Swaragini- Ek unsuni dastaan Ch2

Maheshwari nivas-
Swara comes to Dp’s room and talks to him.
Swara: its been so long since I last heard you taking my name papa. when will you get up. since childhood you have fulfilled all my wishes. Then why are you taking so much time fulfilling my ernest wish?
Anita: Swara, arent you getting late for officer?
Swara: yes maa, I will be leaving right now. Where is Ragini btw?
Anita:(shrewed look) Dont you know I dont like talking about that girl? She is the dust in my eyes. I hate her, its better you stay away from her too.
Swara: She’s you daughter maa,
Anita: No she isnt, and she can never be even.

Anita leaves.
Schene shifts to a park. Laksh and Ragini are sitting on a bench.
Laksh: Dad created a scene early in the morning like he does everyday. why cannt he understand that I want to be a singer and not a businessman?
Ragini: dont worry, he will understand soon, keep faith on bhagwaan.
Laksh: You know what Ragini? you give me the strength to fight this world, never leave me.
Ragini: No laksh, you are everything to be, my heart beat, my breath, my plse every thing, How can I live without breathing?
They hug. Scene shifts to Khanna Industries office.

Sanskar: Adi I hav got an internship for you in the Maheshwari Industries, but dont tell this to dad. You know Maheshwaris and Khanna’s are enemies for life. Dad would never agree.
Adi: then bhai why are you sending me there? Can I not do internship in some other company.
Sanskar: I hate to agree but Maheshwari industries in much more capable than any other industries in Varanasi. I want the best for you. And make sure the Maheshwaris don find out about you beting Shekhar Khannas son.
Schene shifts to Khanna house.
Nimisha is trying to sew but she cannot. Ahliya comes
Ahilya: beta, what are you doing, You dont need to work.
Nimi: But I like doing it.
Ahilya: Our father would hate it, he cannt bear you working, you are like a princess to him.
Nimi gets angry and leaves

Precap: Adi’s First day at Swara’s office.

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  1. nic episode..but y anita hate ragini???

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    nyc episode… plzzz make love triangle story between swara and sanskar and aditya…

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