dialogue uh sonnadhu inniku kaalaila adha kooda ozhunga solla therla… Ivan enna pesa therlanu solraana????(Dude!!I have told this dialogue only today morning!! But he is saying that I’ve told it yesterday..He can’t say that too properly..Then why the hell he says that I don’t know to speak????)

Manik laughs wantedly staring at Sanskaar to irritate him and Sanskar gets annoyed and goes to take bath…

After Sanskar goes to bath Laksh and Manik starts the conversation..

Laksh:Indha naai kaalaila irundhu romba pesaraan machi..Avan vaaya mooda vekkaramari edhaavadhu pannanum machi..(Sanskar dog is shouting a lot from today morning after seeing her…We should do anything to shut his mouth up…)

Manik:Enna panlaam??Machi idea…Sir Kulichitu dhaana irukaaru iru water connection pipe uh off pannidlaam…(What to do???haan Laksh we shall cut the water pipe connection)

Laksh laughs and says:Semma idea machi…Aana whole hostelkum thanni varadhe… (Excellent dude…But water supply will get cut throughout the hostel)?

Manik:Adha pathi namaluku enna machi kavala?? Namaluku namma kaariyam aana podhum apdidhana??Nee nethu unit test la kooda naan koopta po kekkadha maari nadichu thirumbaama nee mattum 25ku 10 vaangitu enna 1 vaanga vechala??Adhu maari dhaan machan.. (Why we should bother about that.. Yesterday, in unit test I called you but you acted as you were not hearing me and you got 10 out of 25 and I got only1…For everybody, their matters will be the first preference ,right??)and stares Laksh angrily ..

Laksh:Adha vidu machi..Avan veliya vandhura poraan..Vaa vaa pipe connection off vantu vandhudlaam…(Leave it dude…Come soon we can turn off the pipe connection within he comes out)

Manik turns his face away from Laksh and turns towards the wall and says:Unna pathi sonna vudana apdiyeee pecha maathita paathiyaa??Idhu dhaan vazhka…(When I try to talk about you,you just diverted the topic.. That’s life…)

Manik:Seri vaa polaam.. (ok leave it lets go)

Manik and Laksh turn off the water pipe connection and returns to their room!!

Sanskar finishes applying soap on her face and turns on the showers… Water doesn’t come..

He shouts:Machi thanni gaali pola da!!Motor poda sollu!!(Dude..I think water is emptied in the tank…Tell them to switch on the motor…)

Laksh:Dei ippa dhaan da tank full pannitu ponaanga..Shower uh ozhungaa on pannu machi..??(Hey..Now only they filed the tank with water..Turn on the shower properly)??

Sanskar:Dei machaan!!Kannu yeriyudhu daa…Dei poi paarunga daa…(Hey..my eyes are paining…Please go and check it guys)

Manik:Dei venumna un aala paaka sollu..Engalalaam poi paaka mudiyaadhu… (If you want to check it tell your Swara to check it..I won’t go)

Sanskar:Hey Manik nee moodu…seri uh?? Naan unkitta pesala en bestie Laksh kiita pesunan…(Hey Manik shut the hell up…I didn’t talk to you…I talked to my bestie Laksh…)

Laksh:Manik yaaravadhu edhaavadhu sonnangla machi??Kaadhula then vandhu paayara maari yaaro edho sonna maari irundhuchu.. Adhaan kettan..??(Did anyone called me bestie??? The words seemed like pouring honey on ears)

Sanskar with soap on his face shouts:Dei Laksh naaye neeyum ah da ipdi panra??Veliya vandhan setheenga daa..???(Hey Laksh hell…You are also doing like this… If I come out you both are done…)

Manik:Thambi naanga nenacha dhaan paa nee veliya ve vara mudiyum…Water connection cut pannadhu naanga dhaan machi??(Sanskar, If you wanna come out it would be possible if we allow you to..coz we had only cut off the water connection…)

Sanskar:Dei Please daa..On pannunga daa..Dei kaal la vizhundhu kekaran machaan…(Dude please on it…Iam begging you..)

Laksh: Paakalaam machi??(Let’s think about it)

Manik to Sanskaar in a low voice:Machi paavam daa…Vaa poi on pantu varlaam..(He is struggling daa..Let us on it and come..)

During the same time at Ragini’s room:

Swara to Ragini:Who is that Sanskaar??Idiotic non-sense…

Ragini: Yen enna aachu…Sorry sorry what happened Swara???

Swara:He is always staring at me Ragini… Wanna know why is he doing so..

Ragini:Wanna know it for sure???


Ragini: Ok then common we could go to his room and ask why is he staring at you always…

Swara:No Ragini..To his room…No way…

Ragini:Common Swara..be more courageous.. The stationery is near to his room…If anyone asks I would manage it…

Swara:Sure Ragini???


Swara: Then let’s go…

Meanwhile Sanskar shouts from bathroom as usual no response..Still Manik and Laksh hasn’t arrived to the room…

Sanskar gets frustrated and comes out of the bathroom…The room of their door is already opened…
Swara and Ragini enters into the room and gets shocked by seeing Sanskar with soap on his face and body..and tying a towel….(IMAGINE IT GUYS)

He thinks them as their friends and start to scold by using Tamil bad words such as………

Swara and Ragini gets shocked to hear his words as the screen freezes…

Guys how was the episode.. Hope it was boring today…Sorry guys??.From tomorrow onwards I would try to upload good episode…

And I won’t separate neither swasan nor raglak…And I want an apt Hindi serial actress as a pair for Manik…See you tomorrow…Until then byeeeee???

Nandri(Thank you)
Anbudan(With love)

Credit to: S.S

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