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Why did it have to be Laksh Maheshwari? Of all the rodeo champions in the West, why did Shivansh want him?
She and Laksh were from the same hometown. They’d gone through school together. She did not like him or the
way he bounded into sight with his signature megawatt grin. That grin could make every eligible woman in a
five-mile radius dream, but not her. He might be one of the most well-known bronc riders in three states, but her
heart rate remained unaffected.

She folded up her knitting and rose from the chair. “You’re late.”

She folded up her knitting and rose from the chair. “You’re late.”

“Fifteen minutes, tops.” Tardiness didn;t concern him, obiviously. He sim
she corrected, glancing at the cane he leaned on, but a dangerous one. The whole town back home had been
buzzing with concern when he’d been injured months ago at a competition.

Why did his eyes flash amusement, as if he were laughing at her? That was another thing she didn’t want to
like about the man-his perpetual good humor.

“How is the little tyke doing?” He turned serious and jammed his free fist onto his leather jacket. Snow dusted
the brim of his hat and the wide expanse of his linebacker shoulders. His deep, lapis-blue eyes radiated a genuine
concern, reminding her of the boy she used to know when they’d been in the same third grade class.The boy who had given her
his lunch when bullies on the play ground had taken hers. She’d almost forgetten that boy.

“Shivansh is doing well as can be expected.” She took a step toward the nurse’s station. “That’s why I was waiting out here.
I want to talk to you before you see him.”

“Sure What’s up?” He shifted the strap of a backpack on his shoulder.

A Child’s backpack, she realized, One with the rodeo association’s logo and a bucking horse and rider printed
on it. Thoughtful of him to bring a gift. She slowed her pace, so they wouldn’t arrive at Shivansh’s room too quickly.

“His surgey is in the morning. I don’t know if Janelle told you.”

“Sure she did. She said Shivansh’s a pretty sick little boy right now.”

“Yes, but he’s going to get better.” He had to. She set her chin, determined to stay strong. He
fragile and we’re trying not to upset him.”

“That’s the last thing I want to do.”
“Please don’t mention his father.”
“You mean Dev isn’t here?”
“He couldn’t be bothered.” A long, painful story one she so did not want to get into. “Shivansh
is very sensitive about his dad;s absence.”

I understand Anything else i should know
Just that he is really excited about you coming to see him.

Hey it’s the least i can do You’ve served my family how many meals at the town dinner?
Kindness softened the rugged planes of his granite face. How the man could possibly get any
more handsome was a complete mystery.

More meals than i can count she had been a waitress in the town’s only dinner since high school.
Your family is always so great to me. Your dad is a shamelessly big tipper.

He’s generous to a fault Affection edged into his voice when he spoke of his father. Everyone knew Durga Prasad Maheshwari was one of
the good guys. Laksh who looked nearly identical to his dad had his mother’s restlessness as many in the town had said but he didn’t look
restless as he fastened his honest gaze on ragini

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