The Bond Of..? Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

The light of the sun shone bright on the 3 pieces of antiques placed in front of Sana. She sighed and shoved another handful of buttery popcorn in her mouth. The flavour of the butter took a minute to break into her glands and relax her anxiety due to suspense that Aarav threw at her. He had rushed out of the apartment at 5 in the morning, leaving her the prized possessions of her life and a letter which asked her to get ready by 10.

She glanced back at the 3 things placed on the table, her special locket given by her parents, before they died. Yes, she was an orphan. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was 18, from then her aunt took care of her. As she was already bought up with all her 5 cousins and her aunt, it was no big deal to adjust with them. It definitely took time to adjust without having her parents yell with her in concern, laugh with her in humor, cheer with her in happiness, cry with her in sorrow. That was her first turning point in her life, little did she know that she would encounter another within the next year.

Sana gazed at the wedding ring placed on the dressing table. Another drastic change to her life. It was a platinum plated ring with 4 crystals in the centre. The contract was the sole source of her being caged with an arrogant young man. Her wedding killed all her freedom, killed all her dreams of a perfect marriage.Her wedding was the most unexpected and comical wedding in history. Sana let out another suffering sigh as she gently placed the chain with the locket around her neck and the ring on her left hand ring finger. Perfect fit for the perfect girl!

She mentioned 3 right? Next came the keys, which apparently would act as another twist to her already crazy life, according to her husband’s letter. At first she brain did start to wander around the thought as to what will happen, but she gave up as Aarav does the most unexpected things in the world. Why bother and waste her time on him?

Her bored eyes scanned the mirror, looking at the elegantly royal image in front of her. She was wearing an exotic red lehenga with extreme jewelry like she was about to be crowned the queen of India. Too much embroidery and way too heavy jewelry. The outfit radiating Royal in every direction possible, giving her the grand look which every girl would dream of. If it was up to her, she would have rather chosen a more simpler western dress to wear rather than the extremely rich lehenga she was dorned into. But no, her demanding husband thrusted the dress on to her for the surprise. That surprise better be good or she would smack him for all the butterflies flying in her stomach right now.

“OMG! Look at you,” she heard a voice squeal from behind, making Sana jump in her seat. She swiftly turned around to face her cousins all standing gawking at her with shock.

She quickly turned back around not able to meet their eye’s after committing the crime of not keeping in contact with them for almost 2 months now. What was she going to tell them about the contract? Her completely useless wedding? Shit! What now?

“Sana, what happened?” Sana heard her elder brother, Saman ask her with shock at her sudden actions.

“Yeah di, we have come after soo long, won’t you hug us?” her younger sister, Saanvi chirped with annoyance.
Sana’s heart started to break into millions of pieces, the people she was yearning to see for so many days are here for her, but she didn’t have the courage to face them at any cost. She stayed silent and calm, still munching on to the popcorn to stabilize her.

“Are you kidding me? You are eating popcorn but you won’t talk to us?” her other elder brother, Sid whinned at her.

“That sounds like the person who told me that I can kid anyone, but not my sister,” her older sister, Sia ranted on with her emotional blackmail.

“And the person who told me that brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet,” her younger brother and Saanvi’s twin , Sanay started to join in too. (A family of S on board!)

A cold tear escaped from Sana’s eyes, melting her heart which she joined with great difficulty. She let out a faint sob.

“The person who keeps ranting that what is the need of guiding star when Sana is here,” Saman’s wife, Nisha di said in a low emotional voice.

Sana’s faint sobs now turned a little softer and louder. Traitors, all of them for emotionally blackmailing her.

“Come on di, turn around. If not your big tear drops would drench your dress which would lead to you skipping the surprise. That wouldn’t be good, right?” Saanvi persuaded with enthusiasm.

A smile creeped through her lips, of course Saanvi knew how to get her to meet them. In a swift move, she turned around and opened her hands wide only to see all of them hovering over Sid’s phone for quotes.

The minute they saw her, they composed themselves and shot her a tight, fake smile. No wonder the lines they fulminated made no sense to her. Sana hung her mouth open and retreated her hands,anger ran through her veins, her eyes flashing with seethful anger and her breaths turned hacked with the immense heat suffocating her.

“It was not me, it was her/ him,” all of them blabbered, pointing their hand in every direction possible to avoid Sana’s extreme anger.

“What?” Sana asked dryly when Sanay ended up pointing to Sana. She was not even involved in all this.

“Ssorry,” he quickly murmured pointing to Saanvi instead. What was wrong with her family? This is what you get for living with 5 other animals in your house.

“Are you guys kidding me? Like seriously people?” she roared out in a high pitch with rage burning it’s way through her eyes.

“You need a chill pill. But because you don’t take any,” saying so Sia stepped forward with courage and shoved another handful of popcorn from Sana’s lap into her mouth to mute her for a while. Everyone in the world knew her constant craving for popcorn and the effects of relaxation it has on her.

“I hwate you,” Sana muttered between chewing the overload of popcorn in her mouth. Way to go Sia, Sana sarcastically thought as she gulped down the last bite.

“Aww…lil sis, we love you too,” Sia said, pulling her into a warm hug, causing the others to join in too.

Sana’s heart filled with content, joy, happiness and everything positive she could think off, the desire of meeting them, the yearning of their hugs, the craving of their chit-chats have finally been fulfilled.

“I know you guys hate me but there is no..need to kill me just yet, suffocation, help,” Sana mumbled slowly as her body when out of breath, strangling her from one corner to the other.

“Oops, sorry,” her siblings,yes they were more of her siblings than cousins, automatically replied taking their body away from hers, giving her the normal quantity of air that was needed to survive.

“OMG! I am soo happy to see you. When did you all come? Wait, how did you know where I was? Are you still mad at me for not keeping in contact. Oh shit! I am sorry, I didn’t know how to explain you I got married and then living here and are you still mad? I can..” Sana started to rant as she was freaking out seeing the change in the expressions of her siblings.

“There we go again,” Sid said in a mild tone filled with annoyance as he took another handful of popcorn and stuffed Sana’s face, “Chill, cool down, Sana.”

That, right there, sounded like the millionth time he said that to her, every small thing she would tell him, the first response she got was Chill, cool down.
Her mind started to project her all the various times he had ranted his signature slogan to her.

Sana: I lost my keys Sid,
Sid: Chill cool down Sana.

Sana: Sid, I lost mom’s favourite chain.
Sid: Chill, cool down Sana

Sana: Oh shit, I forgot it was Saman’s anniversary.
Sid: Chill, cool down Sana

Even when she said, “Sid, I think I am lost. I don’t have any clue where the hell I am.”
Sid: Chill, cool down Sana.

Her head snapped out of the her long chain of thoughts when Saanvi replied, “Aarav jiju brought us here and gave us the address. Yes, we are mad at you for not keeping in contact with us. But as we are the amazing people we are, we will give you another chance if you narrate us exactly what happened on your wedding.”

“Umm..okay,” she hesitantly agreed. She already made a huge mistake of letting them go for 2 whole months, not anymore, she can’t let history replay itself. But, what was she going to tell them? The truth or lie? She glanced back at them, their eyes were twinkling with joy and a rush of excitement filled the air.

“By the way, you call Aarav jiju?” Sana enquired shockingly. Aarav normally hated all these kinds of Indian talks.

“I wanted to call him bro like we call Sid and Saman bro, but he strictly asked Sanay and me to call him jiju,” she told her with a like duhh expression on her face.

What? He said that? This guy shocked her every single minute of her life with his flipping personality. She thought he hated all these formalities, rituals and stuff. Sana sat on the chair with extreme perplexion and shockness.

“Before you start, I think you need a little make-up,” Sia started to say after dazing at her messed up look, “Maybe hair too.”

At this point, Saanvi, Sia and Nisha were beaming with joy to hear her story. What was she going to tell them? Sid was in his normal chill dude mode while Saman was comfortably sitting on her bed, making the most out of it. Samay on the other hand looked like he was ready to jump off a cliff, he hates all the lovy dovey talks about love, crush, etc.

“Okay, so it all started when…,” Sana narrated with a tight smile, playing on her lips. The words refused to leave her mouth, but she knew she had to tell them, sooner or later.
Sorry no Aarav! So, Sana has 5 siblings (cousins) in this order…..
Saman with his wife Nisha
Saanvi and Sanay

How was that? The next one will be how these two opposites got in the most pure bond of the world, marriage. I hope you like the comedy between the cousins. I can’t update regularly due to my schedule, but I will try to update 2/3 times a week.

Please feel free to tell me how it went!! The story is on Wattpad too with the same name, The Bond Of..? vote there too!!

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